I have a little secret.....

31 May 2007

...and I am so excited.... I can hardly keep it in....Im like an overexcited child...who is busting to tell....lol ...and I will VERY soon!

...but until then.... just know from me..... you are going to LOVE this!
and Ill just get back to pinching myself ...WOOHOO!!

...so sorry to tease.... its nasty I know.... but trust me...its worth a little discomfort...

Mardi x


  1. LOL Mardi. You sound like you're jumping up and down with excitement!

  2. Hello gorgeous,

    Thats mighty cruel hun!! LMAO.. so hurry up n tell us then!!!!!!! Stop pinching and start typing!

    By the way.. Happy Anniversary, beautiful wedding pic!!!

    Love n Hugz

  3. ooooh, a few people around the place are getting excited about this big secret!

  4. ohhhhhh NOW this looks very exciting...when can you tell?

  5. Not you too Mardi. lol Well my girl two can play at this game. Guess what I've finished. It may cost you to get it though. Hmmh how much do you want to see what is on my handy dandy kitchen bench? lol