10 May 2007

....sitting here this morning...thinking about updating my blog.....wondering how I can feel so swamped and busy...and yet have nothing worthy of blogging!...I mean does that happen?
So apologies in advance...this is going to be a complete bore.....yes..even Im yawning!

The weather is changing ...the days are beuatiful but the evenings are cool...and mornings down right cold. This has meant a change of uniform this term.... Briony is no longer wearing the short cotton skirt.... its now the long woollen skirt and knitted jumper.....they are so long the skirt actually sweeps the ground.....they have to be this length as they hide their tracksuit pants underneath for extra
Here she is walking down our track to the bus this morning..... probably muttering under her breath that she wishes Id go away with my

.... Mitch on the other hand is still in shorts and polo top.... Im sure boys have no temperature sensors.... he just doesnt seem to notice the chilly mornings yet.

...another delight about having the kids back at the little gifts that come home in their school bags......Briony is doing Agriculture as a subject this year....and has her own little vegetable plot at its just lovely when we get a plastic bag full of these goodies plonked on the sink at the end of the day.

Brent is loving his new job.... and he and Alex are either both here...or both in Waikerie.... HE quite often drives me this morning where we have had a monster argument over the length of his shower.....I was so glad to see him leave for work this signalled argument over...phew!

...and then I have moments when I just love having them around..... like last Wednesday when they cooked dinner for us all..... and it was totally delicious....

...well thats it for this morning..... top marks if you havent nodded off.... I did warn

oh...and heres a couple of links....

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Mardi xx


  1. Hey my friend - you are NEVER boring! I love reading about your life. Wow that is a VERY long skirt that Briony has to wear - I don't think the girls up here would like that very much - she does look gorgeous though.

    Hmm arguments - what fun! Their dinner sounds yummy though. Nice to be spoiled sometime hey.

    I hope you can have a lovely restful day today and do something fun for you....

    x Janelle

  2. It's the little things that make your day, and that's not boring. Love the idea of trackiedacks under Briony's school skirt. How cosy warm. The photos of your chefs at work look great :)

  3. Anonymous8:53 am

    LOL Mardi, even when you don't have news your blog is news worthy!!

  4. Oh how nice that they all cooked dinner for you! Sounds like a blissful night Mardi. Did they wash up too?!

    Hoping you have a great weekend, and get some time to yourself during your days off :-)

    Megan xx

  5. It was still a good read Mardi! LOL! Hope you have a lovely, relaxing Mothers Day on Sunday with your family! Hope they all spoil you rotten!

    Sheree x

  6. Your blogs are NEVER boring Mardi.....shame on you for even thinking that.

    Have a great weekend and take care

    Cherie xx

  7. Send them down here if they want to practice their cooking LOL I cant wait till my boys are old enough to do that all by themselves!

    I had a giggle about the temperature sensor on boys - mine would be happy to wear shorts all year - thankfully from this week they HAVE to wear long pants, so no more arguments LOL

    Nic xxx

  8. I'd have to agree Mardi, ur blog is far from being boring.
    Sheesh in a blink of an eye there r 7 posts for me to read!! Well, maybe not in a blink. lol
    now I'm all caught up....great to hear Brent's loving his job! Makes a difference hey.
    Good luck on the decorating...don't forget pic's.
    WOw Briony's skirt is so long! But these days I got for comfort not
    & still lov'n ur lo's :)

  9. No its so not boring. I like visiting . Yours is an honest blog!!!