Im feeling wilted....

21 February 2007

Im having one of those dips in life where everything swings the wrong direction..... if it can go wrong does!

......and I am scared to even mention half of it for fear of not being able to stop...and then regretting it later.....and Im also very aware that this is the 'little' stuff that Im sweating over....this isnt big issues at all...I have so much to be grateful for....we are all well...we have a roof over our heads(at least at the moment).... and lots an lots of wonderful things to look forward to in our I do have it in perspective! ....... and I must add...Im fine....Im even in good spirits...and most of this 'stuff' I can laugh at.....but it doesnt stop it from being upsetting... ego denting .... unfair....rude... and bad luck! ...and surely we are all entitled to an occassional

So here goes...and please feel free to skip the rest if you dont want to listen...I just feel like having a good old whinge......

I am so tired of mess....Im so tired of cleaning the same things day out. The same cushions that self-eject from the lounge onto the floor everytime my back is turned....... the Tea-towels which muliply..wet and screwed up all over the bench..... the drinking glasses that spring up on the floor...and on every surface in the kitchen and lounge. The beds which 'apparently' are too difficult to make...... the piles of wet towels which in this hot and humid weather last 10 minutes before they start smelling of mildew..... the pile of folding that is now spread over the entire surface of the rumpus room floor..... apparently when you are looking for a sock...or a pair of jocks...the easiest method is to just flick everything over your shoulder until you strike it lucky.....Grrrr..

...then there is this 'job' thing.... I so badly wish the best for my boy. I am tired of arguing...Im tired of being the pushy Mother who "doesnt get it" ..... Im tired of having my hopes built up....only to have them dashed.......Im tired of everytime the phone rings....just momentarily hoping its a job offer.....Im tired of nagging for him to wash his hair..... change his clothes..... clean his shoes .... apply for something.... Im tired of pushing him with new ideas and the arguments that follow. And I can only imagine if Im tired of it all....what must he be going through...with the Mother from Hell on his tail. ohh...and while we are on the 'job' thing.... poor Mitch still hasnt heard a thing on his after school position...and I know that every time I blog I whinge about this......but seriously he is running out of time to register for the footy season.....and he is holding off (at their suggestion)...until he hears if he has a job or not..... Im just dissapointed for him too.

Then there is the weight thing..... I always fluctuate a bit.... but I remain within a 4-5 kilo range ...and not long ago I visited the Natturopath....followed an eating plan and I felt great and dropped those 4-5 kilos....but as usual...I fell of the wagon....and now Ive gained them back Id say Im at the top end of normal for me...... I never change dress size.....I just go from loose to firm in my clothes. Well the other night at work..... I was driving along...and my partner was in the passenger seat...... we were talking about a mutual friend and commented they had put on a little weight...then in the same breath..I said "not that Im one to talk of course" ..... my partner replied "Yeah! ....I thought you had put on weight lately"... then laughed and said"no...only joking"....followed by another laugh "well actually no..Really" .... I laughed it off at the time...Im always a joker at work....and if you dish it've got to be able to take it....but it has stuck in my mind now....and it makes me wonder what people really think? yesterday...with those words fresh in my head .... I ran....I did a few laps of our lawn...but it nearly killed me....and without Bob or Jillian standing there pushing me..... I had NO motivation...... Im a hopeless case...LOL

Well...that is really enough whinging for one day.....Im off shopping to see if I can replace my Printer at least...I so badly want to be able to print again...and the kids miss it for homework too.

The microwave can wait.....Im quite fond of cold leftovers anyway...LOL (and as Susan mentioned in my last post...I have always got a saucepan and an oven) ...its just amazing how lazy and reliant we get isnt it.

I have totally lost my desire to scrap at the will eventually come back Im sure...... its just time to focus on some other stuff at the moment.

Take care.....and Im so sorry for the whinge....
oh...and I want to thank Megan W who mentioned a link she had got from Kim A for a wonderful photoshop blog.....I actually managed to grungy border my photo...all on my own! thanks girls!

edited to add:.....just when I thought today was crappy enough.....Mitch's school phones to say he has been distracting other children and not settling into his work....he is in Year 11 for goodness sake...what is he doing??? ...... Im so frustrated by him...and by his total lack of far as he is concerned it is the teacher with the problem...not him! ...... Lets just say he might be a grey haired old man before he gets the PS2 back......

Ohh...and I went over to look at printers...... the Salesman recommends a 6 colour Epson..... my old one was only a 4 colour...and in its early days was fine...but as it aged my prints were not very flash .....please add your input if you have a suggestion.....Im not sure what to do!

Mardi x


  1. Oh Mardi you poor thing.......... I wish I was there and I could give you a BIG HUG xxxxx and share a few glasses of champagne.......

    I think all us mums know exactly where you are coming from, its hard work being a mum and even harder work being a working mum...... I take my hat off to all the working mums, I am lucky enough to be a SAHM who goes to work if and when I like (at DH's business) I could never cope with a full time job and everything else, I am just not that organised, so Mardi you go on girl and whinge to your hearts content, thats what friends are for xxxx

    Take care Mardi

    Cherie xx

  2. Big hugs, Mardi. Lisa's blog today has this wonderful little star sticker system where the boys work to get 10 stickers and then get a toy at the end of the week. Pity it isn't so easy for teenagers, hey! Hang in there.

  3. Oh no mardi just reread the bit about Mitch.... its ok to have whinge definitely ok! The Grungy photo looks great! Poor Mitch with his footy and work, those places like the supermarkets just seem to be like that so darn annoying.... tell him from me its not all its cracked up to be lol, if hes on checkouts he will want to throttle every one ahaha. BuT atleast it IS a job! Yes i will be here in Adeliade for a bit longer but no i dont think there is still a chance for the retreat :-(

  4. Anonymous6:23 pm

    I'm a lurker, but have decided to 'come out' and comment. LOL
    I think as a mother, we earn the right to 'vent' sometimes. It certainly makes me feel better when I do.
    As for printers, our last one was a Canon, and we've just upgraded to the IP4300 Prints out photos really well, and has the individual cartridges.
    Take care, and don't stress too much.

  5. Go the Epson honey. You won't be sorry :-)

    I'm sorry you are having a crapola time right now. My last three days have been like that too, so I hear you Mardi!

    Megan xx

  6. Sending you a big warm hug Mardi. I hope things improve soon, and you're feeling better too.

  7. I am there with you too Mardi! When I read your post I thought my house had cloned itself! Life sucks sometimes doesn't it??

    Chin up matey and vent all you like - that's what we are all here for :)

  8. whinge away,'s hard enough being a sahm mum trying to keep the house in order and cooking meals, it's even harder to have to work at the same time. once in a while, just have a day off and not do anything, maybe they will appreciate you

    as for printers, i have a 6 ink tank epson rx630but my only complaint is that the print will only be good for 20 years. for photos i get mine printed at the shops.

  9. Anonymous8:33 pm

    Hold out for the new Kodak printer

  10. Anonymous9:27 pm

    Hey Mardi,

    Did ya feel that?...... I sent you a big cuddle. I only have a 5yr and 1.5 year old and the same thing happens at my house. except my boys sometimes water the floor to help the cups srping up!!! lol Looks like i have a long way to go till it stops.. he he.

    I have a HP photosmart 2610. Its the best thing ever! It is a seperate black and colour cartridge. You dont have to turn your computer on to print. It is a fax photocopier and scanner all in one. The photo quality is awesome and it has a lifetime guarantee on the photo life if you use hp papers. which i get in a pack when i stock up on ink. Its is awesome!! And the photo editing software that comes with is great. not a good as adobe or anything but is sssoooo userfriendly.

    hope you have an awesome day today!!!...
    xxxLisa A.

  11. big HUGS to you mardi
    those little things all add up...and make BIG things...

    whinge away...we are all here to listen...and hopefully offer some good!

  12. you poor thing! im thinking of you!

    i will be watching for comments re your printer issue :)

  13. Hi gorgeous.
    You are more than entitled to whinge hun, you've got alot on your plate and I'm finding its these 'little things' that add up and send you screaming through the streets!
    Bugger about Mitchs' school calling, I dread those calls myself and I have had plenty!! Chin up *hugz* hun
    Love n hugz

  14. As someone already said before me - being a mum entitles you to have a winge Mardi - its the best way to vent and get it out of the system so that you can then tackle the issues in a calmer manner. Isn't it funny how its always the little things that build up on top of each other to get us down - and i completely understand about the cleaning - just the same old, same old, over and over. But i have learnt that its ok to walk away from it for the day - it sure as heck will still be there when i get back - and just get out and do something i wanna do for myself. I hope things pick up for you and it all sorts itself out soon.

    As for the printer - I've always had a cannon, but it died about a month ago so i went a-hunting and settled on a HP photosmart 8230 - it has six ink cartridges and they are not too expensive to have to replace. Has a display panel and you can use it without having to use the comp, card readers and such. Its pretty cool and i'm happy with it.

    Take care chicky and i hope tomorrow is a better day for you.

  15. OM Mardi really feeling for you, hope the boys get jobs and you get a printer you want soon too
    bugger about the dirty house i say leave it like it those kids will start to do what they need to when theve got no clothes and a wrinkly old bed to sleep in
    Hope everything starts to pick up for you soon
    Sending youbig hugs

  16. Anonymous7:41 am

    Hi Mardi,

    My children are exactly the same age as yours except I have 2 girls and 1 boy and I know exctly where you are coming
    I have an EPsom R800 best thing I ever bought...fantastic printer.

  17. {{{{{{{{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}TO YOU MARDI.


  18. Anonymous9:29 am

    ((hugs)) for you Sweetie...

    Being a mother means we're allowed to vent as much as we want as often as we want.


  19. Anonymous11:56 am

    Hi Mardi,

    I am a lurker but reading your post was like reading my own comments. It frustrates me no end that no-one else in my house seems to see the mess (well they probably see it but don't do anything about it). I am always wondering if other people live in mess like we do. I clean it and 3 hours later I wonder why I bothered!!! Just wanted to reassure you that you are not alone, you aren't the only one with a messy family. At this stage though I just dream of the day I will live in my house and be able to walk through each room without tripping over things, picking stuff up etc but then part of me thinks that when that day comes I'll probably be wishing I was back with the comforting mess of my kids
    NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!

  20. Anonymous11:21 am

    Mardi - you had me in tears...I swear I could have wrote your post, I am so glad to know that it is not only the cushions in my home that can never seem to stay put!

  21. Anonymous11:30 am

    'written' not wrote, LOL.