The wedding and a happy New Year.....

31 December 2006

Well...this has certainly been a huge week..... first Christmas with a quick trip home to family...then a couple of days to catch our breath...then time to prepare for Ians sisters wedding yesterday.
I was asked to be the official photographer.....a daunting task for an amateur...but something I was looking forward wouldnt have mattered if I was the photographer or not....I still would've had my camera pressed to my face all day anyway.

So...we had Ians Mum and Dad come to stay for three days help with the preperation.....I baked the mini quiches and pin wheels as requested....and even though I hate to cook...they turned out ok (no one could tell that each and every pin wheel had stuck to the tray and had to be prised of

I was asked to arrive at the house get some private beforehand shots.....and I was privvy to the wedding attire, cake and plans...something that had been a closely guarded secret... and a real honour for me.

The bride and wedding party looked totally 'Heather' (Ians Sister) ... soI will share some photos later...Ill check on her permission they like to be dont want to let any cats to

I can however share some of my gorgeous mob.....

I think I need to try a photo I can put up a few more photos.....but anyway here is Briony and Alex...Brent and Alex and Ian and I.....on the River bank...just after the wedding ceremony. (oh...and thanks for all the photo tips....I did the bouquet...the rings...the bride and her reflection in the mirror...and a few other closeups ...of the cake, marriage certificate ect..Im sure they will be happy)

Well....Im off back to bed for awhile....I have given myself a rotten headache.....Im thinking more like a migraine.....Im not sure if its from the hot sun yesterday....or having my eyes glued to the camera and then having to re-focus my eyes all the time..... by last night I had a thumping headache and my eyes were totally blurry.....oh well..Im sure a sleep will make me feel ready for New Years Eve tonight.

So finally ...I wish everyone a very happy NEW YEAR....I hope that whatever you are up to it is fun...and that we all have a safe, happy and creative 2007....

Mardi x


  1. Anonymous2:32 pm

    YAY for you! I'm sure you did a great job on the photos. I hope Heather gives you the go ahead to post here cos I'd love to see them!

  2. Anonymous7:16 pm

    Mardi I hope that rotten headache goes away soon. Nothing worse is there...

    Fingers crossed that you can show off some of the wedding photos...these ones of your family are gorgeous :-)

    Megan xx

  3. Anonymous7:27 pm

    glad the wedding went well, and the cooking. Hope you get to share some of the wedding photos... would love to see your efforts.

    Now go and rest some more....

    Gail aka teachingmum

  4. Anonymous11:54 am

    G'day gorgeous. So glad all went well with the wedding, food preparation and photography!! Hope that wretched headache has disappeared.

    Happy New Year darling and I hope 2007 brings you much happiness, good health, and prosperity.

    Love n Many Hugz

  5. Anonymous4:17 pm

    Hey Mardi, Hope that sleep got rid of that headache.
    I'm sure the photo's are gorgeous!
    Hope they let u show them here....Can't wait to see them!

  6. happy new year mardi..