.....Im officially on leave...Yayyy!

20 December 2006

...I just couldnt resist a couple of these jokes......
and it seemed the perfect time to share ...they are not the sort of jokes that are particularly funny in March.....so its now or never.

Well ...there is lots of things I love about this time of the year....I love receiving Christmas cards and letters...... for some of my family and friends...this is the only contact we make all
year ...unfortunatly many of them wont be getting the Winen news until the New Year....I only got my cards in the mail yesterday....Im a bad Mardi.

I also love the Christmas lights ...I love driving around at night seeing everyones yards lit up...... and Ian always takes lots of pride in lighting our home up as well.

I love ham on the bone..... stone fruit .... and mince pies.

I love daylight saving ...I didnt when the kids were younger.....but I love it now days.

I do on the other hand hate..... trying to organise gifts... and wrapping (I hate wrapping!! ... and cooking (I hate cooking!!!).... and my biggest hate....going out to quicky grab the gift that youve seen in a store...only to find they have sold out and have no idea when they are getting more.....Arghh!

Well....I finished work this morning..... Im officially on leave for a week...and couldnt be happier...... now Ive just got to cram a months worth of things I want to acheive.... into a week.

Im actually so tired this morning ...my eyes dont focus....so if Im rambling... blame night shift....and two hours sleep ...Blerrr!

Well...Im off to clean the house.....and then Ill be lining up at the post office again.....I wonder who's christmas card I will receive today...lol

Have a happy week...Mardi x


  1. Anonymous9:27 am

    I like the cartoons.
    Have a great week off & make sure u relax in that time as well....not just catch up on house work either!!

  2. Anonymous9:47 am

    yay! enjoy your break mardi ;)
    Lusi x

  3. Anonymous9:50 am

    yay! enjoy your break mardi ;)
    Lusi x

  4. Anonymous10:50 am

    Mardi I hope you have a great break!

    Enjoy all those things you love, and see if you can get someone else to do those others that you loathe!

    Megan xx

  5. Anonymous10:59 am

    isn't the post office lines dreadful! A shocker!

    Glad you are on leave! Enjoy that break, don't work to hard on all the other millions of things you want to do lol.

  6. great cartoon funnies! gave me a chuckle.
    ENJOY being on leave!!!!
    And alsoways love reading your blog

  7. Anonymous6:14 pm

    LOL @ the cartoons.. the kids enjoyed them too!

    Enjoy your hols hun!!! See you Fri night in chat

    Love n hugz

  8. Enjoy your time off Mardi,

    Take care
    Cherie xx

  9. Anonymous5:40 am

    Have a great week of work Mardi and I hope that you and your family have THE BEST chrissy ever!!! take care :0)


  10. Anonymous11:35 am

    how funny are they!
    enjoy your break
    i hope you have a wonderful christmas and new year
    you deserve it!