wanna know what I hate?...

19 June 2007

...what I really REALLY hate....

*when you are packaging up an accepted layout...and you accidently adhere packing tape across the entire photo....and Im guessing you all think ...that would never happen to me!!.....well thats what I USED to think....grrrrrrrrrr.
So I joyously had to re-print and re-scrap....seeing as the photo couldnt be just replaced easily...Oh No....it was covered by title and embellishments.... double grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

whinge over.....

and I had to laugh...Mitch is growing up...he is starting to think about his future...life without living with us....
he announces... "when I leave home...Im only buying a microwave.... that way I can heat spaghetti" ...and then he adds as an after thought.. "oh..and a saucepan for mashed potato"
Have a happy day...
Mardi x


  1. Oh bugger Mardi. Haven't done the tape yet, but have left a layout sitting on my bench to be sorted for posting and Rylan has drawn all over everybodies faces - turdskie!!
    Had to have a chuckle over Mitch's microwave and one pot theory - lol, how very male.

    take care
    Julie H xx

  2. Oh noooooo!!!!!!
    I think it's only a matter of time before I do that. :)

  3. Oh Mardi! What can I say??? What an irritation to have to redo the layout.

    Spaghetti and mash...too easy. Then all Mitch has to do on the other nights is order a pizza and he is living the life most males would kill for!

    Megan xx

  4. Oh Mardi you're kidding!!!!!! How frustrating is that!? I'll be extra careful packing mine from now on!

    Sheree xx

  5. Oh bugger, that would suck Mardi. And like Sheree I am going to be extra careful packing mine up from now on.

  6. oh no!!! that hasn't happen to me yet, thank god! i hate redoing layouts...lol.

  7. OMG...i would just die if that happened....lauchie has touched one with vegimite...now that was intersting..and yes i died..lol!