The River.....

18 March 2007

....well Sunday started off quite poopy.....I have an awful stiff neck.... so much so... that if I lean forwards it feels as though my head weighs to much for my neck..and I have to use my hands to push my head back ...add to that the most terrible headache...Blahhh!

So we cleaned the house..... if you think the kids were should have heard me.... I was in pain.... overwhelmed by the fact I had so much cleaning to do before I go back to work tomorrow.... and so badly wanting to start the fun Sunday stuff.

So by 2pm everything was as spotless as it was ever going to be....I was in tears with my neck and headache.... and we decided to put the boat in and have some fun on the River......
I didnt get wet....other than when a huge wave filled the boat... a I sat snuggly dry with my camera attached to my face..... and took some shots of Mitch and Briony enjoying themselves....Briony even mastered her very first 360 turn...and then was unstoppable.... so this was our fun Sunday afternoon....

Ohhh...and check this out.....something very exciting is about to be announced..... including great prizes to be won.....stay tuned for more information next week..... its the first Ive heard of it today....and Im delighted to pass on some cool...
Well ...Im back to work bright and early in the this very moment I have no idea how Im going to lift a stretcher or neck doesnt like bending or turning right... so it should be an interesting
Mardi x


  1. Well you and Mel Diener need your bums kicked for being such big teasers Mardi!! Am busting to see what that half an 'A' is for!

    I am sorry you are in so much pain too...hopefully you will sleep in the right position tonight and will be feeling much better tomorrow :-)

    Megan xx

  2. Hope that your neck sorts itself out pretty quickly Mardi. Looks like much fun was had on the river, what a great Sunday afternoon family activity! Loved catching up on you news from the last week, damn blogger for eating your post though, totally frustrating. Tatum xx

  3. Anonymous1:02 am

    Oh Mardi, I really feel for you with your is truly awful to feel that way. I'm suprised you were able to do as much as you did though. Looks like a very fun Sunday - can I come next time??? Get well and take it easy. Court.xx

  4. I hope your neck has come right today Mardi. I know how painful it can be.
    Love the photos at the river. Looks like you had a ball :) Take care

  5. Ohhhh, I wonder what that half an A is all about? roflmao

    Ugh, neck pain, you have every ounce of my sympathy.

  6. Had a huge catch up...seems to be the norm. lately hey!
    Pity about Brents birthday....but yep redundant as they get older.
    Glad u had a blast @ the retreat!
    Love the lo's.
    Hope ur neck is feeling betta...

  7. You are such a great blogger Mardi, I don't know how you find the time..........

    Hope your neck is better today xx

    Take care
    Cherie xx

  8. Bugger..i just wrote a comment and Blogger gobbled it up..grrrrr!
    Looks like you still had a great time on the river, even with your sore neck. At least you got some good snaps! Hope your feeling beter soon.

  9. Anonymous10:17 pm

    Ohhh... all those photos of your kids having fun on the river brought the memories flooding back... we used to get the boat out every Easter and head up your way to go skiing... I miss it so much.

    I hope you're neck is better.

    And thank you... you know what for ;)


  10. Looks like you all had an awesome day on the river mardi - you got some fantastic pix. Good on Briony for getting her first 360.I have attempted boarding once and lets just say it was quite embarressing LOL - I have puny little arm muscles and could not even pull myself up onto the board - was not nice being dragged around on my belly behind a speedboat, bet it looked funny to others though.
    Hope the neck has healed up since sunday for you.

  11. Anonymous12:01 am

    great photos. what an awsome place you live in.