Well....heres a nothing post.....

16 December 2006

I just loved this...thanks Kerry.
..and Ive got more...hehe

Well ...not much to report really...so I think Ill just ramble on.

Brent and Alex have finally arrived home from Waikerie....Ive missed them as they have been staying there most of the week....Brent is of course lapping up the life of luxury....totally job less....and in his opnion ...hes just doing what all year 12's do...RELAXING.

Briony is sleeping over at a friends...second night in a row.....thank goodness for Mitch..... he's home taking on all the Mum loving for the family....lol

Mmmm...work...should be a law against it....it takes up precious relax time....only another 38hours and Im on days off again.....Phew.

Ian played Golf again today....Mitch played as well....the game started at 9am and finished at three....Id swear they were constructing the golf course as they went ...what golf game takes that long???

I finally got my A into gear and did some EDM layouts ..... this month was themed 'then and now' .... I chose some early photos of my children and then scrapped them alongside the most recent ones....its amazing what traits have continued throughtout their lifetimes (so far) ...... Brent was based on mischief...... Mitchells on his placid nature...and Briony's on her life time dream to work with small children..... I am happy with how they all tuirned out this month....even though I got off ot a slow start.

Well...thats it for tonight...happy Saturday night to you all ....Mardi xx


  1. Hiya Mardi...the layouts look gorgeous:)....i saw your step by step on a quick flick thru the mag at the shop...gotta buy me that one LOL....

    Ive been havng trouble wioth blogger not allowing my password either...grrr

    Anyways thanks for popping in to my blog and wishing us a Merry and Safe Christmas....i wish the same to you and all your family....im going to drop your cd of photos off at the shop on thurs when zoe has her class...unless you want me to post it...pm meXX

  2. Anonymous8:48 pm

    Just fabulous Mardi. I love the way you have used the early and current photos...beautiful!

    Megan xx

  3. yep...love the earlier photo and the current - great idea...

    sneeky arnt I? hehehehheh
    Belinda helped...she didnt know your addy either..but she said to direct it to the Post Office - and that it would get there...so glad it arrived..i was getting a little worried that it had gotten lost...and oh...there was ment to be a chrissy card inside..but its still sitting on my kitchen bench...oooops..(so if you email me with your address - this time *g* - i wont have to guess your addy...hheheheheh and i can send it out on monday)

    love ya

  4. Anonymous11:21 pm

    Lovely LO's MArdi!
    Love the younger photo's....don't think I've seen much young snaps.
    If only $$ didn't make the world go round, lol then maybe people wouldn't have to work.
    Yup I hear ya with the golf....& ISN'T IT FUNNY HOW THEY CAN ALWAYS GET UP EARLY TO GO TO GOLF BUT NOT WHEN U WANT THEM TO DO SOMETHING AROUND THE HOUSE!......oops musta hit the caps lock...sorry!
    Have a good sunday

  5. Anonymous12:02 am

    Great pages Mardi. They look awesome.

  6. Anonymous3:50 pm

    Gorgeous LOs Girl!!!

  7. Anonymous5:19 pm

    What great LO's Mardi. I did the same thing with my kids with then and now photo's too.
    Have a great weekend

  8. Anonymous9:48 pm

    Hi Mardi,

    These LO's are unreal!!!!!

    Have a great christmas!

    Lauren x

  9. Anonymous7:46 am

    These layouts are gorgeous. Love the theme.

  10. Anonymous9:30 am

    You are just on fire with your LOs!!! They are HOT HOT HOT. Have a good week with all the WAITING - sorry I didn't comment last time, but I hope your time goes quick for all the things you are waiting for. Talk soon. x