Always you.....

15 March 2007

Arghh....I typed the entire post...and Blogger lost here goes again...

I was very fortunate to be a Guest Designer for Kim Archer's online class this week .... the layout titled "Always you" ..was a fun design with a great journalling prompt....and I thoroughly enjoyed it ..... I would highly recommend checking out Kims blog for up coming classes....

I chose to do my layout on Brent..... and I as the journalling is probably too small to goes... Always you....

* drink from the cold water jug (Gross I know...but we have a water bottle as well...just for the rest of us)

*need to be constantly remoinded to get out of the shower.

*say you are not hungry..and then eat cereal an hour later.

*love to argue with your Dad...just because thats what you do.

*leave your clothes all over your bedroom floor.

*start of giving a nice hug..and then lick my eyeball.

*stay up late..and love to sleep in.

*ask a lot of questions.

*leave your hair unbrushed.

*love to wear cargo shorts.

*call me a 'Shepland' pony.

*give squashy arm-pit hugs.

*tell me you love me.

Well...thats it from me this morning...the house is an absolute mess....I have layouts I want to finish so I can upload them later today hopefully.

Mitch is off at Work Experiance today.... he did the same last week...with a local builder..and absolutley loved it....oh...and he popped back into the other Supermarket....they said...come back in nxt

Mardi x


  1. love the layout mardi LOL licking the eyeball lol at quite a lot of it actually ....... thata good that mitch likes his work experience bloodyy supermarkets! .... Hey and maybe you could send me a photo through or something :-)

  2. Oh Mardi that layout is gorgeous! Love the journalling and the photo of your boy. Definitely LOL at the eyeball licking and ewwww at the armpit hugs LOL!!

    Good luck with the messy house - I have one of them too :)

  3. What funny journalling....thats hilarious! Great the bold colours.
    Have fun can come and do mine afterwards if you'd like. :)

  4. LOVE love love this, saved it to lift later :)

  5. Awesome work with the layout Mardi - what great journalling for it. Loved reading about the retreat on your last post, sounds like you had an awesome time away, look forward to seeing your layouts.

  6. Your layout is just so striking Mardi. And I am glad you wrote the journaling out for us - I always love to read what is written :-)

    Have a great weekend!