...sucker for punishment..

25 March 2007

...Yep...thats me......

Someone mentioned... Certificate 4 in Workplace training and assessment ...and me (having completed half of it some time ago)...opened my mouth and said...Yeah! Id love to do that....and Yes....I am looking forward to finishing it...but how am I going to fit in in...EEEEEK!

Well... having worked 63 hours in the last week....and then only having three days off...of which the first day I didnt finish my night shift until 8am ...so I slept almost all day.... now heads off to Adelaide today to begin the course.... it finishes at some terrible hour this evening....so it will be a long and tiring trip home I suspect.
Now this may not sound too bad....if it werent for the fact we made the 3 hour trip down and back yesterday as well.... we made a visit to my Mum and Dad who are in Adelaide awaiting Dads surgery on Tuesday.... poor Dad is having significant surgery...so fingers crossed all goes well on the day.

So...if you cant imagine what my house looks like this morning.... let me fill you in.....

*there isnt an inch of carpet in the Runpus room that isnt covered in clean but unfolded clothing...the kids have been doing their usual ...flicking over their shoulder until the find the item they are after...

* for some reason our house is crawling with little black beetles over night.... so the floor is covered in them ...at least two days worth too...

* the bathroom....Mmmmm...well lets just say "wet towels'..

*the lounge? ...'newspapers'...the bain of my life!!!

* kitchen.... not too bad.... but it would appear everyone is dead scared of using the dishcloth to wipe crumbs off the bench....

...so really I should get my butt off this computer and clean up....

I have a head full of scrapping ideas..... but nothing is happening in that department...Im behind... behind with everything! ...but its ok... Ill catch up.... so the only share I have is a layout that I finally completed from the Scrapboxx Retreat ..... this was in Zina's gorgeous 'Fun with Felt' class.... I love this layout...and loved making all the little felt flowers ect.... it has such a cool Zina feel doesnt it....

Have a great day everyone...

Mardi x


  1. Hi Mardi

    I noticed you had not been around much lately, now I know why. You must be exhausted working that many hours.

    I hope your dad's surgery goes according to plan and he makes a full recovery. I will say a little prayer for him:)

    Wishing you all the best for a much calmer, happier and smoother week. Take care of yourself xxoo

    From Susan@Scrapboxx

  2. Take care driving Mardi....don't know how ya do it....ya making me tired just reading what u've done lately.
    Get well wishes to ur dad, hope it all goes well.
    OHHH I so hate the crumbs on the bench...& that's only due to 1(DH) not kid's as well!
    The lo looks groovy!
    Look after urself!

  3. What a busy week youve had, hope everything goes well with your Dads op and you get this course done and find sometime to do some scrappin, hope this week is less chaotic for you

  4. Sending good wishes to your Dad and hope all goes well for him xx

    Great Layout too

    Take care of yourself xx

    Cherie xx

  5. You ARE a glutton for punishment..what a week you've had, how exhausting.

    I hope everything goes well with your dad..fingers crossed.

  6. Hoping that you get some time to yourself soon. Why is it that everyone else, when they're busy, gets to say "I don't have time to do the housework". But when we're busy, we just have to do it anyway? Hmmmm.
    If you had time from your course, I would have said come over for a coffee. Or we could meet you somewhere. Let me know if you ever have a spare moment when you're down in Adelaide :)

  7. Oops, sorry and I forgot to wish your dad all the very best for the operation.

  8. love your ZIna LO...
    Woah what a week for you...i hope you get a bit more time of soon.
    Hope your dads surgery goes well too.

  9. Oh I like that felty layout :-) All the best for your dad!

  10. Anonymous6:32 am

    hope you trip was a safe one Mardi.
    all the best wishes to your dad for todays operation.

  11. Mardi that layout is just TOOOOO cool! I love it. I have seen a few others from that class.
    OK I'm thinking of you - hoping you get a moment to breathe and relax soon! Good luck with your course :)

  12. Anonymous10:18 pm

    The LO is beautiful Mardi, glad you got it finished. Love it! Court.x