IM BACK!! .....lots to catch up on.....

22 January 2007

Well....sadly holidays is over..... I feel totally out of touch...Ive missed everyone...need to make lots of phonecalls and emails.....Im going to run through a quick update...well as much as I can rememeber anyway...

The first week of holidays was spent in Adelaide.....
* a visit to the Botanical Gardens
* the Leonardo Da Vinci exhibition at the museum
* Ikea..... Wow! how cool is that place
* shopping ...of every description...although I bought very little.
* The movies "The Holiday"....loved it so much.....I want to see it again.
* dining out...Yummo
* Gloria Jeans ...two or three times a day.... double Yummo
* took the tram to Glenelg .... walked around and grabbed lunch at the beach
* The Airport..... yes..we actually visited the Airport
* Intensity arcade ... played the arcade machines.....

...then it was home again...... home to a house full of teenagers.... Brent and Alex had visitors for the weekend... so it was busy.... and the week in Adelaide quickly faded into a distant memory....their visitors left Sunday afternoon and Sunday night Kel and the 4 kids arrived for a few days...... we had a wonderful time ..... chatting..... vegging out...the kids swimming....... it was really really nice.
Ian and I ordered a new fridge...something we had wanted for ages.....ours was quite small...and I whinged constantly and blamed it for my complete lack of interest of being in the kitchen..... I figure a new Fridge will make all the
The new fridge arrived bright and early on Tuesday morning...... thank godness for Kelly...who helped to swap everything over...... spring cleaning the fridge...which then snowballed to a springclean of the entire kitchen.......then on to the pantry ...the linen cupboard.....and then my wardrobe...... I now have about 12 garbage bags of clothes, linen, kitchen items ect ect...all waiting to go the Salvos store..... I feel so good to be de-cluttered....I cant wait to do even more.
Kelly and the kids went home on Wednesday..... and Thursday morning...... we headed to Ardrossan ..... unfortuantly it rained almost constantly...not making it very good for fishing or anything else for that matter...... but we so desperatly need rain that it was actually wonderful. (Mmmm..that makes total sense..Not)

Saturday morning I was up bright and early ..... I was so totally was the 'Creative Edge' in Adelaide...... and I had been waiting for ages...... I was booked for two classes one with Zina Wright and one with Kate Mason....WoooHooo!
I was also really excited to meet some of the girls I had chatted to online ...and also to catch up with Allie and Michelle.....who I met in November at the Riverland Scrapping Day.

im still laughing about myself..... have you ever gotten over excited and turned into a complete ditz? ...that was me..... it took me all morning to just settle down....I was overwhelmed by what everyone looked like..... gorgeous Jahnava ...who was so sweet...... Zina who was soooo lovely and whos class I so thoroughly enjoyed...... Kathie and Jamie who so very kindly came for a visit at lunch time..... it was lovely to meet Kathie...and Jamie is totally adorable. I should probably add at this point.... that there was another 'Mardi Moment' ...... as Kathie approached the table I was sitting at...I jumped up to meet her..... catching the table cloth in my pants..... nearly yanking it clean off the table and spilling my coffee everywhere..... Mmmm nice one

.... and I must admit I was quite amused when Zina didnt want to put her gorgeous mini book down on the table in front 'Little Miss Spilly'...... see...told you I was over excited...a bit like a puppy.

I also want to thank Allie and Michelle for being my class buddies on the day..... for listening to me talk to myself as I worked (I didnt realsie how much I do ..... and for their lovely company....... so here is my first of my layouts from Zinas class...... lots of doodling...lots of fun.

..and this one from my class with Kate...... I thoroughly enjoyed this class as well.... Kate was soooo lovely....and the colours and products were just scrumptious ...its just a shame my photo does the layout no justice ...there was 14 photos included on this layout...... some of them on tags which you can see pulled up on the Right hand side of the layout.....

...these photos were all taken on the day before on the beach at Ardrossan.....then printed off in a supermarket booth..... and I was really happy with them.
Quickly in other news...
*Brent has been living in Waikerie with Alex and family..... he picked oranges for a couple of days..... then decided he wasnt an 'Orange Picker'...and has applied for something different.....fingers crossed he has something permanent again soon.

*I washed Mitchells brand new phone in the pocket of his shorts.....after a very forlorn 5 days....he put it back together.....and hey presto it works..... it has a permanent water mark on the screen...but hey! works.

*I have a layout in SM this month...... I was part of the Urban Lily challenge.....
* I need to pay and collect school books today...Arghh..that means school is close.
* We had rain....finally ...lets hope we get more.
* The Boxx Retreat is coming up fast...please send quick easy ideas for tags...I have to make 70...OMG!
Well ...that will do it for today.....Briony is baking biscuits..... Mitch wants the computer..... I need to do another "one billion" things (in my best Dr Evil voice)...
....Talk again soon......Mardi xx


  1. Anonymous3:36 pm

    Oh thank goodness you are back!
    We would all go crazy without our 'Mardi Moments' [M&M's].

    Welcome home.

  2. Well Miss Mardi its about time you came back and blogged again!!
    Sounds like you had a fun time away and that scrap day sounds fabo! Wish I was there to meet all those gals!
    I know what you mean about school getting nearer...I did a lot of school shopping with the boys today.
    Take Care
    Sharryn :)

  3. Glad you had a great timw away scrapping and chatting away. Love the pages here.

  4. Wow, I didn't know there was so much to do in Adelaide, rofl. Glad you had a good time here.

  5. Oops, sorry, I published before I meant to. See, I have mardi moments too :). Seriously though, you probably felt a lot worse about being a Miss Spilly than the rest of us took notice of it. I hardly would have noticed. I was too busy juggling Jamie and trying to say hi to everyone.
    It was fantastic to finally meet you face to face :)
    And that sounds like one heck of a cleanout. You should have let me know you were in Adelaide... I coulda done with some of that here.
    Glad the phone dried out OK. I had a feeling it would. Hope Brent finds a good job that he loves.
    Loved the SM layout, but that goes without saying doesn't it!

  6. YAY Mardi's back! Oh I've missed you :)

    Love those class layouts. You are SO lucky to do their classes.

    I'm impressed with all your bags for St vinnies. That must feel SOOOOO good! Love to have a cleanup.

    I caught the tram to Glenelg. That was cool. I really liked Adelaide. Really different to the other capitals.

  7. Welcome back Mardi...
    Love your latest layouts...all gorgeous...

    I was excited for you reading that

    I WANT a NEW Fridge too....mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  8. Your LOs look awsome!!! It was a fantastic weekend wasnt it - so much fun, I would have loved to have joined you all at lunch and had a chat...maybe another time!

    Nic xxx

  9. woohoo Mardi, I missed ya!
    And sounds like you had a ball, here there and everywhere! WTG for a holiday break!
    Love the LO's!

  10. Hey Mardi!

    rofl at all your Mardi moments! I just know the other girls would have been just as excited to meet you, and would completely understand you knocking things over left, right and centre! ....Little Miss Spilly!!

    Megan xx

  11. Anonymous11:33 am

    Oh Ah aren't new fridges great!! When I got my new one I kept walling into the kitchen just to look at it...Kinda like that man in his underwear and the new Stratco roof PMSLOL!! Sad I know.
    Glad you had a great time down here in Adelaide. I am so slack I should have organised to met up with you guys *pouty face*
    As for school fast approaching...Ahhhh it's a scary time. Books and more books and pens and new bags and school's like it's never ending.
    Take care.

  12. Anonymous11:07 pm

    Great to have you back!!!
    Fantastic layouts.
    Hope to chat soon. x

  13. Sounds like you had a totally productive and fun time in Adelaide! Lucky you!

    Good to have you back. :)

  14. did i miss that LO of the 'Scrap Day" when i checked in last?? Thanks had to put that UGLY cross eyed pic of me didn't you...I'll get you back someday....roflamo!!!
    What great LO's Mardi...glad to hear you had a ball!
    Luv ya....