Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !

6 December 2006

OMG......is Robbie hot ?

Was this the best concert ever?

Did I sing until I was hoarse?

Did I jump and dance for two hours solid? (Did I forget my bits wobble when I jump?)

Did I stand less than 10 metre from Robbie all night?

Could I see Robbie so clearly that he is etched on my mind forever?

Did this single event make my love for this performer even grander?

Did I feel like the only person in the stadium he was singing too? (was there actually 59,999 other people there?)

Did I drink 4 bottles of water while waiting the three hours beforehand...and not need the toilet?

Did I actually forget that I find singing in public embarrasing?

Did I phone each of the kids and Alex during the performance and just scream loud?

................ HELL YEAH!!!!!!

I wont mention that we travelled down yesterday at lunch time..... stood and waited in the hot sun for hours..... had the best evening of our life...... finally made it to the Casino for a toasted sandwich at midnight..... won 30'ish dollars on the pokies..... slept overnight in accomadation at the CWA house ..... got to bed at 2am ....got up at 7am ...shopped all day....got nearly all my Christmas shopping done.....arrived home at 6pm..... kids all survived our absence.....including Mitch who had his exhibition last night and passed well.... but I wont bore antone with that stuff.......

Ohhh...and did I mention Robbie is HOT!!!!!

LOL Mardi xxx


  1. Glad to read you have had the most fabulous time ever!!! :-) Good on ya hun. Also glad the kids survived a night without you and shopping was a success. Have a great week Mardi :-)

    Love n Hugz

  2. So.....you liked him then? :)

  3. Oh wowo...great pics mardi....im sort of getting excited now...*g*

  4. Anonymous11:43 pm

    WOW I gather from your comments that you had a great night Mardi and that Robbie is HOT. LOL

  5. Good for you girl, glad you had a super fab time..........

    Great photos, hot, hot, hot.....can't wait to see a
    LO with those.........

    Talk soon
    Cherie xx

  6. Anonymous7:39 am


    So glad you had a great time!

    Megan xx

  7. Anonymous8:45 am

    oh wow!!! Now I can't wait even more LOL (does that make any sense? )

  8. Anonymous1:31 pm

    Sounds like you had a super fantastic time! Hey! Could you see the sweat on his brow? Were you that close?! LOL.
    Great to win on the pokies too...or did you have to put 50 in to win 30 :P

  9. Anonymous1:55 pm

    someone had a great time, didn't she....lol

  10. Anonymous2:36 pm

    Mardi you lucky lucky girl, Robbie's definitely sex on legs yummo!!!!

    Cheers Jodie

  11. Anonymous6:51 pm

    WooHoo - wasn't he brilliant???? I am still on a high :-)

    I had to drive an hour and a bit (each way) for work today and played his live CD over and over. I got teary even LOL, I just wanted to be back there all over again.

    I had a "moment" today when I realised that I'm going to be in Melbourne for work the day of his last concert. Am really considering buying a ticket from ebay so I can go again! Failing that I'm going to convince my work colleague to come and sit outside the Telstra Dome just so we can listen!

    OMG I am over 40 now and I'm acting like a schoolgirl!!


  12. LOL too funny...mardi im glad you had a fantastic time...oh and Allie.....you are a hoot LOL.....can i go instead??? Please please please???

  13. ooooh, so glad to hear you had a fab time!! I'm going next Wed, and now I'm even more excited!!

    We aren't as lucky as you though, we will be about 1000 meters away from him lol!!

  14. Anonymous7:06 pm

    Ooooh, yeah!!!
    I'm going to Sydney on Sunday to see him. Can't wait!!!!!!!

  15. Anonymous9:15 pm

    LOL at you :)
    Great to hear you had a ball!

  16. Anonymous9:52 am

    Hi there, remember me....lol

    Feels like forever since we chatted doesn't it. I hope Scrapboxx is back online soon as I am missing you and all my friends.

    I've been keeping very busy (and stressed) lately so not had much spare time to do the blog rounds. Feels like I am missing out on heaps of news but will try and catch up soon.

    So excited to read you have been having some fun. Yeah Robbie is hot and some of his songs aren't too bad either....lol.

    Take care and hope to talk with you soon on the Boxx.

  17. Anonymous11:30 am

    I have to admit I love Robbie Williams wow !! I am so pleased you had a great time.

  18. Anonymous1:26 pm

    ROFL Mardi.
    Mardi's got the hots for RW
    Mardi's got the hot's for RW!....lol
    Don't blame ya ....SO I take it with all the self sacrificing u did(no toilet stop) that u LOVED the concert then?...or would that be an understatement?
    Have a great recovery weekend

  19. Mardi...you crack me up!
    Fantastic pics Mardi!! I actually think he was singing to me the whole night..not you!!! lol.
    What a fantastic evening!! I danced till my feet were sore..like everyone else at the concert i bet!
    Have to catch up somtime soon....luv Belinda

  20. Anonymous8:52 pm

    I have a small, tiny, hunch that you like him - call me crazy its just a feeling I get.

    Thanks for not stealing him so that Roz and I can do that next week.

    Yes he is a gigantic spunk and I am so glad he picked you out and sang to you all night :)