we tricked 'em...hehe

4 December 2006

Sunday ... week two ...cleaning day ... we were smarter than them this time...we didnt breathe a word ...until they crawled out of bed rubbing their eyes.... we even waited until they had the usual argument over the cartoon pages in the 'Sunday Mail' ....and who was getting the last crumpet..... when their little bellies were full and we had giggled at the cartoons .....we made the announcement "Today is family cleaning day!" I wish Id captured their faces.....priceless ... puppy dog eye kind of faces ( I should add...these were not happy puppies)...lol

It was the most productive cleaning day in ages..... the only room untouched was Brents ... somehow that child has inbuilt warning ...he never showed at all.

Well..... just quickly since Sunday ...

*we went to my work christmas show....nice night...pity I was working and couldnt have a single drink ...where is the cheer in that....sob sob ...so I made up for it in Pavalova ...slurp!

* Ive helped Mitch prepare for his Year 10 exhibition ...his display and research is on World War II ..... I had some wonderful photos taken off today taken during the war by my Grandfather.
The saddest part is that we will miss his exhibition ...it is being held tomorrow night and we will be at Robbie. I have decided to take him over in the morning though...help him set it up, take some photos and wish him luck...Brent will take Briony over later that night and bring him home.
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...finally a photo of Mitch during Diaorama production....painting the barb wire fences......I wouldnt say it was the highlight of his year.... thats not exactly a happy face.(and no it wasnt taken Sunday after the 'cleaning' announcement)

*Ive had guests for dinner tonight ....we spent the evening sitting around the pool .....bbq ....drinks....and planning for Robbie Williams tomorrow night. The plan is we leave tomorrow lunch time....queue up and see Robbie.....stay overnight ...SHOP ....then come home the following evening.

*We have Carly (our niece) staying for the week .... another teenager to add to the mix ...Carly is doing work experiance in Barmera...so its lovely to have her to stay.

* Ive finally nagged Brent into a haircut.....even though I had to pay for it!...... I made the appointment for him ....and then as he was about to leave he asked for money to pay for it...I explained that he is working now...so therefore he should pay... his reply..."well you wanted my hair cut...I didnt"....Grrrr.

*Ive finally finished a layout Im happy with ... lol...it was worth a mention.

*Kims online class commenced this morning...for anyone involed Im sure they would agree its very exciting....

*ohh...and we put up the christmas lights ...christmas tree.....and the entire three other decorations I own ...time to upgrade...add or revamp......Id love to take Janes christmas wreath class ...its gorgeous.....pity I live nowhere near her....
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*well.... best be off to bed...got to get my beauty sleep and be looking my best for Robbie.

* .....oh ...and I recieved the most lovely package of Prima flowers in the mail..... thanks Moi...it was a lovely swap....thanks for organising it.

Until after Robbie .... mwah....Mardi x


  1. Anonymous8:28 am

    Lucky you Mardi Enjoy Robbie. Hope to hear all about him.

  2. Anonymous9:05 am

    GREEN EYED MONSTER here. I am so jealous. But I have seen him 4 times, so I hope you have a fantastic time. You will, he is the consumate performer and quite the showman!
    Have a lovely time staying in Adelaide too!

  3. Anonymous10:27 am

    Lucky you getting to see Robbie. I hope you have a fantastic time matey! ;) Bummer about not being able to have a chrissy drink at the christmas party but I'm sure the pav more than made up for it. I so totally lurve pavlova and will make myself sick eating as much as I can PMSLOL!!!!

  4. Anonymous11:41 am

    ROFLMAO....love the swoop u's made on them!
    Enjoy ur perv session.......lol
    @ RW that is...I'm sure u will fill us in/makes us even more jelous!
    Have a ball!

  5. was thinking of robbie today and all you lucky girls...hope you had a ball....i bet you did....it would have been excellent.....cant wait to hear all about it...and you too Lisa LOL

  6. and you ambushing the kids is EXACTLY what we'd do to ours LOL

  7. Anonymous8:24 pm

    and and and how was it Mardi?

    For the love of God dont leave us hanging!

    Did you run on stage and he has fallen in lust with you and taken you home with him?

    Did you yell and drool so much that you became dehydrated and slipped into a coma?

    and and and how was it Mardi?


  8. would have LOVED to of seen thier faces...that would have been priceless...hehehehe
    Thanks again for doing those GORGEOUS banners for me....i trully loved them all (i may have to swap them every couple of days...so that everyone gets to see all of them)
    Enjoy your Robbie concert - i will be seeing him in Melb soon

  9. Hiya Mardi..

    Hope you have the most awesome time at the Robbie concert!!! Can't wait to hear all about it when you get home....HAVE FUN!!

  10. Anonymous3:16 pm

    ooooo have tons and tons of fun with Robbie hehe

  11. Anonymous4:55 pm

    oooh, yep I would love to know how Robbie was! only 12 days to go until I get to see him and I am getting pretty excited :-D