Yes...Im still here...

15 May 2007

...I cant believe its been almost a week in between posts.....time has definitely flown.
The sad thing is...I dont have a lot to report
We went away on the weekend..... visited Ians parent in Ardrossan...and spent some time with some friends that were taking a short break and staying in Ians parents shack as well.

Ian and Mitch got to fish lots...the weather was great for fishing and they had some success.... we came home with some fish for the freezer.
Briony and I just chilled out..... we did the usual walk down the street....over indulged in the absolutely scrumptious Ardrossan bakery.... and I even scrapped a little..(Yes...I carted a little project all the

Well....its now Tuesday night...and we are all back at work...and the weekend is a distant memory. ...and Mothers Day?...what was that?

anyway...what other news do we have.....

I love arriving home from work and seeing Brents new work ute... with trailer attached...pulled up under the pine tree in our yard......I just love the fact he is working again.

Briony is feeling much better after being sick last week.... but unfortunately she has some nausea lingering....I hope it clears soon....

The new Sketch is up at Sketches Oz ...its an absolutely fabulous Sketch by Chris Millar..... I just love what the DT girls have done with the sketch (and cant wait to see the entries roll in)..... and although I wasnt rostered for a Sketch this time I couldnt here is my interpretation........

I have honestly been blessed with some fabulous opportunities just lately....I am still pinching myself at some of them.... I just would never have believed it possible a year or so ago...and I was yet again very honoured this week to be asked to be a Crafty Matters Contributor. If you havent seen Janes gorgeous ceramic embellishments are in for a treat. They are so unique.... and look absolutely fabulous on layouts and OTP projects...I just cant wait to showcase them...and I hope I do them justice.
I also want to remind everyone to get their Scrapjacked layouts in.... please have a go at Jacking me.... Im easy...really!

ohh...and before I forget ..... I have finished my first unit of study...please ...send a round of applause..... if you saw the amount of cursing, hair pulling, tears and threats of would all appreciate this milestone!! I am treating myself to a little break before embarking on my next unit.

I am loving BB at the moment.....I was disappointed to see Bodie and TJ leave...I wasnt fond of either of them ....but they did add a laugh factor to the house..... oh well...

...and just before I go tonight.....I have been feeling absolutely guilty for not being in touch with two of my dearest friends so....

Donna...(and family)


Leanne (Lucy and family)

please know Im thinking of you both.....and I am probably the slackest friend you could ever wish for..... but I do miss you...wonder how you are all going....and make promises to myself every days off that I will phone...but time just flies and I realise I havent sorry...xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Mardi xx


  1. lol...yes I've heard you were easy :-D

    Mardi I am pleased good things are coming your way - you deserve good things in your life, and if these things are related to scrapping, then woohoo for us because we get to see more of your gorgeous creations!

    Have a great week :-)
    Megan xx

  2. Anonymous9:44 pm

    Congrats Mardi - you go girl!! Love your LO too - just love the little birdie! why isn't it up on the site?? I thought even if you weren't scheduled and you did it you were put up, or didn't you email it to Tatum?? anyway love it.

  3. Way to go Mardi for getting through your first unit of study, it's always a great feeling to get through something difficult and just chill for a while .....well, until you start the second lot - goodluck with it.
    Love this layout - great design and that little birdie is just adorable.

  4. That Lo is AMAZING! Totally love love it!

    Glad to see your name popping up here and there and everywhere. You go girl!!

  5. Congrats to you Mardi on getting through your first unit.

    Hope briony is feeling 100% again soon.

    Take care
    Cherie xx

  6. YAY for you finishing your first unit of study Mardi and that's fantastic news about Crafty Matters! Oh yeah - that new layout of yours is awesome! Love the colours and the bird!

    Sheree xx

  7. Im working on my sketch now Mardi....dont know if i will have it done in time...but you are always a great inspiration - so it has been fun....

  8. Love your interpretation of my sketch Mardi! Your work is always gorgeous!