finally an update....

3 April 2007

....finally Im making an update.....
Im almost at the end of another set of days off..... and to be honest there isnt a real lot to report....
I did scrap a bit...... Im in a weird phase at the moment..... Im enjoying scrapping the 'not so fancy' photos.... the photos that really could be classed as 'unscrappable'...but still tell a story.....the very same photos that I have had building up for ages!

.... I have actually created two mini books.....and Im in the process of a third.... they really are not that good..... but they are done...created....and I love the look of them in the basket on my coffee table.....and I also love that the memorys are recorded and cant be forgotten.

This first one is Brionys Year 7 Graduation ...I used a Matchbook album.... interestingly I used it back the front..... well at least so everyone who picks it up tells
I really couldnt care less either.... turning pages right to left is highly over rated..... and there is nothing wrong with doing it in reverse!!

The second is Brent and Alexs formal mini album..... I got the inspiration and idea from Shimelle ...... and it came together really quickly....
....and a layout ... once again using those photos that arent really that good...but tell the story so well. This Diorama for Exhibition was a huge thing...the talk and preparation dominated our lives at the it had to be recorded.
What else has been happening....
* I had the worst work rotation of my career last week.... Im trying very hard to forget it!

* Im eating poorly...not exercising and feel blerk!

* Im still managing to plan my weekly meals and shop once a week....thats 7 weeks in a row now....Yes..take my temperature...I must be sick!

*Brent is still attending his 'pre-apprenticeship' course...and has work experiance next Toyworld .... Mmmm... that is not a trade I hear you think...... Yes..well apparently .... Traineeship in Retail is another option of this course.....and Yes...Im learning as we go too.

*The war is on.....Ian is drawing the battlelines after having 4 cold showers in a row this week...Brent takes far too much time in the shower......look out Brent!

*Mitch wrestled a friend at school play fighting.... smashed the screen on his friends ipod....and consequently cost us half the repair..... quite fair...but damn annoying!

*Im in two CJ's is held up for the last 4 months...but Im still hopeful...the other has completley vanished....Im really really really dissapointed..... so Id ask that if anyone has a CJ..and has been meaning to post.... please let the recipient is heartbreaking when they dissapear.... just a little contact and reassurance goes a long way.

*I called into the Supermarket today ....asked for the Manager and requested feedback on Mitch and the job saga..... it seemed like she had no answer as to why he missed out...she just suggested he keep popping in so that they get to know him... I did explain that he has been doing exactly that...but she had no answer...and I certainly didnt want to fluff his chances...

* Ummm..Yes..Brent has work experiance..... but no clothes guess who has to go shopping...I wouldnt mind so much if he didnt get holes in everything..... he used to be so fussy...and he still does like to look nice..... but he holes everything!!

Wel...thats it from me......
Mardi x


  1. Mardi there are cultures who have gone from right to left for thousands of years before our ancestors decided to change the way things were done rofl. I'm sure your mini albums look awesome, regardless of which way they are read!

    And your other layouts are fabulous too. I just love your style and what you can do :-)

    Megan xx

  2. Your mini albums look amazing and your layouts. lol..who cares if they are backwards, most of what I DO in life is backwards rofl

  3. love these mini albums Mardi they look awesome, sounds like youve had a busy week/end, hope things quiet down for you soon
    Hope your dad is doing well
    Have a great week

  4. Anonymous7:09 am

    great work there mardi
    I think you are amazing to do a job like paramedic, and its no good to hear you having a bad week.
    hope your dad is recovering well too

  5. Love the mini albums Mardi, they look matter which way you look at them....

    Hope your Dad is recovering well too.

    Take care
    Cherie xx

  6. Anonymous8:13 am

    Oh Mardi, how do you keep up with it all - I really admire you! And right to left - great idea - you go girl!! Court.

  7. Wow you've been busy. Look at those gorgeous mini albums. They look great!
    Hope you're winning the battle with reclaiming the shower ;)

  8. Anonymous10:16 am

    We need to scrap those not so fancy photos, they are so important, and do tell a story, and I just love looking through those type of mini books, especially when you put them away for a while, and then get them out again.

    Great memories.

    Jen from UK x

  9. LOL your posts are always so real and so funny :) I feel like I know your family so well!

    I think your albums look fantastic! I love the look of the blue/white polka dot paper.

  10. I loved your mini album that opened the wrong Why not be different. You watch...that will be the next craze. Look what you've started!
    Your LO of Mitch that you started turned out fabulous.
    Have a great easter...
    Luv Belinda

  11. Anonymous8:47 am


    wishing you and your family a WONDERFUL Easter...hope the easter bunny is good to you all


  12. Anonymous10:23 pm

    Hi Mardi,
    Sorry I havne't blogged for so long...slack I know *rolls eyes* We have been busy just like you and your Brent sounds like my Dwayne (15) aren't they the same age. Water restrictions and he has 20 minute showers....grrrr!!! DS also had a job interview and got a job at Spotlights YIPPEE!!!! - for me that is ;)
    Your mini albums look fantastic...and who cares which way they open as long as they do ;) So you are definitely not alone.
    Take care and Happy Easter to you and your family.
    Tammy X

  13. I always start at the back of mags....nothing wrong with B to F at all, they all look so great, I love little things like that to put together. Have a great easter, Tatum xx

  14. just remember photo's don't have to be perfect to tell a memory!
    & hey who cares if the book is back the's a Mardi original!
    Have a great easter weekend Mardi!

  15. Hi mate,
    Happy Easter to you and that gorgeous family of yours. :)
    Love the albums..back to front or not..LOL
    By the way...not only have you started a new trend with that...but tell me..what does the word blerk mean? ROFL
    Another Mardi moment maybe?? LOL
    Take Care
    Sharryn :)