Scrapboxx Retreat - Augusta 2007

14 March 2007

What an absolutley fabulous, memorable, emotional, inspirational, funny weekend.
So many absoutley gorgeous girls...... such wonderful friendships.... fantastic accomadation....delicous food....and belly laughs.
It is a very hard post to write....I just dont know where to start and where to finish.... and unfortunatly I took very few photos....oh well.

So let me dot point my highlights...

*I had an uneventful drive to Adelaide....and after my anxiety about finding the "Airport Security Parking"...I stopped to check on directions...looked up and realised I had stopped right under the sign.... which said 'Airport Security Parking next turn left'....I really think someone was watching over me that my first hurdle was crossed.... my car was secure...and I was given a lift to the Airport.

*My second anxiety was checking onto the plane.... I have no idea was a breeze!

*The flight was awesome....and my head didnt explode because my ears were blocked at all.....even though I gave myself palpitations at the thought of the pressure building up and up in my head.... I obviously watch far too many
I had the most wonderful view from my window seat..... like a patchwork quilt all the way to Perth!

*The wonderful Courtney....who hosted me (and Jac) in her home before and after the Retreat...and also met and delivered me to the Airport. Court has the most gorgeous family....and I felt instantly welcomed and at home..... I also had the added bonus of meeting Jac...who had travelled all the way from Townsville.... it was just perfect.

* The bus trip down to Augusta....the wonderful Chris who drove...told us jokes and put up with the noise of all these girls on his bus. The bus trip was a hoot..... thanks too...Erica, Jodie, Peta, Sam, Christine, Karen, Julia, Jac, Jennie and Courtney ...gee I hope I havent missed anyone....and although it was a long trip... it was fun.

* The meet and greet was a hoot.... imagine 70 girls..meeting and greeting.... in parallel lines...moving at the blow of a whistle.... swapping tags.... putting names to faces.... finally getting to meet each was hilarious.

* The classes..... just wonderful .... I would have loved to have been in each and every DT girls classes.... but it wasnt I am thrilled to have done classes with Zina, Erica and Ali.
I havent finished anything yet.....but will be sharing as soon as I have....there are lots filtering through the galleries now..... just awesome.

*Maria .... wow!...what a gorgeous caring.... a beautiful soul.

* The DT girls.... what a delight to meet each and every one ... all so approachable, loving and funny....they obviously had a wonderful time.... just gorgeous!!

* The food.... was delicious....and there was soooo much... we had the most hardworking waitress.... who was there from daylight to dark..... making sure everything was full...and running smoothly...this young girl was amazing...and nothing was too much trouble....

* The accomadation....we had THE best. A gorgeous little cottage...overlooking the water....and great company.... thanks Toni, Christine and Courtney!! .... and we had quite a few laughs...especially at Toni's special gift (Thanks Jodie).

*The store...which Maria has set up in the Hotel.... I loved shopping and browsing through all the lovely new products.

* Zina's morphing was just too funny.... a total hoot...and I laughed to I almost wet myself...infact I was just so damn was unbearable.

* Ali took a portrait shot of we four 'roomies'.... I cant wait to it to very own Ali Stafford portrait....WooHoo!

Then there was a few not so good highlights...

*poor Courtneys scrapping tote being stolen from her home the night before the Retreat.... it was the most bizarre event... and such a tragedy on the morning of the Retreat..... I am just hoping with all my heart that the offenders are caught..and her supplies retrieved.

*Saying goodbyes....Yep!...Im a sook.... I found it all way to emotional.... and cried almost solidly for two

...and my only regret.... that I didnt get (or make)...the oppurtunity to 'really chat' to more of the wonderful Boxx girls.... it was like the weekend was on fast was a blur of classes, meals, shopping ect.... there was never a moment when there was nothing to do....which is what made it so perfect!!

Well...that will do it for now....I will have class layouts to share later..... and I know there is things I have probably missed...I cant get the emotion of the weekend down on my blog anyway...thats just inside my heart.

Mardi x


  1. Anonymous2:06 pm

    ok ok ok I'm coming with you next year! Sounds like you had an absolute blast - which is awesome. Hopefully you can catch up on some sleep now after such an eventful weekend

  2. Sounds awesome must be exhausted after such a big weekend.

  3. Anonymous3:18 pm

    You certainly summed it all up Mardi. I love love love the pics you got and thankyou so much for your kind comments. Court.

  4. Mardi, I would have loved to spend more time with you but you are right the whole weekend was on fast forward - totally insane but in the best way possible. Can't wait to see the projects you did!

  5. sounds like you had a great time mardi.. wish i coulda been there! You must be on overdrive!


  6. Well I am so pleased you had such a wonderful time Mardi! The photos are great and so was the run down :-)

  7. It was lovely meeting you Mardi!! It was a whirlwind wasn't it, wonderful memories to keep us going till next year!

  8. Hi Mardi,
    Now I have met you I feel I can drop by and leave comments, although I got to see you mainly from the other side and end of our table I at least got a few chats in with you, weekend is not long enough to fit everything in. Love your photos, my camera was a souvenir all weekend, some scrapper hey but I was just so busy it was insane. Bring on next year. Tracey.

  9. Sounds like you had the best time Mardi, all us who did not attend are SO jealous.........

    talk soon
    Cherie xx

  10. Glad that you had a great time Mardi. Can't wait to see the projects you did while you were away.

  11. Sounds like you had so much fun!
    Can i book my seat next to yours for next year?
    Can't wait to see your class layouts...i'm sure they are fabulous.

  12. Anonymous11:53 pm

    said so well...
    Such an awsome retreat.
    I couldn't think of anyone better to share tears with.
    miss ya, Jen