....see you all in two weeks.........

6 July 2007

BYE BYE.......


  1. See you when you get back. Hope the trip over and back wasn't too rough, and that you had a great, relaxing time.
    You've been tagged! Check out my blog.
    I knew you'd want something to do when you got home :p. Apart from washing and unpacking and washing, that is, lol.

  2. Hope you're having fun! Looking forward to those billion photos Mardi :-)

    Megan xx

  3. Hey huge congrats on your Scrapboxx DT appointment! That is fantastic. Looking forward to seeing your work down the track.

  4. Anonymous12:46 pm

    Mardi, I am sooo peeved with myself...I totally missed your birthday cos I had no internet...no fair!!!!! I am so so sorry...I hope you can forgive me! I would love to do a little page for your friendship journal...Nellie made one for me too and I think it is a lovely idea...and I would happily create a page for you in return! Funny how we both use... ... ... a lot hey!!! HAHA!!!!!! Well, I hope you had a lovely day, and biggest ever CONGRATS on your Scrapboxx dt spot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOWWWW you deserve that!!!!!!!!!!! Have a lovely break and I will chat to you very soon missy!

    Love and {{{{HUGS}}}}, Karen xoxoxo

  5. Have a great trip Marni!!!
    Looking forward to the huge catchup when you get home.

    Have fun!!

  6. Anonymous7:48 pm

    Hope you enjoyed your trip Mardi, and you didn't actually need the 'Spew bags' you took! Happy belated birthday, and your little friendship book is gorgeous, and such a good idea. Congrats on your new DT position @scrapboxx too.

  7. Hope you have an awesome time away Mardi and congrats on the DT at Scrapboxx thats just fantastic news, cant wait to see some of your creations

  8. Hope u have FANTABULOUS trip away Mardi....looking forward to seeing the photo's :)

  9. Anonymous9:02 pm

    Have a ball & I will be so looking forward to seeing all your fabulous photo's
    Also I have tagged you Mardi...I know your on holidays but it'll be here when you get back and I would love to read your comments. You'll need to check out my blog for the details.
    The post is "And again I'm tagged"
    Take care and well see you when you get home :)

  10. Hi Mardi, Hope you are having fun!!!!