3 March 2007

..there better be such a thing!

I am so utterly peeved right now.....I cant concentrate on anything except being annoyed.....so please post a comment that makes me feel better....LOL

I think all my regular Blog readers would know that Mitch has been chasing a job at the local Supermarket....well.....
here is my vent.....taken straight from a post I just made at the Boxx...as Im too lazy to re-type...

".... my middle DS was informed a few weeks ago about some jobs at our local Supermarket.....he immediatly filled in an application form and dropped it in....he was told to come back in a few days....when he returned they informed him they had lost his application and to drop in another one....so he returned home and filled in another one...dropping it back within the hour.....once again he was told they would get back to him....a week passed and he popped back in again to check....once again they had lost his application....so he filled in yet another.....this happened a total of four times!!! ...four applition forms!!! ... each time he was asked to check back.....each time he checked back....they told him they would let him know.....so four weeks passed by.In the mean time...my Friends son(D) (who works there) ... told us that he had been asked if he knew anyone at all that may be able to work because they were desperate?? .... what is it with that??..... so my DS headed back in there again.....except this time a friend of his cottoned on what he was up to...and followed Mitch when he went to speak to the Manger..and added that he wanted a job too...... Well to cut a long and angry story short....my DH just came home from the Supermarket...and guess who has a job....my DS's friend!!...and apparently four others....my DS didnt even get an interview......I am so peeved...I hate living in a small town where its not what you know...but who you know.I feel rejected...and so does my poor DS...it has been an absolutley rotten start to job seeking..... I think there procedure sux....why not be outright with him...why have him coming back in all the time...building hope...and then just kick him...phew...it feels better to get that off my chest.... now here is my question...... do you think it would be appropriate for me to go in and enquire if there was something wrong with his application form? .... Is feedback an unrealsitic thing to ask for? "

Grrrrrrr.... what does everyone think? .... please tell me that good things come to those who wait.....

... and just one other cryptic whinge...... why do some people assume that they are in a lesser position to pay for things than others??..... how do they expect that it is going to be easy for us to not only find our portion of a bill...but also to cover their portion.... how am I supposed to go on as if this didnt happen.... knowing that I would never ever do this to someone...even if it took me months to pay it off....I would never burden someone else with my debt!! .... sorry thats cryptic..Ian will probably kick my butt for even mentioning it.....but I need to add it too my whinge!

... and Yes!!..Im fine...LOL .... I just find blogging stuff that annoys me very therapeutic.

Mardi x

Mardi x


  1. I can totally understand why your feeling annoyed about your DS not getting the job.

    Very unprofessional of them to keep loosing his application and making him do it over and over again and then not giving him a job. He must feel ignorned and rejected which is NOT FAIR!!!

    It is within his right to find out why they did not give him one of the vacant positions. Every person who is unsuccessful at a job application has that right so I would be asking the supermarket yes or get him to ask them. I just hope they provide a decent and honest answer.

    It's good your venting here does help relieve some of your tension and frustration Mardi.

    Remember lots of us love and care about you. I hope things start looking much brighter soon. Hang in there sweetie xxoo

    From Susan

  2. yes i would definately be inquiring at the supermarket ...as to why 4 applications got lost and then also the "reasons" why the job was not offered to your son..perhaps even writing a letter with basically what you told us in your post (but they would probably lose it..)

    im sure things will pick up for everyone really soon

    somehting that may cheer you up - im coming up from melbourne on the 9th of march and staying for the weekend and heading back on the 12th...would love to catch up again..if you are free!

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  4. That just sucks, too much these days employers are giving people they know jobs instead of ones that are applying and qualified.
    The fact that they kept losing your sons application says to me that they are nto a very organised business, very unprofesional and possibly not good to work for.
    I would certainly be nicely asking why he was looked over for the job, can only help him in further applications.
    Hugs to you and hope your weekend gets better :)

  5. Anonymous3:06 pm

    Oh, I'd definitely ask. All they had to say was "no thanks" and it would've saved your son the hassle, and he could've found something else. I'd be FURIOUS too Mardi.
    Hope you don't mind me commenting. I'm a lurker, but LOVE reading your blog.

  6. Mardi this is such a load of bollocks that Mitch was treated in this manner. I've already commented at the Boxx but thought I'd say something here too....I'd approach them.

    And not sure about your cryptic post, but whoever they are and whatever they have done will cope a whole lot of karma sometime soon I am sure!

    Megan xx

  7. Oh Mardi that is pathetic and I am peeved on yours and Mitch's behalf! it is totally unprofessional that they made him fill out his application 4 times...ABSOLUTELY go and find out WHY he didn't get the job, why they lost his application multiple times and why his friend rocked up and got a job without a hassle! KIMx

  8. Oh Mardi. That totally sucks. Really. I hope you let them know this is not OK. And how are things between Mitch and his friend? Any hard feelings? Poor mitch.

    I'm totally with you on the bill thing. I hate when you go out with a bunch of people and you choose a cheaper meal and no entree, then in the end someone who's ordered three expensive courses wants to split the bill evenly. Hate that.

    Hugs to you...

  9. Anonymous4:45 pm

    That definitely stinks. I would be going in and finding out why. Hope he gets an even better job soon. Don't shop there either will you!

  10. That is total crap Mardi. I would definately be making inquiries. It's only fair that you be able to find out their reasoning for choosing the other lads, and not your DS. Absolute ratshit of a way to treat someone. Tell him to keep his chin up, something FAR better will come along, and he wouldn't want to work for rotten people like that anyway.

  11. Mardi - I'd go in and complain - maybe explain what's happened first, but then definately complain!

  12. Anonymous9:06 pm

    hmm, well its just incredibly unprofessional of them- and as someone said- dont shop there if that is possible!
    As a mum, I would say go down there and give it to them, buuuuuuuut, I remember when i was about 16, and I missed out on a few jobs my mum got fed up with someone, and got on the phone to the business, and told them what she thought! I was soooo embarrassed- absolutely mortified-so, from that side of it, i would suggest you have a chat to Mitchell first, and make sure he is okay with you going in, as you said its a small town.
    as for the other thing worrying you- thats how some people get rich yknow!Al brother and his wife are like that, we always seem to be the ones who end up out of pocket more that them when they are a little better off than us
    lets hope they get what is karma- ing to them LOL!
    hope youre feeling better now

  13. Anonymous10:06 pm

    hi, I really feel for mitch. I certainly would be going in and asking to speak to the manager and ask what has been going on. Explain the full story - sometimes it is those below the manager that does all this. Ask if his application wasnt good enough what was wrong with it- and that if they didnt think it was good enough they should have let him know earlier so he could apply for other jobs/ or do his sport. He is entitled to know why he didn't gett the job or an interview when others behind him did. If it was me I would go with him or get his dad to go also. It would show that his parents are right behind him.

  14. Anonymous8:45 am

    That's absolutely disgusting Mardi, I'm not surprised your Angry!! I can't believe he was treated like that.

    I'd be fuming and demanding an explanation!!!

    And I don't know if I already told you, but your top 10 is Sensational!!


  15. I am totally hearing you Mardi about your situation, i really feel that its totally reasonable to go and ask why?? why didnt he get given a go? why didnt he get an interview? its not fair!!
    With your little crypitic post i can under stand where you are coming from i have someone doing this to me ATM and it sucks essp when you considered them to be friends
    Sending big hugs your way hopefully everything will start to turn around for you and your family very soon

    M xx

  16. Go ask for feedback Mardi!!!