Monday...18th June..

18 June 2007

Quick Update...

I had an ok weekend...I didnt do anything other than work my three night shifts and laze around so I guess thats good.
Ian played in a golf tournament all weekend... I missed having him around.
Belinda popped in for a coffee on Saturday...that was a highlight...she is such a gorgeous little thing...bubbly and interesting.....and she makes me laugh..everytime!!
Mitch played footy Saturday...and their team won by a huge margin again...
Briony lost her netball game.... but still enjoyed herself...
Brent and Alex were in Waikerie all weekend...other than a few hours on Saturday when Brent arrived back home to use the toilet and eat an enormous pasta bowl full of

Its been so cold here... absolutley freezing... apparently some places locally recorded -10 in the last few mornings....I think we were around -5 .... and then we have been having gloriously sunny days....pity its not raining... the track already...
So I decided to treat us all to new flannalette sheets ..... four pairs of scrumptiously fluffy...warm sheets....all washed up with fabric softener ready to put on the beds.... Im almost drooling thinking of hopping into them
...and NO...I cant manage to fold sheets neatly...those fitted ones are like trying to fold octupuses... they have a mind of their own...

...Im really excited about Kims live @home online class commencing this wednesday.... in the live online workshop....the girls booked in will have already seen the layout...and it is absolutley fabulous!!..... I soooo loved taking part in this one...and it is one of my all time favourite layouts.... I will definatly share it later....

..but I will share this layout from over the weekend.... it took ages (because my brain wouldnt function...not because it was didnt really look anything like the picture in my head by the time I finished...but here it is anyway..... a beautiful photo of my gorgeous niece Evie....( and I so badly wanted to use a Martha Stewart cool!! )
...I think this shows the butterfly a lot better.... and lots of Crafty Matters ceramic embellies on this one too....
....and while Im talking Crafty Matters ... I just loved using this newly released Digi Kit.... I am not a digi scrapper at all...but it was soooooooooooo easy to convert to traditional scrapping....I printed out the paper and journalling blocks and used them as usual...and I added the frame to my photo before printing...easy peasy... and I loved the end result. I also loved that I managed to incorporate an older photo with a recent one.... dont you just love Mitch's tracksuit from the 90's.... very cool man!!

..sorry...this was all over the place today...but Im sure you can get the gist...

Mardi x


  1. Ooooooh Mardi.....gorgeous layouts!!! I especially love that butterfly! Great colour combos too. Enjoy those snuggly warm sheets tonight...sounds like you really need them!!! Brrrrrr

    Sheree xx

  2. Hey Mardi,

    Nothing like new sheets hey?!

    Your layouts are divine, and I am glad you got to have a bit of rest time over the weekend :-)

    Megan xx

  3. Oh flannies. I would love them but Dave can't stand them! Luckily I have my electric blanket. :)

  4. loving your pages Mardi. Enjoutthose new fluffy sheets.

  5. oh wow those are just boootiful!

    Love the sheets too!

  6. Anonymous9:30 am

    Hi Miss Mardi :o))))

    Ooooh you lucky ducky having a coffee with Belinda, I wish I could too! Say hello to her for me. She makes me giggle too ;D

    It's been cold here too, but nothing like your weather! Yummy, new sheets are the BEST, hey? Bet you enjoyed them too girl ;D

    Your layouts are all beautiful, as your style!!!

    Talk to you soon :o))))

    {{{{BIG HUGS}}}}

    Love Karen xoxoxo

  7. Hey ....whats this about my months on my blog in a different language?? lol. I had a look and they are ok on my screen. Maybe im looking in the wrong
    Love your layouts, and i had a great time catching up. I always leave you feeling like i have blabbed so much and didn't let you get a word in. You must be exausted once i
    Have a great week..