Nothing exciting to report....

31 January 2007 Ill come up with something....

* Im back to work tomorrow....Yeehaa

* Dad and Mum left this morning...... so Im back to cooking again....sniff sniff

* We havent missed the bus again since things are looking up!

* I worked in the Primary School canteen today..... I have no children there anymore...but I just cant leave...

* I came across some bargains in Target yesterday...Queen Bed sheets...reduced from $110.00 to $40.00 ...I washed them today and tonight Im sleeping in them....Ahhhhhhh!! ...I also picked up some Tshirts for Briony..only $6.50!!

*I finally finished my final project for the Scrapboxx Design Team.....Ive still got the instructions to finish...but Im soooooooo pleased the project is complete.....

* I booked myself for a Pedicure next week....Ive never had one before....but I think Im going to like it!
*Ohhh..and I booked for a cut and colour too.... so Ill have nice hair to match my toenails...or vice

* Mitch applied for some after school work at the Supermarket tonight.....I hope he gets it .... I think it would be good for his growth and development...and for his bank account.

* Briony also wanted to apply....but she is too young....she has to wait until August.

* I now have a daughter with homework each night......Ive had two boys who in a combined 9 years at high school have hardly spent more than a combined 10 minutes ...and now in three days..... Briony has clocked up a couple of hours already.....

Mwahhhh (told you it was boring)...but I know Donna will be wanting something to read with her coffee in the morning.....
Mardi x


  1. Anonymous10:01 pm

    Hi Mardi,
    Always nice to read up on your blog, how your family are going ;)
    Briony sounbds like a good girl and getting stuck into the homework already!! That's fabulous. Keep up the great work are making us women very proud :P
    I hope Brent gets another job soon. It's difficult for teenager to be idle for too long and the lack of monetary funds would be showing soon too. LOL!!
    Love the idea of wrapping Brents pressie in a bandage. Boys love crazy stuff like that and he'll probably remember that more than any other present he's ever unwrapped. I wonder what you'll wrap his present in next year ~ you know you'll have to come up with one better now ;)
    Take care Mardi.

  2. Anonymous10:04 pm

    Sorry I got your kids names around the wrong way. But I'm sure you know who I'm talking about PMSLOL!

  3. You always turn nothing into something..........

    I am going to target tomorrow, hope I can get some bargins too.....

    Take care
    Cherie xx

  4. Mardi, you are never boring. It is so lovely to read about what goes on in your lofe. Boo hoo about the cooking but YAY about the Boxx project - you know how excited I am for you!!!

    I am glad Briony is enjoying HIgh school and getting stuck into her homework. I used to like homework -weird I know!!

    All the best for going back to work too!! CHat soon xx Janelle

  5. thanks for sharing...

    Oh and You will LOVE your pedicure....there is nothing better than soft subtle feet ...with pretty nailpolish...

  6. Hi Mardi!

    Well you've been busy! And I have to tell you something regarding the Olivia's school she gets homework every night..and she's only in grade 1! I nearly fell off my chair last year, because she had it every night in KINDERGARTEN too!! Maths and spelling each and every night...and boy does it get time consuming.

    Anyway, great to read you've done your BTP - good luck with the comp!

    Megan xx

  7. Anonymous10:39 am

    HI Mardi, just doing a quick catch up my computer has been out of action, and what a pain.

    I hope everything works out for Brett, hang in there.

    All your layouts are just gorgeous, I saw your Urban Lily layout in SM, it was one of my favs, amazing.

    Have a great week Mardi.

    Best Wishes

  8. Anonymous10:50 am

    Hi there

    Long time, no chat. I've been AWOL for a while but am getting back into the swing of things this week.

    Now Amanda is back at school and I am home alone I might get some spare time to surf the net again and catch up on blogs, galleries, gossip

    I love all your new layouts and was so excited to see some of your creations in a recent magazine. Well done, congrats for being published.

    I hope you enjoy the pedicure. Sounds like bliss! I need to get a hair cut and colour too, thanks for the reminder. I am sick of seeing more greys trying to take

    If you ever want to read my blog it is located on the Scrapboxx web site. Follow this link and come and visit me sometime. Bye for now Mardi xxoo

  9. LOL Mardi - you crack me up....even when you say you've got nothing on it still seems like heaps to me.
    Have fun with the pampering next week. Goodluck too to Mitch - hope he snags a job.
    take care

  10. wohooo go Briony, she probably has done more than me tooo lol, Good luck to Mitch with the Job! but working in a supermarket isnt as fun as it looks..................bahhahahah And maybe i should go to target!


  11. LOL at your last comment :D