Thankyou so much......

22 February 2007 everyone who supported and allowed me my whinge.....and even though this morning I picked up all the same things as didnt bother me nearly as much......thankyou!

Well..... the announcement has finally been made.......... the newest Scrapboxx Design Team Member is ......... none other than my dear friend Janelle.....and I couldnt be happier!

Janelles work is such a high standard and consistently so....and I wish you all the very best Janelle!

Obviously this means I wasnt successful ...... and I can now share my work from this competition that was a huge part of my life over the last few months...... obviously I have had a lot of emotions during the first few days..... but I had always wished this spot for Janelle...and it is now all about her success......Woooo Hooooooooooo!!

So...without further round one entry (Back to Basic's....under a $ value).....titled 'Evie'

Round two entry (sketch challenge)
titled "bands on"

Round three (one product three ways)

I chose photo corners...this layout titles 'doctor' demostrates them use as arrows ..... I also demonstrated them used as flowers....which will appear in an upcoming issue of SM.

...and my third use..was as index tabs in this 'loyalty reward cards folder'

I Round four...was to use something as layout will appear in an upcoming edition of Scrapbook Creations.

Round five.... was the Boxx of scraps challenge....funny story here.....I printed off a wonderful photo....and then while I was shuffling my papers around... unfortunalty my rub-on sheet slipped face down onto my photo......totally destroying the photo....and 75% of the I think I did reasonably well with what I had left...LOL

....and finally Round OTP item....and the biggest Arghhhh! of them all...Im not an OTP girl I dont think.... and this was a huge undertaking.
I do feel a sense of relief that this is over..... I am looking forward to what is in store for me next...and I do have a little something exciting coming up (definatly more on that later). I feel a little dented by the competition but Im sure that is a normal response.....and Im certainly thankful for the journey as far as I did. I know of one of the other Round 6 entrants...but the other 3 I never knew...and I never picked their I would like to send them all a huge hug as well..... I really would have loved to know who you all were....LOL
oooh..and maybe the wind is turning on my luck....I heard a little whisper that I may have my kidlets on the cover of Scrapbooking for Beginners..... obviously not an entire cover.....but a 'widdle bit' of the cover....LOL (Thanks MeganW xx)
Have a fabulous Day...and dont forget to pop into the Boxx and congratulate Janelle....Mardi xx


  1. Oh Mardi! Those LO's are all sensational and your OTP WOWSER!! I'm sure it was a tough descision for them to make!!
    how proud you should feel for getting as far as you did, that in itself is just AMAZING

  2. OH your entries are GORGEOUS WOW WOW WOW.

    You are a genius!!!

    THank you for sharing, you got so far so well! great work

  3. Mardi your entries are superb! I think it's a monster achievement to get as far as you did, and we all love seeing what you create.

    Missing out on the DT just means that there is something else waiting to happen for you :-)

    Megan xx

  4. Mardi your LOs are fantastic and as Megan said theres something around the corner for you im sure, what an achievement to make it this far that awesome

    Oh Oh and theres a double pages artical on it too Miss M looks fabbo

  5. Anonymous4:32 pm

    mardi no need to tell me how good your work is, you are one of my favs, love your stuff!!! you did so well in the comp and, yes it is huge to take all that on as well as the pressure to get it done.
    i had a laugh at your blog yesterday about you whinging! i could be the one to write that as that what my days are like with picking up after everyone, i am glad everyone made you feel better. parenthood is such a thankless task!!

    well done again on your scrapboxx entries

  6. Anonymous5:02 pm

    I love all your creations. Your style is fabulous and I'm certainally a big fan of yours.

    For someone who doesn't normally make BTP items your very talented. I love what you made here.

    I'm sure it was a very hard decision for Maria and the Boxx DT girls to decide on a winner for this competition. Everyones work was brilliant. I was so excited to see all the enteries in every round. There sure are some talented scrapbookers in Australia.

    Wishing you a very happy and successful future. Thanks for sharing with us Mardi xxoo

  7. Mardi - I'm sure there will be lots of opportunities thrown your way soon - with your amazing talent!

  8. These all look great Mardi. I'm loving the OTP item. It look great.

  9. I am so sad for you Mardi. You know what a huge fan I am. I know how disappointed when I was knocked out of the comp and you went so much further so I'm sure it must be so much harder for you. But there is some great stuff in sure for you, I know it.

    I just love your BTP. I'm am NOT a BTP girl either - I'm just not inspired at all. But you did a brilliant job. It's gorgeous AND practical. I'm sure we'll be seeing it in print soon too!

  10. Hey gorgeous, congrats for making so far into the comp!! *hugz*
    All your work is amazing and I am sure, like Megan said, that there is something else waiting to happen for you.
    The way you have supported Janelle and everyone else in this comp just shows what a truly beautiful person you are!!
    Love n hugz

  11. yes you should be so PROUD mardi...your LO's always bring a smile to my face...
    congrats on making it so far...but i know exactly how you feel..about 'just' missing out...

    cheer up hon...2007 is your year..the best is yet to come

  12. Anonymous9:31 pm

    your entries are gorgeous. you have serious talent, mardi and i'm sure something really good will come your way soon:)

  13. Anonymous9:57 pm

    thanks for being part of the Search for a Design Team Member competition Mardi - the hardest part was only choosing 1 winner - thanks for making it such a tough comp to judge!! lol

    Your work is gorgeous and your spirit throughout the competition
    was amazing Mardi.

    Thank you for everything you put into the comp and congratulations for making into the final round - don't change a thing Mardi - you rock!

  14. They are fantastic projects Mardi! You should be proud to have gotten to the finals. And I don't know what you're talking about - that you can't do OTP - it looks great!
    A huge congrats on the possible cover. That's something I still strive for! A great achievement.

  15. ALL of your layotus and projects are gorgeous Mardi and its sad you didn't make the DT BUT I KNOW there are great things just around the corner for you ;o)


  16. Anonymous11:30 pm

    Hi Mardi, I just wanted to pop in and say congrats for making it so far in the comp.

    Every single one of your projects was amazing and it is obvious how much heart you put into them all.

    It was extremely difficult to narrow it down to just one and although I am super happy for Janelle, and know that you are too, it is normal to feel a little flat after putting so much time and effort into each round.

    I also wanted to tell you that I have had your Evie layout saved to my PC for months and have looked at it so many times!! The stitching and the detail are to die for, I love it!

    I am so looking forward to meeting you at the retreat, I can't wait!

    Erica xx

  17. Anonymous2:23 pm

    Mardi your work is always so fabulous - don't be too hard on yourself - something will be waiting for you just around the corner I'm sure. Don't lose the faith!!

  18. Anonymous9:09 pm

    Mardi, congratulations for getting so far in the competition. Your work was gorgeous, and I loved looking back over all your entries. Thanks for sharing them here.