please ...give me strength......

23 March 2007

... Mr 18 is driving me crazy

(and so is Blogger....another huge post just vanished....I honestly could have cried... and I had thought to myself the entire hour I was typing that I must copy before publishing...but I forgot until I saw it delaying and just was gone....thats three posts in a week or so...very off putting.

I cant even re-type it the had taken me ages.... so here goes a quick re-cap....with no where near the emotional attachment as my first..which had taken me ages to word carefully...Grrrrrrr.

..... as I said.... Mr 18 and I are having 'Iss -ews' all mainly to do with his see....if I were doing a pre-apprenticeship course ... I probably wouldnt wear wrinkly...snatched up off the carpet ... been there overnight clothes..... Id more likely wear nice ironed .. neat clothes...... just incase a prospective employer happens to be my lecturer on that day. I also probably wouldnt wear a 'white bonds singlet' with my shorts....Id consider that to be underwear..... but apparently Im a "compulsive neat freak"...who "needs to get with it!" ..... So the battle has been on!!..... I have endured 'the looks' ...the 'walk away while Im talking' ...and the 'mutter under breath'...but persistance paid off...I had a win!!....even if I did have to calm the beast by allowing him to wear one of Mitch's Tshirts (sorry Mitch).

Then the battle moved to another field... the 'take far too much time in the shower' field..... this morning Mr 18 needs to catch a bus to his course..... including a walk to the bus stop...he has to be there at at 8.15 I banged on the bathroom 8.20 I banged 8.25 he rushes through the house half dripping wet....running late...and last I saw he was bolting down between a row of grapevines...trying to scuff the shoes onto his feet...then at 8.30 the bus driver phones to check if he is catching it today.....I explain that he is running like a rabbit to the bus stop and shouldnt be far away. I have a sneaking suspicion that if I mention it tonight his reply will be that 'he' wasnt late...the bus was early....grrr.

Sorry is tough being 18 ...where every household chore is monumentous and unfair....and you do far more than everyone else..Yeah right!

I guess in all honesty I am thankful that we only have these minor annoyances.... on the whole you are a great Teen... capable with a good head on your shoulder.....but I cant help thinking age 19 may be a lot more flexible..

In other news..... Mitch called back to the other supermarket this week...was then asked to come back in a day later...and was then told ..they have no vacancies at the moment...great. least he is loving his work experiance with a local builder at the moment.... he really wants a career in this field... so to have the oppurtunity to try it now is just fantastic... and we have had some feedback to say he has a good work attitude and uses we are proud of him. headache and stiff neck are gone....I think it may have been viral....I felt really rundown and tired as well....and Im definatly on the improve now.

So much stuff happening at the head is spinning!!

Ill finish with a quick layout share..... the Memory Bugs newsletter is out today...and this is my contribution....

Mardi x (Blogger better do the right thing...or thats it!!)


  1. Anonymous10:49 am

    I love how you haveput your layout on an angle it is fantastic. I love the colours too they really stand out.

  2. I am not looking forward to having a young man under my roof after listening to that post, lol. Let's keep him age one forever, hey! If it helps, I agree with you about the clothing - you never know who you need to impress. Unfortunately kids only feel like they have to impress their peers, not future employers!
    Glad to hear that your neck has improved.

  3. Oh love you sound like you need a good stiff drink or two or six or seven...........LOL

    I have trouble getting 2 girls out the door and on to the bus on time and they are only 8 and 6....... god help me when they are teenagers........

    Take care love

    Cherie xx

  4. Well I had a chuckle at your post as I usually do when you talk about your boys! I can relate to SO many of the things you just posted about!!! The shower thing. The clothes thing. The muttering thing.The I do more than everyone else thing...BUT we love 'em regardless!

  5. I have heard from a number of people that Blogger has a mind of its own! How annoying for you.

    So glad to read your headache and stiff neck are gone. What a relief:)

    Good luck with the 18 year old. I feel for you sweetie.

    I had to laugh as I pictured him jumping out of the shower, rushing around the house and trying to get to the bus on time as he was still getting his shoes

    Have a fun and safe week end. Lots of love from Susan xxoo

  6. great LO Mardi...LOvin the angles...

  7. Hey there Mardi, so glad your neck has come right.
    The layout looks fabulous. Loving the colours. :)
    Good luck with "Mr 18", I can remember what it was like when I was a teen, but I'm sure I wasn't that bad LOL. I have a few years to go till that scenario with my kids, but I know it will come around quickly :)

  8. ohhh buggar Blogger Mardi. Copy before publish....
    Hopefully MR 18 will catch up with the idea that mum really does know best! Maybe get Alex to have her 2 cents worth about it.

    Beat. Lo too! love the colours
    Take care & don't forget COPY!

  9. Hi Mardi,

    18 is hard all the structure of school is gone and it's hard to find a beat that fits in with every one. I'm 23 and still struggle to be on time remember everything! lol

    I have that paper and you have just given me the nudge i need to use it!!!

    Lauren x

  10. Anonymous7:27 am

    Hi Mardi :0)

    LOVE the layout..and of course your use of colour!!

    OMGosh my Josh is getting closer and closer to that number 18!!! thanks for warning me LOL although at 14.5 somedays I think I am going around the bend LOL

    Have a great weekend


  11. Anonymous12:02 am

    good to hear you're feel ing better. Please don't stop blogging.