Blahhhh week...beware...

18 May 2007

Well ...Im having what can only be described as a Blahhhhhhhh week.
(actually this post is probably almost too blahhh to even read..)

Everything is bothering me....planting little seeds of worry and sorrow.... (and yes I am fine really !)

....Briony is still feeling a little after the weekend...if she is still not 100% we are definatly heading to the doctors.

.... World War three erupted in this house yesterday morning..... I am so tired of running a "Hotel de Mum and Dad' ....there are 4 teenagers living here as well..... I think it only fair they pull a little weight.... just picking up after themselves...and respecting each others feelings would be a great start. To cut a long story short..... I apparently nag ..waaaaay too much...... and I apparently favour Briony waaaaaay too much .... I really feel a flat about this still..... it has made me question myself... and wonder about my parenting..
Please reassure me other famalies have these issues!
I tried to explain it isnt favourtism (sp)...its just that Briony is often looking ahead at things to do to help me out. Briony will grab the washing off the line before I get home.... she will clean up...unpack the dishwasher...we never need to ask her these things.....on the other hand...I need to remind the boys to do most things...and quite often plead just to get things done. Well not anymore .... I am no longer going to ask anything.... and nor am I going to step in to avert anything they create with their own laziness. I am going to be 'Cruella de Mum' ...well at least until I get over this
(I actually feel a little nasty blogging that..... but its life....and its not all peaches and cream!) onto my next blahhhh..... Bowel Cancer...... I am seriously nervous about this insidious nasty cancer. It seems that everyday...every shift...I meet another youngish....once vibrant person...who has had their life robbed by this...and is on their final count down. It is almost like a message.... my last three patient transfers have all had this....all terminal.... it is seriously making me blood runs cold when I get yet another handover and hear that word mentioned.
I should be here telling everyone to go and have a check....but honestly the thought of being told this enough to make me think Id rather never know..

....Im so sorry to be such a downer today.... there are happy things too...

.... getting every assignment marked as competent and actually passing my first unit...Yipee!
.... like working three extra night shifts this fortnight...I hate going to work...but Im going to love 42 hours overtime in my pay packet...
.... like getting rain.... even some literally bucketed down.... just what we need.
.... like making plans to meet up with Belinda and Fleur on Saturday afternoon... buying myself a new pair of sunnies. receiving a little package of CraftyMatters ceramic embellishments in the mail...thanks so much Miss Jane....

Well...thats it from me today...nothing to share.... nothing inspiring me..... I think Ill go and slug rats in the gutter.....
Mardi x


  1. Hi there Honey.

    Hope that thing at your hotel sort themselves out. This is coming from a self confessed nagger. I know I do

    Enjoy your catch up with Belinda and Fluer.

    I've got my fingers crossed for some yummy, much waited for scrappy mail today.

  2. Oh dear Mardi, things sound as though they have all just piled up on top of you. I am sure once the boys realise just how much they take you for granted they will start to help a bit more. Especially when they realise you aren't going to do it for them anymore.
    And I know exactly what you mean with the bowel cancer. Every shift I work we have at least one young person who needs to be referred to colorectal surgeon. It's terrible.
    Keep your chin up chook, and enjoy your catch up with Belinda and Fleur :)

  3. *Hugz* gorgeous and yes I have these issues with my kids as well! Mainly Luke as he is the teenager, but Mik can give her fair share of drama too.
    *Naggers Unite*!!!! Without us the world would be dull, dreary and very messy :-)
    Hope your day is a good one.
    Love n Hugz

  4. I wanna give you a big hug. I think you'd be a very huggy person. :) Am I right? I love that you're so honest. I am like a mother to an overgrown teenager - one who does nothing for himself, can't even get himself a drink. Never picks up after himself. Doesn't lift a finger to help. He's old enough to know better (at 33)!.
    I'm glad you pointed out things to be happy about. :) Stay happy my friend!

  5. Anonymous10:18 am

    oh i 'hear ya' re the favouritism thing. my son does stuff without 'nagging' while my daughter drains me with constant arguing about 'why' shes has to do it
    and then i get 'you like him better than me' - it breaks my heart - but it IS so much easier when you don't have to nag ... but i can't make her understand that *sigh*

  6. I think the way you are feeling is perfectly normal Mardi. Yes I think they should pull there weight, and yes it is frustrating to be treated as the fairy that will come along and clean everything up that gets left undone by the rest of the family!!!!!

    I know how you feel about the favouritism bit too. Caleb (and DH) often 'accuse' me of favouring Nathan (DS 2) but its the same thing. He does things with out being asked, just to help out...he will even ask sometimes if I want him to do anything. If I do have to ask he just goes and does it, where as Caleb has to put it off "can I just........" or "why" or "I didnt leave it there"...always, if he would just do things the first time he was asked life would be so much more pleasant for him.....Im dreading the teenage years, he is only 10!!!
    mmmmm so what Im trying to say is I know exactly how your feeling, I think being a mum is the hardest job in the world, and Im sure your doing a fantastic job!

    Nic xxx

    PS ROFLMAO about the bird!!!!!

  7. Oh you poor chook. Hugs.
    I hope things resolve themselves. It sounds to me that you do way too much for your boys, but then again I don't have a teenager myself. I just remember back to being a kid and my mum had me doing sooooo much stuff around the house. She would never have cleaned up after me. Your boys have it real sweet and they don't even know!
    Any cancer scares me. I worry more now that I have a child. What if something happens to him. What if something happens to us. What if, what if...
    Have fun on Sat afternoon :)

  8. Hi Mardi,

    Have just found your blog through(aussie scrapjacked)... It must be teenage boys, my younger brother still lives at home and when I ring to say hi I hear this from her too.... I get sick of picking up after my too little girls 3 & 1 how am I going to go once they are teenagers!!!

    I hope your Blahhh week gets better.


  9. Hi there Mardi:))))
    Sorry to hear you are having a blah week. But we all have them and things will sort themselves out. I love reading your blog and getting a glimpse into your very REAL life! love that you have teenagers and always relate to lots of stuff you say! And I am glad you had some lovely highlights in your blah week:)

  10. keep your chin up love, I am sure things at home will improve.

    Have a great time with Belinda and Fluer, I am sure they will cheer you up...........make sure you say hi to them from me......tell B I will be in touch soon.

    Take care
    Cherie xx

  11. Oh Mardi I can relate.....from Zoe i get...but leigh gets everything (he does at the moment) and from him i hear but why do i have to unpack the dishwasher i did it last week....LOL never mind that zoe tidied up this or did washing or what ever it was that needed doing...

    i love it when they want a friend over cause the excuse is no one is coming over if the house is piggy LOL....

    And i only have the one it just boys that are lazier??

    Chin up Mardi....i know life gets us down sometimes but hang in there....i forgot about Fluerie coming im in loxton for hockey just about all day tommorrow:(

  12. Oh mardi, it does sound perfectly normal to me. You can always try hanging out the "no Vacancy" sign for them and see what happens... hehehehe, only joking.

    Hope things pick up for you hun

    Gail aka teachingmum

  13. Doesn't sound like much fun, I'm sorry I can't give you any sound advice, mine are yet to reach that stage..eeek.

    Yay on passing your course..woohoo.

    Bowel cancer is scary. We have a family history and it's something I constantly worry about, BUT there is hope, my grandma beat this disease!!!

    Hey, I've got your email addy wrong somehow, can you email me

    Thanks chicky.

  14. Anonymous10:58 pm

    Oh Mardi, don't worry you are an extrodinary mother and your family is normal - really. I woke up to my two boys argueing this morning and it still hasn't stopped! I hope your feeling better now. (((hugs)))

  15. Hi Mardi,
    Chin up, Mum's cop so much on the chin, maybe you need to book yourself in for some pampering and leave them home to fight it out by themselves but take Briony with you as a treat seeing as she does great things for you. That will really get them steamed up. But who knows if they want special time with you and no nagging then they best pick up their act. LOL. Take care and well done on passing your first stage. Tracey.

  16. Anonymous7:43 am

    Sorry your week was blah. :(
    Yes, other families do have such issues!!!
    And you know I'm a fan of reality blogging.
    Take care. x

  17. Anonymous1:03 pm


    Susan (smiles1965) from Scrapboxx here. I can only leave comments on blogs via the anonymous option.

    Sorry I've not visited you in a while. Better late than never eh! lol :)

    I think a lot of mums get told they nag but that's only cause we have to keep on telling the other household members what to do or reminding them on what needs doing. I totally understand how you feel.

    Even though I only have one child I am trying my best to make her appreciate how important it is for her to help around here and not assume I am going to do everything all the time.

    Sending you a big hug Mardi. Try and focus on all the fun and enjoyable things for a while and hopefully the kids will get the hint your not their slave.

    Wishing you good luck and a positive result. Love from Susan xxoo

  18. Hi Mardi!

    Hope things are a bit better since you made your blog entry. I've got all that nagging to look forward to (not) - although I do already seem to nag a lot already and my boys are only 4 & 2! Try to focus on the good stuff and do something nice for yourself - a little time out. Hope you Sunday is looking good!

    Sheree xx

  19. Hey matey

    Sending you lots of cyber-hugs and hoping that you have some more "happys" to lift your spirits :)

    Sorry about the teenage thing :( I've got no advice to give having no experience with it. But DON'T doubt your skills as a parent!!! You've done a BRILLIANT job and teenagers... well - they're just programmed to be a little difficult and trying at times ;o)

    Take care of yourself, matey
    Ali xoxoxo

  20. Hey Mardi,

    How I feel for you as I have six sons, three of them teenagers!!!!
    And yes they all call me a nagger as well...but hey it is so hard to do everything and a bit of team work can make things alot would be so much easier if they just did what we asked the first time then we wouldnt have to nag....Keep your chin up you deserve a medal...and your kids are extremely lucky to have such a great mum...


  21. Anonymous11:01 pm

    No Mardi you are definately not on your own! Have you seen those stories of mum's and dad's going on strike against their lazy teenagers and camping out the front of their houses in tents with big signs that say they aren't going back inside until they agree to do their chores! PMSLOL! My teenage DS is lazy too and does his chores to the barest minimum of being able to say they are done.
    Grrrrrr!!!!!! to teenagers (especially boy teenagers LOL)