25 May 2007

... and Brent thinks he has broken his foot...and its more than likely Id say.
He dropped a trailer draw bar on it...and now it is bruised and cold...and his toes are numb. (he does have circulation...his toes are still pink and I did check..)
It just makes me tear me hair out....earlier this week he needed to take a sick day as he had a rotten head cold.... so a very justified day off....and now this morning he can barely walk... but how.... when you have just started a new you make the phonecall and say you need a another day off.....
Ive instructed him to hobble to work...and do his best... and seeing as his foot feels freezing cold and he cant weight bare properly...I doubt he will last long today ....
...honestly far out..... things like this drive me nuts!

Well..Im off to scrub the shower...its long overdue..... and Mum and Dad are coming this weekend ...and staying for awhile...

Mardi x


  1. ouch!!! Hope he heals quickly!

    LOL about the shower, isnt it funny how visiting parents etc send us into a scrubbing frenzy!!

    Nic xxx

  2. OH NO Mardi!!! You poor thing... It never rains but it pours hey. I know how his foot must be feeling though - poor thing! I hope he is OK and that work when seeing his foot will send him off for an x-ray.

    Thinking of you my friend
    xx Janelle

  3. Anonymous11:42 am

    Oh dear, poor Brent :(
    I'm at work ATM but wanted to stop and leave a comment. I'll pop back in tonight and have a much needed read up on you ;) (That's meant in the nices possible way :D )
    And before I go, I loved the LO's you did for sketches Oz - 1 sketch, 3 ways. Totally awesome. You rock girl!
    Catcha later.
    Tammy X

  4. Anonymous7:57 pm

    OH NO, the poor guy - OUCH !!!!

    I hope he can rest over the week end and it gets better very soon.

    Surely even a new job will understand he didn't hurt himself on purpose.

    Have a nice week end. Sending you a big friendly hug and lots of love from your pal Susan (smiles1965) at Scrapboxx

  5. Anonymous2:06 pm

    Oh no!!! My sympathy.
    Enjoy the time with your folkds - and BTW you are looking FABULOUS (in the pics below). x

  6. Oh Poor Brent. I hope his foot doesn't take too long to heal. I nearly fell of my chair reading about the ink refill. I could just picture it LOL. Loved your layouts on sketchoz blogspot. Gorgeous ;)

  7. Anonymous4:29 pm

    Oh Mardi, your poor son just can't catch a break. Sending you sunshine and rainbows and I hope it all improves. Enjoy the time with your parents.xx

  8. owwww sheesh that'd kill!
    Hope it improves & sooner rather than later.
    Er hem...scrubbing showers>shhh! Don't mention
    Hope u had a fantab. time with ur parents staying...I'm sure u did.
    Take care

  9. Anonymous11:04 pm

    Hi Mardi,
    How is Brents foot today? Did he make through his day - probably not by the sounds of things :(
    I hope he is recovering now.
    Take care
    PS I gave my bathroom a good scrub the other day - much needed too *sigh*

  10. Anonymous7:02 am

    hi Mardi
    I feel for Brent, I ve fractured my toe before, and that was bad enough-
    enjoy your parents visit