Haircut...pedicure....and scrapbooking...

7 February 2007

Well this will quite likely be short....... Im feeling tetchy tonight ...probably something to do with Teenagers fighting...but Ill get over it..... I hope.

firstly...I had my hair cut and coloured yesterday....its a LOT darker than before....cut a bit more bluntly.... I love it....Keryn (my friend) loved it .... and then along came Ian who thought I looked like Lindy Chamberlain during the trial (circa 1980's I think).....Mmmmm great!! ..such a complimentry family....although he did say on further questioning that he thought it looked nice...just dark!

...then today I had my very first pedicure....I was totally embarressed to be trotting my feet along.... they are so calloused, dry and yucky...but she wasnt phased at all...she even tried to make me feel good by telling me they looked quite normal..Yeah right!

Well....they were soaked, pumiced, clippered, exfoliated, massaged, dipped in hot wax and then nails painted.....Yummo...only one slight problem..which occured on the trip home..... I damaged all my nail polish with my sandals....Grrrrr!! ... but my feet do feel very nice tonight...soft and smooooooth!! (with smudged and crinkly nail

I have been a scrapping machine in the last few days....I seriously dont know how...there has been so much happening...but Ive managed to fit it in.... Ive finished my Memory Bugs DT layout.... my RSS DT layout .... two of my three EDM layouts .... a SM commissioned layout and accent.....and two layouts just for fun....including
this one which is of Briony receiving her 'caring award' at the final Primary School assembly....I took the lengthy journalling straight from my Blog.... (Im so thankful I recorded it so well at the time..... Im sure I would never have captured the emotion of it... if I had journalled it now...two months later).
Well its Goodnight Johnboy from me.... its time for little Miss Tetchy to pop to bed ...more layout shares tomorrow......Mardi xx


  1. Love this LO youve done of Briony, what an achievement and what a LO popping back later to see some more wondedrful work by Miss Mardi

  2. You are on fire girl getting all those LO's done........Please send me some of your mojo..........

    Briony's page is beautiful......

    Take care
    Cherie xx

  3. Ok ok ok, so let's see a pic of you in 1982. Come awwwn!

  4. Lol Mardi. Never had a manicure here neither, but you make it sounds sooooo yummy!
    Gorgeous page too! My MB dt LO is done too, can't wait to see what everyone did!
    Have a great day!

  5. Anonymous11:12 am

    DO NOT PUBLISH ANY COMMENTS TO YOUR BLOG BY A DAVE RICHARDS!!!!!!!! he leaves a link that makes multiple windows open and may compromise your computer.

  6. glad you liked your pedicure Mardi....
    Loved the beautiful..and thats great that you had the journalling already documented....see this is why we al!
    Cant wait to see all your upcoming creations..

    take care

  7. Wowsers Mardi! You ARE a scrapping machine! I can't wait to see them. I know we'll have to wait for a few of them :)

    Ahh a pedicure - I've only had one once - at a hen's pre-party. It was bliss. Love to do it again...

  8. LOVE tha LO Mardi! It's gorgeous! And good on you for spoiling yourself, you deserve it!

  9. Hi Lindy...I mean Mardi ROFL. I vet your hair looks fabulous!! Men just don't get stuff, we all know that!!

    Haven't you been a busy little bee? All those layouts, work, teenagers, pampering - how do you do it??!! Glad you got the pampering; that is a must in any girl's life :-)

    Megan xx

  10. Anonymous5:25 pm

    love how you have kept it simple with the white background.