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8 February 2007

I finished off a couple more layouts today...this one had been on my desk for ages....I pulled it completley apart......the only thing the same is the photograph ...and the gorgeous quote I used in the journalling...which I must thank Moi for.....I found it on her Blog a few months ago...and it suited Briony to a T.

This is such a simple layout...not quite my usual style ....but I LOVE it...and I dont often say that about my own work...lol

I also managed to complete my EDM album...cover....all layouts...all done....now Im deciding if Ill enter it or not...... I havent used 100% ASS products..... I have about 9 layouts that have Bazzil as the cardstock ..... and the rest of the album is true to the products.....I know 80% must be the correct products...but Im guessing competition winners will be chosen from the 100% albums....Awww...I dont know what to do.....

...this one 'last' was another layout squashed to the back of my desk...one of those layouts that I loved the idea of...but could never get to work....today I pulled it apart...and the minute I pulled out this notebook looking paper..it fell into place...Yay! (pity it looks so scrunched...lol)...it was in honour of Brionys very last Ballet year.....sniff sniff.

The Scrapboxx retreat is approaching fast...Im not prepared at all...I have 70 tags to make....Argh!!...Im thinking of cheating and digitally making them...but its not so easy as I thought.....lol Ill probably be making them on the plane at this rate.....lol

Im loving Biggest Loser at the moment.... Im such a Reality TV buff....hopeless..... Im reserving my opinions for just a little longer....I dont want to say anything like 'Gerard annoys the heck out of me'...or 'Sarah is a peanut for leaving so soon'...... until I get a better feel about everyone.

Briony had her bands adjusted yesterday ...she now has purple and green rubbers....and is in lots of pain again for a few days....tonight was chopped up watermelon, cucumber and tomato...and even then she just sucked the juice out of everything and didnt chew ....

Im sooooooooooooo peeved about jobs...and kids...why is it that it has to boil down to who you know...and not what you know...Grrrrr..... please give us a break...not saying anymore on that...if I start Ill explode..... Ill just keep the peachy face on and pretend everything is hunky dory.
Back to work tomorrow..... Mardi x


  1. Hey there peachy face :) I hope things improve for Brent really soon.

    These layouts are just gorgeous. Sorry I can't help with the EDM comp - I haven't been following it at all and don't know the rules. I hope someone can give you some guidance!

  2. Love the pages here.
    Looking great as usual.

  3. oh just gorgeous! love the LO's.

    Sounds like you are going to be having loads of scrapping fun at that retreat! That would be exciting!

  4. Anonymous7:29 pm

    Hi Mardi

    I feel for Briony having had her braces adjusted. I remember only too well the pain involved. I hated having braces as a kid.

    I hope Briony's teeth feel better very soon and she can once again enjoy eating food. Remember things like yoghurt, mashed potatoe, bananas, fresh bread, ice cream, boiled rice, custard etc are all nice and soft.

    Fabulous layouts you have here. I love your designs and the colour combinations. That's a great photo of Briony on the top layout. She is very pretty.

    Have a wonderful week end, take care and keep smiling xxoo

  5. Your latest LO's are fantastic Mardi....as usual!
    If you don't enter the EDM comp. I will cry! All of your LO's that i have seen from your blog look just awesome! Pwitty pweeseeee enter....you've done all that hard work!
    Are you excited about the retreat? You'll whip up 70 tags in no time! lol.

  6. Love the LO's Mardi. I'm sure that they will love your EDM LO's...IKWYM about it being hard to use 100% of the 'right' products. Have a great week.

    Tatum xx