its certainly been a day of events....

27 March 2007

...starting with last night and the Cert IV in training and assesment....OMG...It is huge.... scarily so...I thought study was over...gone!! ...finished with!! ...then someone mentions.."would you lke to complete the Cert IV".... STUPID me thinks.."Yeah...why not",....Ive done heaps of work toward it much more could there be?. Mmmmmmm...well let me tell you...."THERE IS HEAPS MORE !!!!!" ... I did get credit for two of the 14 units...and I may get some more RPL .... but it still leaves an OMG amount of work to do.

So.... in amongst a family of 3 and usually 4 teenagers...and a full time job....and a passionate hobby....I am embarking on the Cert IV!! ... I have reassured myself every minute of the journey home from Adelaide last night...that this is a wise move for the future...Im just having big problems listening to myself at this stage...and I just know Im going to whinge...LOTS!

..... and on to far more important things..... my Dear DAD had his surgery today....he went in at 7.15am...and I was so relieved when Mum phoned around 2'ish to hear he was doing ok... and although he was obviously sedated... it had all gone smoothly and they werent expecting any dramas....Phhew...what a relief.

.... the next snippet of news is.....MITCH his learners...Yay!!
Im sort of freaking out really....that is just too scary..little old Mitch on the road.... thankfully Ian has offered to take him on his first lessons tonight....

OK...thats it from me...M x


  1. Hello Marty lol,

    Okay, I've just read back through a few posts and I can't find anything about your Dad. What's happening and why did he need surgery?? I hope it all went smoothly and he is okay.

    HUGE congrats to Mitch on getting his learners! That is fantastic news!

    Megan xx

  2. You must be relieved that your dads surgery is over. Heres to a speedy recovery.

    Yay for Mitch.

    And good on you for doing your certificate. It sounds like a good move, and all the hard work will be over before you know it.

  3. So glad your dad's surgery went well and that he's recovering nicely.

    LOL, you remind me of me whenever I start a course. It always seems so daunting at the start. You know, when they give you the course notes that you almost need a forklift for. But just take it one day at a time and don't think about it too much. I'm sure you'll get some more RPL which will make it easier.

  4. Oh Mardi - I am SO sorry for not being there for you today about your Dad. You poor thing!! I am SO glad that the news is good - what a relief.

    YOU CAN DO IT!!!! With your course. You are super clever and can do it!!

    Yay for Mitch too - I still remember getting my L's, what a feeling....

    Take care my friend
    xxx Janelle

  5. Anonymous6:49 am

    Wishing your dad a speedy recovery Mardi, so glad to hear the surgery went well.

    Woohoo for Mitch - after all the downers lately he must be over the moon!!

    You are so inspiring, with work, a family, your gorgeous scrapping, and now your certificate - you go girl :)


  6. Glad to hear the surgery went well for your Dad, hope he has a speedy recovery.

    Well done on getting some credits and I am sure you will do fantastic with all the rest of your course.

    Well done to Mitch too.

    Take care
    Cherie xx

  7. from what I've seen of u Mardi...u'll motor on through & rise to the challenge. This I am sure of.
    So glad ur Dad's surgery went to plan! Hope he has a speedy recovery.
    Congrat's to MItch!...I bet he's wrapped!

  8. Glad youve decided to do the Cert IV it will give you a great scence of accompishment when its all done,
    hope everything is going well for your dad and he is opn the road to recovery
    Aaaagh another L plater on the road

  9. Anonymous1:56 pm

    I hope your Dad is OK Mardi, I am wishing him a speedy recovery from his op.

    I had to have a little laugh to myself about the Cert IV because I did it a couple of years ago and felt exactly the same way! Honestly if you need any help at all, just give me a ring or email me - I used it a lot afterwards so I should be able to help you if you get stuck.

    For your prac make sure you pick something pretty easy (doesn't necessarily have to be work related) and that you know well because when you break it down step-by-step even a simple task can take ages. I did mine on making rocky road and had my workmates as the students - the assessor loved it, maybe because he got to eat it afterwards LOL.

    Take care


  10. Anonymous10:27 am

    Oh Mardi, Iam so sorry about your dad, I know how you must have been feeling, I hope you dad get better real soon.


  11. Glad to read that your dads surgery went well Mardi.
    You are going to do awesome at this course, you have such great sense about you and a little nerves can be good to help focus.
    good luck with it chicky.

  12. I hope your Dad has a speedy recovery Mardi - must have been a long morning for you all.

    eeekkk about the course. I keep thinking Id like to go and study something, but its been SO long since I was at uni...its all a bit daunting! Im sure you will do really well, especially once your in the swing of it.

    Nic xxx

  13. Anonymous5:56 am

    You write very well.