....its definatly a better week....

24 May 2007

... Its such a relief to finally sort out an argument...to wave the white hankerchief... make some points clear without arguing...and to finally hug and say 'I love you'...all is good again....things hopefuly will improve around the house...and if nothing else I know that our relationship is strong.
...and that is the best and most important thing in the world..... mess and disorganisation are only superficial.
Ok...what else is happening...other then the usual routine everyday things that make up our lives....

...I finished my Ken Follet book 'Whiteout' (Megan...when you are talking to Ken... let him know it was fabulous!) ...I then borrowed Jodi Picoult 'Perfect Match' from the library...and finished it in two days.... Im looking forward to borrowing another today...Im really enjoying reading at the moment.... hence ...very few layouts to share.

....I have decided to risk my friendship (Im sure they wont mind) and share a silly photo from Saturday with Belinda and Fleur ...these two girls are so young..... and absolutley beautiful...(I was like the thorn between the roses)... and even though they are both pulling silly faces.... they are still gorgeous.....
oh..and then I might as well...really risk it... it was so funny really..once we got started it was addictive... Im sure everyone in Maccas thought we were totally bonkers !!
...... I have finished my very last Memory Bugs DT layout.... this month using the chatterbox papers .... I wish everyone who has entered the 2008 DT the very best of luck....
I used an old photo of my kids and cousins on Kangaroo Island..... the title is 'Time'.... even though every time I read it I think "who's Tim?" ...and "Lucky Tim can fly"...lol
I think Ill change that 'E' to a pink instead of a brown.

Ohh...and I will leave with a handy tip...

Tip # 46 -

When refilling Staz-on ink pad with bottle of refill ink....if nozzle becomes clogged...do not give it an extra hard squeeze!!

This may result in ink refill contents immediatly ejecting from bottle at such force they miss ink pad...completley cover cutting mat...timber desk.... chipboard alphas ....stack of cardstock.... ideas folder..... and everything else in a 6 mile radius.

Do yu have any idea how hard it is to stop the ink spreading....the closest cloth is the length of the hall way away...Im terrified of where the ink is running.... all I could do is flap my arms like a chicken...moaning...OMG OMG OMG.....

I have to say though...I am incredibly lucky.... it really was minimal damage...and yes...things are now permanatly ink stained...but thats ok...and my fingernails will eventually be white again Im sure....

have a great day....

Mardi xxx


  1. Glad things are better this week for you Mardi and love the crazy photos!! And another great layout as usual:)))

  2. LMAO, my daughter stood on my inkpad and then walked it all through the house... Much to my husbands disgust he was looking after her and had to clean it up.

    She still has the black footprint on her pink socks that reminds me everytime I put them on her!!!

  3. Look at those three spunky chicks!
    How funny are the pics. I will get back to you about sending some bigger...one day. Thanks again for a greta afternoon.
    Glad to hear that everything is better with you and Brent.
    Have a great weekend.

  4. lol Mardi....what a funny post...great photos, crazy ink story...you sound so much happier too! I will pass on your message to old mate Ken who I am sure would be thrilled to hear from the woman whose husband is the brother of his son's ex wife lol!! That sounds much more confusing than my sister-in-law was once married to Ken's son. Can you tell I need more sleep and less jobs to do?!

    Better go before I embarrass myself :-D

    Megan xx

  5. Oh,I had to laugh at your description of the mishap. Glad things aren't too bad.
    I'm so relieved for you that the argument has been resolved. Sometimes you just gotta clear the air, get it all out on the table, etc etc.
    Lovely layout :)

  6. Great Photos of you with Belinda and Fleur looks like you girls had a fab time.........

    beautiful layout.....

    Oh you poor thing with the ink, i can just imagine the mess and how hard it would be to clean up.

    Take care and chat soon
    Cherie xx

  7. You make me laugh out loud. I hope we meet one day so I can give you a big warm hug. :)
    I'm so happy to hear that things are rosey at home to. XXXXOOOO

  8. LOL great tip there Mardi :)
    And you so were not the thorn between the roses, you look gorgeous, as do the girls. Looks like it was fun :)

  9. never say ur the rose between 2 thorns or I'll have to slap ya silly!
    Love the tip...& not to mention the mental image of u flapping ur arms like a chicken....PMSL
    It's great when u find a good book that u just have to read!
    See ya

  10. Oh Mardi you crack me up, brought back memories of me doing the same thing with red kindy glitz except it was hanging off me, called hubby to help me and he thought I had stabbed myself with the scalpel. LOL. So glad you are all cool again with Brent. And you are gorgeous don't ever doubt that.
    Great layout too!

  11. Anonymous7:47 am

    LMAO - I seem to recall some simlar photos of Miss B!!! Might be time to scrap them!

    You have such a wonderful relationship with your Children, I'm glad to hear that all has been sorted now.


  12. Just love the pics of you three having fun Mardi.

    lol at your tip. I'll keep that one in mind.

    Glad that you are having a better week.

  13. hey mardi...i said ONE...lol!

    LOVE the LO...

    chat soon

  14. Anonymous4:31 pm

    LOL so sorry to hear that, but trust you to turn it into a big laugh fest - really needed that belly laugh. Love your LO too.

  15. Anonymous4:32 pm

    oh and the pics - too funny and btw you look just as gorgeous!!

  16. Anonymous11:06 pm

    Love those zany photo's Mardi and cant wait to see them scrapped
    Take care