....the garage sale...

4 June 2007

was a huge success!!!!
I was up bright and early and over at Vickis by just after 7am..... the flow of traffic began immediatly (actually before I arrived) ..... and there was a steady flow until about 1.30pm...then it slowed to a trickle....and at 3pm I was home again....

I have to laugh.... because for the 8 or so hours I was there.....I made a grand total of $29.00 .... and brought home more than I took.....lol

Brent and Alex had a huge shop up on Vickis goods...they (or actually I) bought a table and chairs...TV...coffee table..... dinner set....cutlery set.... kitchen cooking implements......a TV cabinet.... drinking glassess.... ohh...and Mitch bought a stereo ....Ian was mortified when we arrived home and began offloading it into his shed....lol

I really enjoyed the day though....it was lovely spending it with Vicki and Barry..... and as a bonus I gave a huge donation of everything remaining to the childhood cancer charity shop...... and considering all my items only had .50cents to $2.00 on them...$29.00 isnt too bad....especially when you look at the mountain of goods in the shed that we were able to purchase totally funded by the sale of our 'no longer used' goods.
Well onto other news....
Briony spent the weekend at her friend Hannahs..... and yesterday attended a netball coaching clinic run by the Thunderbirds ....she said it was fabulous..and I think its just lovely they had the oppurtunity to meet the players and improve some of their skills.
Poor old Mitch had footy yesterday..... and only played a quater...then he was off with a sore back.....
I have been madly scrapping in every spare moment I get.... and I have little to show for it...lol...but I can share this one .... inspired by a Michelle Perry sketch on the Sketches Oz site.... Michelles sketch was very easy to adapt...and I recommend popping over there and giving it a shot....there is always fabarooney prizes on offer....

...how cute is this little munchkin...my nephew Charlie.... he so badly wanted to fish like the bigger kids.

I worked last night...and was roped into having my flu vaccine .... we are all supposed to have them each year because I guess our exposure risk is greater.....but I have always wiggled out of mine and over the last five years I have never had it....the thought of being injected with something foreign just makes me feel queasy ...but last night I couldnt wiggle out....and even though I used every excuse under the sun.... I had to have it. (obviously I wasnt allergic to chicken feathers ...and that was the excuse I was hanging my hat on too...lol) I am all for immunisation too...... I have my kids immunised...and I have had everything up to date....but for some reason the flu vax just made me cringe.....anyway...no ill affects today...Im fine.

Well thats it for me this morning.....I have a house to tidy...and washing to do....

Mardi xx


  1. I love garage sales!! Picked up lots of great bargains over the years.

    Awesome layout too!

  2. I used to love going garage sailing each weekend, looking for little 'bargains' lol. Have never held one though, I'm bit of a packrat so I'm sure there are heaps of things i really should get rid of.
    I have a fear of needles, they would of had to have held me down kicking to give me a shot lol. But hopefully there are no side affects from it and you'll be healthy all winter.
    take care
    Julie H xx

  3. Hey there Mardi I too love going to Gsales.

    Just to let you know that your cj is on it's way home.

  4. Glad to hear the sale was a success Mardi - $29 is a super effort if you only had 50c on everything!

    Love the layout too - what a sweet little cherub :-)

    Megan xx