Random happy shots...

5 February 2007

Thanks Kathie for this fabulous idea...I loved seeing your random happy shots and so I pinched the idea.....raced around trying to actually think of something significant for today.... but how do you capture..'pure peace and quiet'.... 'kids at school'...... 'Im on days off'...... and 'Im feeling good'...on film. I could take a photo of the spot where the school bags sit...which is now empty....I could take a photo of the shoe mountain at the back door...which is now three pairs of shoes smaller..... I could take a photo of my uniforms hanging on the line....but it doesnt give the impact Im after.

So.... I took what I could.....
1. the kids left me milk for my coffee (thats a wonderful start)
2. Ive almost finished cleaning the house....the mop is now at the back door... which means I only have to mop the laundry/ toilet and back porch and Im done..phew
3. The leaves are growing back on my frost affected fig tree and plants ...its hard to imagine today when its 40+ degrees that it ever got cold enough to freeze the leaves off my plants.
4. My new Fridge...I love that baby!! .... Im still drooling everytime I open it....its the biggest fridge Ive ever owned.
Well thats it for my random shots....thanks for the fabulous idea Kathie.
In other news today...
Brent started a 'Job Seeker' course today..... he has just arrived home and has loved it....so thats great news. Its so nice to see him excited about something...and he said the Tutor was awesome and "I have never ever listened to a Teacher like this before...I actually wanted to listen" ...Mmmmm...it would seem maybe listening once or twice during his 12 years at school probably wouldnt have been a bad idea...lol
Mitch and Briony headed off to their second week back at school.....Mitch was complaining he was sooooo tired...all tuckered out from his fishing weekend with Ian.
Mardi xx


  1. Hey Mardi. I loved seeing photos of your home.
    I was just admiring my previously-almost-dead-thanks-to-frost-dracena this morning. Thinking it's looking lovely and tropical now. I'll have to remember to move it into a sheltered spot when the frosts come again. Yes it's hard to imagine it being that cold. We're supposed to be 37 today.

  2. Anonymous7:28 pm

    This is an awesome idea Mardi im gonna have to do a LO on it
    BTW i really love your Diary and the class you did looks awesome too

  3. Thats a great set of pix Mardi - i can see the quietness round your house without the kiddo's being there. Did have a bit of a chuckle of the fridge pic though - when our fridge door can stay shut for more than five minutes its usually an indication that the kiddo's aren't home here LOL.

  4. Just came from Kathies blog and thought Id drop by and check out what you found that made you happy today. I totally know where your coming from with the peace and quiet etc LOL

    Great pics TFS

    Nic xxx

  5. Look at that set of scales! Love them :). You have captured the serenity around your place so well.
    I'm so glad that Brent is enjoying his course. I hope it gives him some inspiration with the job hunting. It's not a fun process.

  6. Hello stranger!

    That diary is absolutely fabulous!! Love the pics too :-)

    Hope all is well, certainly seems like it!! Take care hun and will be a better blogger buddy now I'm on broadband.

    Love n Hugz

  7. Mardi your photos are great, and I think had the impact you were after :-)

    And thank god the kids left you some milk for your coffee!!

    Megan xx

  8. Mardi,
    I enjoyed seeing the photos from your house. I especially liked the one of your plants! We had an unusual frost and I'm waiting for the leaves to grow back on all my plants too!


  9. Anonymous11:12 am


    I'm jealous you have a nice new fridge. That's what we need here.

    Great news that Brent started a 'Job Seeker' course and is loving it. My husband has also been doing some training course at work this week to learn how to improve his resume and get better job seeking skills (in case he ever decides to change jobs in the future).

    Must go now and hang out the washing. Have a great week and keep smiling.

  10. Love the happy snaps, what a great idea!
    Hope you are well!

  11. Anonymous1:58 pm

    Hi Mardi - I have had a lovely read catching up with what you have been up to lately :o) Enjoy your days off girl!!!!! And send me some of that scrapping mojo girl, I could really do with some lol ;D Awesome work Miss MArdi, keep it coming!!!

    {{{{BIGGEST HUGS}}}} to you and chat to you very soon!

    Love Karen xoxoxo