4 March 2007

Thankyou everyone for the overwhelming support regarding Mitch's job...... I sincerely appreciated the comments....and each comment that I read confirmed in my mind that we have every right to be isnt the outcome that is so hurtful...but the process.

I am trying to be positive about it.... for Im sure every thing in life..... is for a reason...there must be a lesson to be learnt from this...and I can only hope that Mitch will grow from this bad experiance...and in months ahead.....we will look back and be thankful that a different path was forged.

Well...this is my rational brain thinking anyway......the other half of my brain is just damn pi$$ed off...and feels like screaming.... this irrational half... cant sleep.... pushes my blood pressure up....and is definatly going in there on Monday afternoon.....I want feedback....!
However....I am chicken livered, hate conflict.... and so I know I will be polite and Im sure they wont even realise how angry I am just below the surface.....

Ian has already stated he wont be shopping there anymore...even though unfortunatly it is the nicest Supermarket in town..... but the other Supermarket (owned by the same chain) can have our business from now on...and Mitch is re-applying there on Monday fingers crossed.

I was just sitting on the lounge before..... relaxed, listening to Robbie...sort of in a meditative Robbie state..... thinking its so wonderful that Sunday Night is biggest Loser..... looking at the time...realising its now 1.30pm..... no-one has had lunch..... and it doesnt matter! That is the best thing about having a home full of teenagers... they are all capable.... its hard to believe that the years of making sure everyone is fed on time....are gone.
But then... I shook off the Robbie a momentary buzz of energy....thought I'd vacuum the floors..... took my vacuum cleaner out of the cupboard only to find the hose ripped and uncoiling...totally wrecked...unuseable...and would you believe that even though Brent used it last... to clean his apparently wasnt like that when he finished with self-destructed in the cupboard..... Grrrr.

Have a wonderful Sunday.......

Mardi x


  1. Anonymous4:10 pm

    A Robbie moment,a Sunday afternoon AND no cares of making meals = bliss.

    Mitch will get another job Mardi, it will be further away but it will be better. You dont want him working for people like that :)

  2. Mardi good luck with talking to them on Monday. I'm like you - I always want to get to the bottom of things, but hate confrontation. I hope it goes relatively smoothly and you get some answers :-)

    Megan xx

  3. Anonymous11:08 pm

    A teenage boy using a vacuum cleaner, now there's something you don't hear about every day LOL!!

    I hope Mitch isn't disheartened by what has happened and is able to find another job soon.


  4. Mardi I think we are so similar! I too would be fuming with anger, but would be sweet and polite when I spoke to them. I avoid conflict and confrontations like the plague. Good luck!!!!!!

  5. Anonymous7:30 am

    Good luck for today. I'd be like you too - seething but all polite. Not that they'll tell you the truth anyway. Bad luck on the vacuum cleaner although how lovely that you have an excuse not to vacuum for now( I HATE vacuuming!)

  6. Good luck today...I'm the same, I'm too much of a softie, but it will be good if you can at least get SOME sort of answer hey!!!

    lol...don't you just LOVE it when things break ALL BY THEMSELVES???

    Have a great week.

  7. I hope Mitch is more successful with the other crowd. This bunch sound like losers and he will be much better off working somewhere where they have better values.
    It sounds like you had a relaxing Sunday. No vaccuuming! LOL.

  8. Anonymous1:22 pm

    Hi missy mad am I reading about Mitch's experience with getting a job!!!!!!!! That's terrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope that you can get some sort of resolution/some answers guys deserve that at the VERY least. I agree with Rachie...I am sure he will find another job and he will be heaps better off :o)))))

    Thank you for your sweet advice you gave me too Mardi...I have been heeding it and feeling much better, albeit still tired. Taking one day at a time...there's no rush ;D Thanks for being such a lovely friend to me and for caring...{{{{BIG HUGS}}}}!

    GRRRR about your vacuum cleaner...funny how things "self-destruct" like that huh? Like my best lipstick mysteriously ends up broken into bits and smeared all over the bathroom, I find Lili with the evidence on her hands, and it wasn't her that did it...hmmm!!!! KIDS!

    Chat soon Mardi...thinking of you...

    Love Karen xoxo

  9. New blog looks good Mardi....

    LOL the vaccuum.............

    Hope all went ok talking to the supermarket people.........

    Talk soon
    Cherie xxx

  10. Oh my god, I got the vacume out yesterday and all not just one ALL the wheels have fallen off. Josh knows nothing of it and there is only him and I here! I must have the same cupboard! lol

    Have a great week,
    Lauren x

  11. Good luck to your young man Mardi!! Im a firm believer in stuff and S.....t happening for a reason, and/or lessons to be learned tooo! :)

  12. Hopefully the talk went well Mardi and you were able to get some answers - or at least give them a piece of your mind. Certainly have every right to be peeved with them.
    Unfortunatly i had to have a bit of a giggle over the vacuum, funny how when things get broken no-one never knows anything about it.
    Hopefully something better will pop up for Mitch soon - i agree with you, these things happen for a reason.
    take care chicky...

  13. Good Luck this Afternoon Mardi i hope all goes well and you get some answers out of them, i will be cheering for you all arvo, dont let them treat you like you are an overprotective mother and give them what for , icant waitto hear the results

    Fingers crossed another oppertunity arrises for Mitch very soon

  14. hey Mardi ...big catch up on ur blog & I kinda like the new banner even if it didn't work out how u wanted it to.
    & I don't blame ya for being pissed @ the supermarket....pity u can't take ur business to a competeor that's not owned by the other mob.
    I'm sure Mitch will find something soon & I hope it's betta then u's can imagine.
    Buggar about the vaccum cleaner...
    Have a calming few days & let ur blood settle down to a simmer :P