I have permission ...so here they are....

2 January 2007

Well..... I checked if Heather would mind...and have the go ahead to share some photos I took of their very special day.
As you can see...it was a purple themed wedding..... and they were married on the bank of the River Murray .... Heather wore a purple crushed velvet dress with a black lace over bodice...and the boys wore singlets that Heather had air brushed to look like suits......she is very clever.
I was really happy with my photos...even though Im an amateur...Im pretty sure we got some good shots...and I cant wait to get my kids down on that jetty again......its a wonderful photo backdrop...lol

Well....New Years eve was a great night ....considering I had such a headache / migraine and really didnt feel like going to begin with.
We had a cocktail party....... so I tried lots of yummy new drinks..and grazed throughout the evening on seafood, cheese and greens and fruit platters...... once sweets was finished...and we had well and truly warmed up on the cocktails...out came Songstar on the Play Station .... all set up outside.... what a laugh.... a huge group of adults...and without being rude...not a singer among us.....all trying to out-sing the other..... it was so much fun...and for someone who was earlier wishing she could just go to bed...I had a blast. Well...at least until 5.30am when I had to get up and go to work...lol
So today.....Ive slept in ....lazed around...checked my emails 589 times ...prayed someone would email me....had my prayers answered a few times (thanks Kerry and Courtney) ...... and very soon Im getting ready to head off to night shift......blerrr.

Ohhh....and Im definatly booked in for Saturday at Creative Edge...... I phoned and checked today ...... I LOVE 2007 !!!!! WOO HOO!!

Mardi x


  1. well you are full of news! your photos look great!!! well done...and how clever with the airbrushed singlets!!!!! your NYE sounded such FUN!!! Capri got Singstar for Christmas and it's great!!!! capri loves it- as do we all. And I've always had a sneaking suspiction I can't sing and ..um, I was absolutely RIGHT!
    Always love reading your news

  2. God if I know you were hanging out for emails I would of emailed you.......LOL...........

    Done well with the photos.......how cool do they all look.........

    Take care and Talk soon
    Cherie xx

  3. Anonymous5:00 pm

    LOL....was there n e Mardi moments there??? (NYE party)
    Sounds like it was a great night.
    Those photo's are fantab. U did a great job.
    Love the idea of the air brushing.

  4. Anonymous5:31 pm

    Great photos, Mardi.

    So are you at Creative Edge on Sat? Pity I can't be there. I only live 10mins down the road. I wonder if I might just "pop in" and say hello!

  5. Anonymous6:38 pm

    The photos look great Mardi!!! Great job hun. Glad to hear the migraine went away and you enjoyed yourself on new years eve. :-) Sounds like 2007 is definately getting off on the right foot for you! Woohoo!!!!

    Love n Many Hugz

  6. Anonymous9:06 pm

    You did so well with the photos Mardi!!! They look fabulous. And what a cool theme....purple!

    And if you're ever feeling lonely, let me know and I'll email you! I'm a stay at home mum who is ALWAYS wanting contact with the outside world lol.

    Megan xx

  7. great job on the photos mardi...it looked like it was a fun wedding...I love how wedding are each 'there own' and that now more and more people are putting 'themselves' into their special day...the singlest was a COOL idea...and the backdrop looked gorgeous

  8. Anonymous11:02 pm

    Hello Miss Mardi!!!! I think you did an AWESOME job of your photos...they look fabulous :oD Your Christmas and New Years Eve sound fantastic - Mark and I were boring - had the night with no kids and what did we do? Watched a DVD and went to crashed around 9:30pm lol ;D So your evening sounds HEAPS more fun than mine hehehe ;D Bugger about work though - that would have downright sucked :o((((

    Me too re: the emails!!! I am home with the kids for four weeks and like Megan am itching for a chat ROFL ;D Am still trying to catch up on everyone since Christmas...I am a shocker! Took a week off from the blog world and look what I have missed out on in the meantime??? HEAPS!!!! I will get there I guess :o)

    Must choof off and get some work done now, but I will chat to you soon.

    BLAHHHH night-shift...my Mum is right there with ya Mardi as she is doing it at the moment too. I really feel for you - sending you {{{hUGS}}}} and hope you get through it okay.

    Chat soon!!!

    Love Karen xoxoxoxo

  9. Anonymous1:53 pm

    You did a great job on those photos. I'm sure they love them!
    Sounds like you had a great NYE. We got Singstar a few months ago and we got Dance Factory for Christmas. Boy, it's great exercise! I think I should play daily!

  10. Anonymous3:54 pm

    HAPPY NEW YEAR Mardi and OMGOsh your photos from the wedding are DIVINE!!! (not that I expected anything less) WELL DONE!!!


  11. Oh bummer, I'm going to Creative Edge Friday night. I would have LOVED to meet up with you.

    Those photo's are gorgeous and your friend IS very talented making those little suits like that..they are adorable.

  12. Anonymous9:43 pm

    gorgeous photos! and so glad you had such a great new year!

  13. What awesome photos Mardi. You certainly captured the day.Love the wedding dress.
    Glad to hear you had a great NYE LOL. Even if you had a early start the next morning.