Houston...we have a problem!!!!

27 February 2007

....and its called Blogger!!!

.....or should I say "Mardi and Blogger.....incompatability"

...so heres the drill.....I fiddled....and fiddled..... and now it is ... kind of....damaged!

... I cant edit the HTML the way I used too...it just doesnt make sense now I have changed over to the new template....

...so I havent got a Banner

....a clock
.....a slideshow
....a bloglines link

...and although I can live without them.... I kind of liked the banner and the bloglines link.

I also want to add more links in my sidebar.....Im slightly panicky over the 'politeness' of it though.....can I just go open slather and add? ....do I need to check with people first? ...can I assume if I am already on theirs that I can safely add them to mine?
What is the right thing to do?
So if you are not there...dont despair....I do love you.....I just havent asked the question yet!!
...and if you are there and want out...thats fine too.....let me know!

Ok...Im off to clean .... Mmmm..something new!

Oh..and I have sooooooooooooooooo much to blog about...so Ill dot point and fill in the details later...this will just be a prompt for next time....

* had a fabulous day out and lunch with Allie and Belinda on Saturday...I even have photos for next time.

*Brent had a meeting lined up for work Yesterday...I was so excited...but it fell through due to illness (not Brent)...so hopefully it is re-scheduled soon.

*Mitch has given up on ever getting a job at the Supermarket.....so has decided to register for footy.

*My poor Baby girl was sick yesterday...she came home form school and went straight to bed....I tried to encourage her to stay home today....but she wanted to go.... she is a trooper.

*I began my 'get organised with meals and shopping' campaign ..... the kids just rolled their eyes athmy plan...muttered something about "I wonder how long this will last"...but Im determined.

* Im not sure if its motivation from Biggest Loser...or the fact Im off to the Boxx Retreat next week ...but I started my exercise regime last night......I asked 'trainer Mitch' to give me a workout.... so he had me on a footy training schedule...running up and down our gravel driveway...in the dark of course...LOL....all was going well until I skidded in the gravel...crashed to the ground..... ripping my tracksuit pants and skinning my hands and knees...I cried like a baby.... limped home....was told by Ian not to be such a wuss.....so Im proud to say...I went back out and jogged some more.....but I now have a scabby right knee...Blerk!

*Im printerless still .....Im so eager to prepare my retreat photos...but cant.

well thats it for now...I need to clean this house....

Mardi x


  1. Got no idea how to help sorry Mardi hope all goes well and Brent gets the new date soon, too bad for Mitch they can really put young kids off trying if they dont give them a go
    Hope you knee is feeling better and hasnt put a dampener on your exercising

  2. Anonymous1:44 pm

    Mardi, I am emailing you right now. Just catching up on all of your news over the last couple of weeks :o) Your poor scabby knee! I hope it gets better soon!!! Sounds like the type of thing I do all the time too ;D

    {{{{HUGS}}}} matey, talk soon :o)

    Love Karen xoxo

  3. You and Blogger are just not getting along are you? lol
    I hope you get your printing done soon. don't forget...if you need my printer i am happy to lend it to you.
    Take care and have a ball at the BOXX retreat if we don't speak before.
    Luv Belinda

  4. Anonymous6:36 pm

    Sorry I can't give any advice re blogger. I have been too scared to start using blogger myself as I fear these sort of problems would be regular for me....lol

    I am NOT technically minded in any way, shape or form.

    Good luck with your exercise regime. Be careful, not more falls I hope. Take care xxoo

  5. Ouchie at the skinned knee Mardi - good on you for getting back out there....I would of still sat there blubbering like a baby LOL.