Well.....a funny thing happened......

6 January 2007

We were supposed to be away on holiday today....BUT .....I took all day yesterday to clean the house..... I then decided at about 7pm to move around my scrap room and tidy it up...... I eventually finished this morning at 1.30pm.....Ian and I woke this morning...and mutually decided perhaps we will just leave tomorrow...phew!

So there is nothing like a clean and organised scrap room to make me feel like scrapping....and to think yesterday I was whinging to anyone who would listen.... that my mojo was on holiday.....so with the house tidy, Ian off to golf and the kids swimming and vegging out....I scrapped.

Now nothing spectacular here.....just some layouts Id wanted to do...scrapped entirely from scraps of pp...as I need to shop for pp badly.
I had the photos ready for ages and the journalling prepared....well in fact there really isnt any journalling...its just the kids christmas wish lists.....I always get a laugh from these..... I guess they work on the theory that if they make enough suggestions...maybe they will get at least something they would like.

First up Brents....'Dream on..."

Then Mitchells "Is he good or bad?...the ? remains"

and Brionys "The wish list"

and then finally this layout of Brent and Alex.....with journalling hidden in the envelope.
So I think I might now pack up my scrapping supplies again...and pack some clothes ect so we can embark on our holiday first thing in the morning......

Mardi x


  1. Anonymous7:54 pm

    Wow! I bow to the scrapping machine! They're all gorgeous. Fantastic idea to scrap their wish lists.

  2. Anonymous8:26 pm

    Mardi! You did these yesterday?? ALL OF THEM?? I am glad your mojo returned just by cleaning up your scrap space. Did that fairy remember where she lived lol?!

    They all look fabulous, as always. Beautifully designed and delicious!

    Megan xx

  3. Anonymous9:24 pm

    GORGEOUS layouts Mardi- wish i could do some scrapping here- its just too hot.
    have a fabulous holiday, and maybe send the cleaning fairy my way, while youre gone!

  4. Anonymous9:34 pm

    DOH! I just had a closer look at the ' you 2' Layout, that little red flower looks mighty familiar...LOL glad you found a use for it!! :)
    ps- love the colour combo of that Layout

  5. great layouts mardi....love them all...catch you when you get back online

  6. Anonymous9:06 am

    Great layouts Mardi!!! Have fun on holidays! :)

  7. Anonymous1:55 pm

    Glad u got ur house cleaned & scrap space & fantab. lo's.
    Have a great holiday

  8. Anonymous5:50 pm

    Love them Mardi, they are gorgeous. What are those letter you used on the good or bad LO? Love em!
    Have a great holiday!

  9. Anonymous8:14 pm

    Wow Mardi those pages are great. Love them all.

    Enjoy your holiday.

  10. Anonymous9:41 pm

    Gorgeous LO's as per usual Mardi.
    I also love the photo's of Ian's sisters wedding. What a bright and vibrant purple!! So totally a woman after my own heart ;) Love the bright colours. And that photo of you and Ian is gorgeous...gee he looks very tall or are you just really short??!! Teehee. I know I'm a bit cheeky. We will have to catch up one day Mardi...now that our family seem to be over all that sickness...then I can see for myself how 'tall' you are.
    Have a great holiday and 'see' you when you get back

  11. Anonymous4:24 pm

    Wow Mardi you have been so very busy, love all the layouts they look awesome. I also love the wishlist idea.

    Best Wishes

  12. Anonymous9:47 am

    these are just awesome!! Love them! Hope you are off on your holidays by now lol

  13. Wow - fantastic effort Mardi. So many in one day and all look fantastic - really lovin the colour combo on the last one.
    Have an awesome time away on your holidays - can't wait to see some of the pix you take.

  14. Anonymous7:02 am

    Oh my gosh when your mojo is baks it back i scraped one LO all weekend! They are all amazing!

    Have a grea holiday!


  15. Anonymous7:03 am

    Oh Mardi those are beautiful! I especially love the journaling on the "dream on" LO"!

    Thanks for being such an inspiration!

    Cheers from across the water!


  16. hi ya Mardi...
    when are you back? Been missing YOU

  17. What fantastic layouts Mardi, your mojo has certainly returned. Loved reading their wish list LOL.
    Have a fantastic holiday.

  18. Mardi....how are you??
    I have finally dropped in to say hi!
    Lurveeee the LO's!!
    Well, I guess your still on holidays. I hope your enjoying your break.
    Hope you had fun at Creative Edge. I am so sad that i couldn't be there! I miss you like crazy! Call me when you get home so we can catch up!!
    Luv ya...Belinda

  19. Anonymous5:32 pm

    Mardi withdrawls - come back woman.

  20. Anonymous10:23 pm

    Hi Mardi :)

  21. Anonymous10:38 pm

    Hi Mardi,
    Wow, what an inspirational blog- your scrapping is amazing! I will definitely be visiting again!
    Janine xxx