...hoping for a better week.....

21 May 2007

..... it has to be better!
Thankyou soooo much for all the comments on my last post (I realise its sometimes easier to just read and not comment...so the fact so many of you saw how important this was to me...and left a comment...is REALLY appreciated)..... I wish I could say things are all resolved...but they arent. In fact in some ways they are actually worse..... on Saturday...I thought I would try and talk about things...clear the air....unfortunatly this just escalated into another full blown argument....and we both said things we probably shouldnt have in the heat of the moment..... so now I have an enormous attack of the guilts...I wish I had handled it differently...a little part of me wonders if I should have just put up with things the way they were... but on the other hand...I feel a lot of what was said...really needed to be. I hope that over the course of this week...we can talk as adults and put this behind us.

Teenagers are definatly not easy.... no matter how wonderful they are as children...nothing prepares you for the emotional roller coaster..... the fact that they are now out in the wide wide world...where there are so many dangers.... cars.... alcohol...drugs...
...the fact that they now have to manage their own finanaces.... jobs...time schedules... relationships.... and the hardest part of all.... having to watch them make mistakes and poor decisions ...and being the biggest ogre on earth if you try and step in and help out.

I also want to balance my last post..by saying..... I shouldnt really even complain...honestly..... I am very very lucky..... my whinges are trivial in the big scale of things...... I am whinging over a messy house... laziness... and disorganisation. I do not have to worry about drugs....or that my son is mixing in the wrong crowd...or that he is drifting away from us.

I am so lucky that he still lives here... he has a gorgeous girl...who also feels comfortable here. He is now working.... and being responsible (well most of the time)... he has a lovely circle of friends who look out for each other....and he loves his family (including his extended family) ...and he is as funny as a fart... so much to be grateful for...huh!

so on to other things....

Saturday afternoon...I caught up with Belinda and Fleur ... it was so lovely...to sit and chat...browse through Fleurs lovely album...and have some laughs..... we had the compulsory photo together to mark the occassion..... and in true Belinda style... we had some funny faces photos as well.... I was in stitches.... no one....and I mean NO ONE...pulls a face as well as that gorgeous girl!! ...she is a crack up!!

...and then yesterday...we made a fleeting trip to Adelaide to have lunch at the Airport..... lol... Uncle JB and Aunty Ali had been visiting in SA for a couple of days...and this was our only window of opputunity to see them..... this particular Uncle and Aunt are very special to Ian and I ... they are our family!
... for those who dont know.....Ian and I moved to Qld when we were young..... Uncle JB and Aunty Ali took us under their wing...and welcomed and included us into their immediate family... We now have a very special bond with them ( and Kerry and Baden)......they are much more to us than just Uncle and Aunt and cousins ... and I always cry when I think of how far away they are now....I love them all so much.

Well thats it for me this morning...I have a house to clean...a mountain of washing to do...and I havent seen the housework fairy around here in weeks.

oh...and its raining....glorious rain!! .... we so badly need this rain..... I took this photo last week of Lake Bonney here in Barmera.... in fact Barmera is built on the edge of the lake...and it is a tourist draw card for the town..... the sad thing is...if we dont have significant rains in the Murray Darling catchment area...they are blocking the lake off ... they want it to dry up..... apparently the evaporation of this lake is too great.... so plans are underway to sacrifice the lake ..... I am not into the politics of it all....I have heard a million different scenarios....some for...some against...I really dont care....I just hope it rains...and this never has to happen...it would be a huge loss for beautiful Barmera.....

...this time...Im really off here...
Mardi xx


  1. Hey Mardi...
    I hope this week is a better one for you.
    I had such a great time on Saturday...we always have great laughs. I was great to finally 'meet' Fleur.
    Take care and i will see you soon.
    Luv Belinda

  2. Glad you are a bit brighter this week Mardi.

    Glad to hear you had a great time with B and fleur, hope you said hi from me.......

    Take care and chat soon

    Cherie xx

  3. Sometimes it take a couple of really good barneys to clear the air. I'm sure that your kids know that you love them, no matter what they might say in the heat of the moment.
    Glad you had a good time on Saturday.
    Hope this week's a good one for you.

  4. Hey ho Mardi,

    I really hope this is a much better week for you. It's always easy to look back over our shoulders and have regrets about words which were exchanged in the heat of the moment...don't beat yourself up about it though. I am sure that you are not the only member of the family who has relived the conversation in their mind and wished it had turned out differently. You've raised great kids Mardi...I am sure you will all get on with operating as a tight family unit who just had a slight glitch :-)

    Fingers crossed your week is a great one!
    Megan xx

  5. Hi Mardi,
    I read recently that raising teenagers was like trying to nail jelly to a tree - how true I thought.
    Can you please send me your e-mail address as we had to get the computer reformatted because of a virus and I have lost all my addresses.
    Love to all
    Donna :-)

  6. I hope ur week is already looking betta! Don't shatter my illusion that things are suppose to get betta when they r older! I'm sure they know & will look back on this time knowing that u & Ian have done everything to help/protect them when they r older.
    Glad ur had a great time with B & Fleur.
    Oh & congrat's for passing ur 1st unit.
    Relax ;P

  7. It would be an absolute SHAME if Lake Bonney is no more, it's a beautiful spot.

    I hope your week improves, relationships can be VERY trying at times, and teenages..eeek. You poor thing, hang in there lovely, things will get better..you'll see.

  8. It was so FANTASTIC To see you again....and i just loved our FUNNY PHOTOS..lol! Should we share 1????
    I hope you are having a better week this week....big hugs...

  9. Anonymous2:01 pm

    Hey Mardi, I hope your week is improving. I do the big spack about stuff left lying around too so don't feel too bad about it.

    One thing I have done (and threaten to do again) is put everything that is left lying around into a big box. Doesn't matter if it is clothes with old food stuff etc, all gets chucked in. They'll soon realise when they go to get a towel or clean clothes that you mean business!

    Sending you a hug


  10. Anonymous11:20 pm

    You sound extremely close to your uncle and aunt and how fabulous was it to catch up with them, if only for a short time :) you must have been stoked.
    As for whinging...My dh whinges to me that I whinge to him too much! go figure. I don't believe that us mums/wives whinge...it's called "constant reminding"...and yes it gets on our goats eventually and we explode. Well I know I do. They know what they have to do, they know when they have to do it, so why the heck should I have to be everyone's memory and remind them of the same sh!t everyday *groans*
    I have thought of recording messages for each member of the family and when I see them I can just press the button.
    "empty the bin please"
    "put your clothes in the basket please"
    "put your empty cups on the sink please"
    "put your rubbish in the bin, don't leave it on the cupboard for me to do"
    *sigh again* sound familiar LOL
    Take care