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20 February 2007

Well here goes with a long overdue update..... Ill start with Saturday ...we made a fleeting mad dash home to Ians parents surprise 50th wedding anniversary...... it was a wonderful day for them...and Im sure they enjoyed catching up with many friends, family and even the wedding party from 50 years ago.....Hazels bridesmaid even brought along her Bridesmaid frock, gloves and necklace...... it was just gorgeous.
The day was held in the RSL Hall...and thankfully
catering was it was just a matter of serving and cleaning up along the way. The only downside was the was absolutley stinking HOT.....40+ degrees in the Hall.....and I think everyone was feeling quite droopy....... we had a wonderful day...said our goodbyes and arrived back home close to was a very weary Mardi who dragged herself out of bed for a 0645hr start on Sunday . I actually didnt get as many photos as I would have liked.....I spent a lot of time walking plates of food around...and being the 'hostess' with the 'most'ess'..... Mmmm...anyone who knows me will isnt my strong it shows my love for Ians Mum and Dad. I must admit....I had zero participation in the organisation of the day.....Ians Sister and Brother did a marvellous job of that.

On to other bits and pieces.....Ill leave to you to catergorise them as good, bad or

*Ive made a start on my retreat I need to finish them....not sure how.
*Im suffering enormous withdrawls from my Printer....I want to print photos for the Retreat....and cant now....... fortunatly my printer had been playing up for a while a new one was on the cards.....but I wasnt quite ready....and now I dont know what to get.....any suggestions? ..... I have loved my Epson to date......but I think it has had its day.
* Im missing my microwave too....... Im tired of eating cold leftovers....
* None of my appliances are covered under insurance...if it was a thunder storm Yes! ...but as I cant prove it was...No!...Grrrrrrrrrrr.
*Im sick of tidying the house....and then coming home to a mess again...Grrr.
*I want Brent to get a job...... PLEASE!!
*Mitch still hasnt heard form the Supermarket....its not looking promising....
*Dad had his surgery yesterday....he was discharged this morning.....he just needs to stay in Adelaide until Friday to make sure he is ok...then they can go home...its such a relief to hear he is doing well.
*I took on the Secret Santa re-match at the Boxx.....I think everyone should now be receiving a gift finally...fingers crossed I havent made any errors.

Sorry..its a boring old post today....
Mardi x


  1. A busy weekend Mardi....Glad ur dad went ok.
    What a priceless thing for Ian's mum's bridesmaid to have still, little lone bring along to the party. Would've looked gorgeous I bet.
    Have a great week

  2. What a weekend youve had, Congrats to your Inlaws on 50 yrs what an achievement
    thankls for reorganising the SS at the Boxx your a legend Mardi, hope things start looking up for you and your Boys in their job hunting

  3. Your posts are never boring and thank you so very much for stepping in and making sure those SS recipients out there get a delightful gift at last!

    Your weekend sounds just wonderful!

    Take care

    Love n Hugz

  4. WOwZa 50 thats a long time!! The photos are great! How annoying about both the boys job situations, and what a legend r u for taking on the SS issues!!!


  5. I can't believe Mitch still hasn't heard about the supermarket job yet Mardi. I'd be getting kinda irate by now :-(

    Sounds like the wedding anniversary was a great celebration too, apart from the dreadful heat. 50 years is good reason to celebrate!

    And as far as a new printer goes....I've got an Epson too, and my girlfriend who worked in graphic design for years said all the big printing companies use Epson too. I thought that was a good recommendation!

    Megan xx

  6. Anonymous10:28 am

    I agree with Bec, your blog is never boring.

    So glad you had a nice week end, pity it was 40 degrees though.

    Best wishes to your dad. I hope he feels 100% very soon.

    Good luck with finishing your tags for the Boxx retreat. I so wish I was coming along. I'd love to meet you and my other Boxx friends. I better start saving my $$$ for

    I feel for you not having a microwave. They are so handy for warming up leftovers aren't they. Can you warm somethings up in a saucepan on the stove top or in your oven?

    Great work helping out with the Boxx Secret Santa. It's so upsetting when some people don't keep up with their committment in those things. I went into the Boxx secret Santa for Xmas 2005 and never got thanked for the gift I sent until months and months later. I was very hurt and dissapointed so I decided not to take part again for Xmas 2006.

    Bye for now, have a great day and keep smiling xxoo