Happy Easter.....

7 April 2007

Happy Easter !!!!!!
everyone..... I hope it is special in every way.....
..be careful on the roads if you are travelling......
..and dont gorge yourself silly on Chocolate....although I know I probably will..... my once a year splurge....I cant even try to limit myself....Im hopeless.... Mmmmmmm chocolate!!

I just cant believe what a difference a year makes..... last year we were camping on the River with my parents and some dear friends

.....this year I am working

....my parents are in Adelaide while Dad recovers from Surgery

.....and our dear friends are also going through a very difficult time due to illness in their family ..... I think of them every day....and even more so this weekend...as I know their life is extremely hard at the moment....and I just wish we could all be together....well......happy and camping again...just like we did last year.
I am thinking of this as a glitch.... and Id like to think that in 2008...we will be camping for Easter!!

So.... whatever you are doing...enjoy it...
Loves...and happy Easter hugs...Mardi xx
ohhh...and I just had to leave with a layout.....


  1. When I saw your layout in SM I recognised it from Scrapboxx! I love it. So clever with those photo corners and bold colours.
    You have a lovely Easter too. I hope next year you get to go camping with family and friends again!

  2. Love the layout Mardi!!!

    And what do you mean don't gorge yourself on chocolate????! Seriously, I've been doing it all week lol!

    Megan xx

  3. Happy Easter to you to Mardi and to all your family xx

    Take care

    Cherie xx

  4. Anonymous10:06 pm

    OMGoodness, how young they look.LOL Love it Mardi - hoppy easter to you and your loved ones and hope your Dad is finding it easier. Take care yourself on the roads and will chat with you soon. Court.xx

  5. oh wow, what a fun little LO, just love how you used the photo corners!

  6. Anonymous11:26 am

    Happy Easter Mardi xxxx

  7. happy easter Mardi

    Cant see your LO atm...so will pop back later...

  8. Happy Easter to you and your family Mardi.
    Ummm like to say that i haven't gorged on choccie,but.... i'd be fibbing LOL.
    Can't see your layout at the moment, but if its the one I've seen in SM - fantastic work!!

  9. Happy Easter to all of you Mardi, hope it was a good one and you didnt gorge too seriously....I did! LOL

  10. Hope it was a fabbo easter....& I hope it wasn't too much chocolate to make ya self sick!...well maybe just a little. ;P