...what a great weekend...

11 June 2007

...Ive loved it.... nothing special happening here at all....just plodding along with a little bit of this...and a little bit of that.

Unfortunatly it all grinds to a halt tomorrow.... and its back to work.... well actually its off to Adelaide for a union stop work meeting.... for all of the Adelaide girls...watch the news.... you might see me...lol
...I had a little play with something different.... I love the idea of these alphabet masks...but I am never really happy with the result...anyway..it was a bit of fun...

... well Ive just returned from the weekly shopping..with the kids...ARGH! what an ordeal... one took charge of my list...the other took charge of the trolley... but do you think either of them were where I needed them....I spent most of the time trying to juggle an armload of things....whilst hunting down my trolley.... and the remainder of the time trying to guess what was on my list....and now I have just unpacked it I know why the bill was so high....new toothbrushes... new deodrant...nesquick...cereal with dvd's included....are among the little extras that found their way into my trolley.

Well...Im off to clean the house....

Ohh...and before I go...have you checked out this wonderful site for all the scrappers of Teens.....lots of inspiration here.... scraptheteenz

Mardi x


  1. No I LOVE what you've done with the masks! I love the red. It looks fantastic!

  2. Anonymous2:12 pm

    mardi.....i dont need a blog coz ive got yours!!! lol. you seem to go through the exact same things that i do, i am talking about the shopping expedition!!!! i was laughing coz that is what happens to me!!! note to self, never take kids to supermarket! cost $50 bucks more every time.....


  3. Anonymous2:15 pm

    Your lo looks great at the expo. Congratulations on being a finalist. :)

  4. Anonymous3:04 pm

    Hi Mardi,
    I love your new blog banner. It's fun to play with these things, isn't it! It's like giving it a fresh coat of paint without the smell LOL!!
    I totally love you new LO and you have done a fabulous job with the masks. I have wanted to try using them for ages, they still scare me a bit! You've made it look so easy.
    Congrats on your cover LO too. I wasn't going to get SC but I'm just going to have to know just so I can see your cover LO, ya clever thing :)
    *rolls eyes* at the shopping list extra's. That's what happens when I take DH so he's banned now LOL.
    Take care
    Tammy X

  5. Great layout Mardi.Love the banner.

  6. Well Mardi at least you've always got something happening in your life lol...the shopping trip surely must have filled in some time!

    Your layout looks great, I don't know what you're talking about with not liking the results. Stop being so critical of yourself!

    Megan xx

  7. Cool layout Mardi! The masking looks fantastic and I love that photo too!

    Sheree xx