kids....lots of kids.

12 February 2007

Monday.... nothing to report ...Im sitting here enjoying the blissful peace and quiet....Ahhhh!
Ive just got Mitch and Briony off to school....the poor things were dead to the world when I got home this morning..... they had about 20 minutes to wash, dress, eat and argue with each other lol .... and then they rushed for the end of the driveway where they are collected by the bus.

Brent growled something about letting him sleep for another half an Im about to remind him to get up in a minute...then its off to his course.

We had a house full again this weekend..... Im sure there is an invisable sign out the front the front....a sign that I cant see.....but is a beacon for
Ian and I went out Saturday night..... a band 'Planet Square' were playing at the club....and we got a table together and went along....they are a fabulous band...we have been before.....they play lots of golden oldies from the 80's and are very easy to sing and dance too ( a bit off so the kids stayed home and invited a friend over each...... except Mitch's friend turned in to two...and Brent and Alex arrived home with Alex's Brother as well......and then we babysat cutie pie James from 8.30am on we had a house full.....aged 21,18, 17,16,16,16,14,13 and 18months .... now can you see why Im sitting here thinking peace and quiet is bliss!!! In actual fact they were all fabulous and no trouble..... I just wish we had a much bigger house....especially around the table.

Well Ive just yelled 'Brent' for the third time.....looks like Im going to have to risk my life and enter 'the room'..... he takes after his Mummy....he is not a morning ...... now make that five yells..... Im off to open the door..

... phew!...I survived.....
  • Well..... Im unbeleivably tired.....may need a Nanna nap today.
  • Im excited about the Boxx retreat......I still havent started these 70 name tags....Argh!
  • My house looks like a bomb needs a huge clean...but I cant today....too tired.
  • Mitch still hasnt heard anything about his 'after school' job...even though he has been back in 6 times..... and 4 of those times has taken in another application and resume as they have lost them......only to be told they needed someone who wasnt playing footy.... (so decided he would forgo footy this year in preferance to work) but still to no avail..... Bahhhhhh!!
  • Brent just wanders out asking for money for petrol!! ....I mean he has sat around all weekend ...opted to sleep in...and now he remembers he needs petrol to get there .... oh..and a clean shirt.....bless
  • Im dizzy when Im tired....and my head is spinning this morning.
  • Im still waiting on the Scrapboxx DT announcement ....I have a friend who I soooooo badly want to get this position ....the wait it like chinese water torture.
  • I have a parcel at the Posat Office.....Ive had to wait all weekend...I got a parcel pick up card in my PO Box.... but of course that was at 6pm on Friday it was closed.....I love parcels...whats the bet its only a layout back ....Im not expecting anything exciting.
  • Im looking forward to Loser tonight ...... I wonder who will go?...... Im not a Gerard fan at all...and Im not fond of Courtney either....both are way to self obsessed..... me me me me!!

Ooopps.....Im rambling.....Mardi x


  1. have a great weekend....hope hte parcel is a goodie...

    catch you later

  2. What a busy weekend you had Mardi. I bet you and Ian boogied your backsides off at the '80s band. You big groover!

    Megan xx

  3. lol Hope u had a great time & boogied the night away....Ne Mardi moments happen????
    Love the lo's...ur always thinking outside the box.
    Hope ya had a rest

  4. Man Mardi! You must be exhausted!

    And I am waiting for the boxx announcement too, there are two people I really would like to see win, you are one! I really hope you do Mardi! Tht would be FAB!

  5. Looks like you had a hectic weekend Mardi, glad for the peace and quiet, hope youve had your little nanna nap, before the kids get home.
    Good Luck in the final round for the DT position!!


  6. What a busy weekend Mardi, can understand why your feeling tired. Hope you were able to get some rest in while it was quiet there.

  7. Anonymous8:55 pm

    Oh those damn tags, its hard just to start isnt it?!

    Good luck with the Chinese water torture Mardi :)

    P.S Kinda looking forward to mine being able to get themselves ready - kinda, sorta, lol but I guess not too quick, oh I am pathetic.

  8. Anonymous5:19 pm

    Sounds like you had a fabo/busy weekend Mardi

    I am loving the biggest loser too..bugger that Alex got the chop.....I can't stand Courtney..he should be the next to go


  9. It sounds like you had fun on Saturday night. I've seen Planet Square (years ago though!) and they're good fun.
    I so have my fingers crossed for you in the Boxx competition. I hope you and your friend *both* win a spot.
    dare to be nice