...what was I thinking

14 April 2007

...Mmmm...what WAS I thinking???
"I love holidays...blah blah blah" .... I must have had a momentary lapse..... I had obviously forgotten the holiday chant...."IM BORED!....WHAT CAN I DO".... seriously ...its day one..... and I cant count the amount of times Ive already heard it!

Funnily enough I have a million solutions...like "clean your room" .... "sort out your PS2 games" ... "help me with the washing" .... but every suggestion is met with a look that would drop a camel at 40feet...and a "Yeah right!" ...it seems they would much rather be bored!

So while they are bored.....I left the house in utter chaos and finished some layouts..... a couple that cant be shared quite yet.... and my BOM layout for this month......

...the theme this month was to scrap about a goal.... and what achieving it would mean ect ect.... I wanted to be honest with my journalling..... and although its a little embarrassing.... its me.... and something that all my close friends know anyway.

I worry...too much..... now Im not a stress head about everything....and most things in life I dont even raise an eyebrow over..... but when it comes to interpersonal relationships...I am terrified of being taken the wrong way....of putting my foot in my mouth...and so on and so on.....I constantly feel a need to justify.... but why? so....

My goal is to stop the worry..... and be confident that no matter what I say...what beliefs I have....what my personality is....the people that matter will still like me just the same...who really cares what the other people think anyway!

Phew...that was a lot of blah blah.... sorry..

OK..... onto another layout...this one the Scrapboxx Sketch challenge .... which had to have an oversized embellishment..... now Im thinking...that aint no ordinary clock!
I am always amazed by Ians ability to get out of bed so early each day..... and drive and drive like he does....so this is my layout to him.

...well what else is happening?

Brent has finished at Toyworld...he totally loved it..... and became the bike assembly king!!

Mitch finally got his hair cut.. (after asking me for weeks for an appointment and slacko me never remembering to)....we were like "Ohh hello Mitch...where have you been?..... we havent seen you for ages!" ..."has anyone seen the Yeti that was living in Mitchs room?" ..seriously though......He looks GOOD!

The Rat .... Mmmm..well lets just say the flies have stopped circling the hole in the wall..... and I can be at least thankful that the laundry although attached is seperate to the house...... but Id be joking if I said I couldnt smell it.

Well.....thats it from me today.....Im off to work.... just have to squeeze my big unenergetic butt into my nice green slacks and Ill be off.....

Mardi x


  1. Lol Mardi....you and all that worry :-)

    Your layouts look great - you know I just think you are a scrapping marvel!

    Hope work is okay....

    Megan xx

  2. Fantastic layouts Mardi.
    Eww I can imagine the smell of the rat, not a nice thought, but it could be worse, it could still be alive Yuckkk.

  3. Awesome pages Mardi. Love them both.

  4. ohhh I like ur writing Mardi!
    Beaut. lo's
    Ohhh yukkk....hope u don't get 40 degree weather over there....

  5. Hi Mardi...as usual your creations are FANTASTIC...really love your 'My Goal' LO...the colour..the design...funky photo..i must use that colour background it looks awesome with a splash of colour. you've inspired me yet again!

  6. Anonymous9:04 am

    AWESOME layouts Mardi!!! I REALLY love the top one about you and your worries...what super/honest journaling!!

    Hope that rat doesn't smell for too much longer LOL

    Have a great day :0)


  7. Ugh, we've had a rat die under the house when it was 30 degrees and boy, did it stink! Feeling for you. And hot on the heels of the stinky water too! Hope your house is back to its sweet smelling self soon.
    LOL at you worrying. You have never said one thing that I could interpret as bitchy, snarky or mean. So I really am racking my brains why you would think that we would take you the wrong way. You are too sweet.

  8. Hmmm, I think I know what you mean about the holidays lol.

    Ewww, a dead rat, we have one in the roof above the lounge, it's disgusting hey!!! I've been burning scented candles day and night, it works wonders lol.

  9. Anonymous7:33 am

    hey mardi
    i cant open your worries LO to look at it properly, but i think i might just 'borrow' that journalling for myself LOL- great LO

  10. Anonymous7:20 pm

    Boy Mardi do i hear you about hte relationship side of your layout...i always feel like the third wheel....

    The photo of you is very nice....hope to see you on friday, are you going?

    Is that Ian i see in the riverland litter truck?????

    Its charmaine and i have to sign in as anonymous cause I HATE BLOGGER LOL!!!!

  11. Love checking IN Mardi...some more great LO's well done...

  12. Anonymous8:39 am

    Hi Mardi,
    I love your LO's. Well done for scrappin' your DH's job! I want to do one for my DH but he always runs when I get the camera out! Love your BOM LO for the month. Lovely photo of you.
    Tammy X