Tasmania..... Wow!

22 July 2007

....what a beautiful place!

...what a freezing cold.... (sometimes rainy and snowy...very often frosty)...beautiful place!
I dont even know where to start and finish with my story of the last two weeks....

So I think Ill perhaps take it day by day.... only briefly..as I dont want to bore everyone to death.... but I do want to record it to memory....so here goes... (actually this post ended up quite lengthy....so I apologise in advance!)
I must also add that there is an over use of the word 'we' throughout.... but for the purpose of this story it is nessesary...and refers to Ian, Mardi, Mitch and Briony...

Day one (6th July 2007
We leave home for Melbourne.....we need to be on the 'Spirit of Tasmania' by 7.15pm at the latest.... it is approx 7-8 hours from here and as usual...all the last minute things take far longer than they should...so poor Ian feels rushed all day....but we arrive in time... and board the 'Spirit'.
We had a wonderful voyage overnight...we watched a movie 'Music and Lyrics'... and managed to cat nap some sleep.... there was absolutley NO need for spew bags....it was so calm.... like being rocked to sleep all night...perfect.

Day two
We were very excited to arrive in Devonport at 7am.... we couldnt believe we were no longer on the mainland.... we were in Tassie...finally!! (the Spirit of Tasmania docked in Devonport after our voyage)
We headed straight for Papa and Bettys home in Wynyard.... I was so excited to see them both...and we were all looking forward to a hot shower.
Papa looks absolutley wonderful..... at 93 he is still so fit and well....with such a sharp mind... and Betty made us laugh and feel so welcomed too.... we were very spoilt... beautiful meals...and electric blanket warm beds... and lots of chatting, laughing and family time. (Papa and I)
Day three
We set off for the day..... to tour the North West coast.... we adored the quaint little town of Stanley... and took the chairlift to the top of the 'Nut'. We visited every little place along the way...every little tourist sign... and took a walk in to Detention Falls. I think I realised after this first walk that I was damn unfit...and needed this holiday to get some fitness back...lol
We arrived home to Papa and Bettys to a beautiful Roast Dinner.... more laughs..chats and those warm toasty beds again. (at the top of the NUT at Stanley)
Day four
We farewelled Papa and Betty and headed off on our journey around Tasmania promising we would be back again before we left the island.... they made lots of suggestions of places to visit.. which was wonderful too.
The weather was so warm and sunny.... and we headed off toward Launceston... but by the time we arrived at Devonport we had a change of plan...we decided to visit Cradle Mountain while the weather was so beautiful... so we took the road from Devonport to Cradle Mountain...enjoying all the little places along the way... like the murals in Sheffield. Cradle Mountain was just beautiful.... and we took some short walks.... and then made our way to Mole Creek for the night.

Day five
We woke to the heaviest frost ever.... the countryside was white...it was literally FREEZING!! (the view from our cabin at Mole creek.... frost)We visited the Marakoopa caves and saw the glow worms.... stopped at Chadleigh Honey...and made our way to Launceston. We took a quick trip up to Beaconsfield...across the Batman Bridge up to George town...and then back to Launceston...a fleeting look at the Tamar Valley.... also visited Cataract Gorge and took the Chairlift in Launceston..... stopping in Launceston overnight. If it sounds like a rush...it was..... we had so much to try an see.... fortunatley Ian loves to drive!

Day six
We departed Launceston for the East coast..... we had a windy and scenic drive through the mountains... through Scotsdale...and a quaint little town of Derby and then down the East coast as far as Bicheno for the night. I can imagine this would be an absolutley beautiful drive in Summer....but unfortunatly we struck a very rainy cold day.

Day seven
We continued our journey down the East coast and made our way to Hobart. (Ian, Briony and Mitch... while on a stroll in Hobart)
Hobart...I thought was beautiful...wonderful old buildings.... smallish... and not unlike Adelaide in some ways.... we spent some time shopping and having a look around.

Day eight
We met up with some friends who were also staying in Hobart.... took the Cadbury Factory tour...stocked up on chocolate..... Mmmmm.. by this stage I was seriously wondering if my pants would fit when it came time to go back to work!!

Day nine
Saturday...and the famous Salamanca Markets...... pity it was raining.... and cold.... but it was still lovely to amble along checking out the stalls..... and then order a scrumptious cup of hot coffee..... (Here is Briony as we arrived at the markets)
After the markets we took a drive up to Mount Wellington..... this was without a doubt the coldest day of my life..... it was snowing..... it was windy...and within two minutes I swear I had frost bite developing on my nose.... the kids seemed oblivious and played in the snow for ages..... I braved if for a 10 minutes or so...and then retreated to the car out of the wind..... me and snow...do not mix. (Even Briony...who rarely feels the cold.... looks frozen to the bone)
Day ten
This was probably my favourite day of all as far as tourist days....we took a drive down to Post Arthur. I loved the drive on the way.... and was just blown away by the history and beauty of Port Arthur. We arrived around lunch time... and spent the entire afternoon walking through the ruins and buildings....there was so much to read.... and see....I wished I could have gone back again the next day..... we then stayed on for the ghost tour. I thoroughly enjoyed it.... and tried so hard to see a ghost.....I wanted soooooo badly to see one... but nothing! (Me at Port Arthur)

Day eleven

This was another fabulous day.... we took a trip down to Huonville and the Tahume Air walk..... the day went so fast!!....and we didnt get to see nearly as much as we would have liked. We took a Jet boat ride on the Houn River... lots of fun... (Mitch and the Jet Boat)

We walked the Airwalk.... and a beautiful one hour walk through the forest ...across some swinging bridges.... I so badly want to come and visit this region again.... (the swinging bridge)
Day Twelve
We say goodbye to Hobart (and our friends) and head to Strahan.... this was a very hilly and snowy journey.... and COLD too... lots of snow on the mountains....and lots of snow falling on us as we drove through them too..... a real novelty to us. Strahan is such a pretty place..... I cant help thinking it would be much prettier when its warmer though.... (Mitch in Strahan)

Day thirteen

Ummm...now I realise why this was the day that just didnt go to plan.... it was the thirteenth...lol We took some bush track drives around Strahan.... and had a very low key day.... then headed off to Zeehan.... only to find that there was NO accomodation available.....so backtracked and spent the night at Queenstown. This is such a strange looking place after all the lush rainforest we had come through....as Queenstown is bare..... the mountains are treeless..... a result of 'acid rain' from the mining industry in the past. There wasnt even grass on their footy oval....it is gravel.... weird huh! (Mitch on the Queenstown oval)Day Fourteen

We left Queenstown and headed back in to Zeehan to check out their museum. It was very large and had lots of mining memorabilia and photos...it was quite interesting...but I am a little Museumed out now....so Im not planning on any Museum visits in the near future. We also decided to visit Cradle Mountain once more....as the first time the weather was fine.... this time there was snow everywhere..... it really looked beautiful as you can see... (Cradle Mountain)It would seem that Mitch and Briony never tired of playing in the snow....and there was plenty around...

As.... we left Cradle Mountain we headed back to Papa and Bettys at Wynyard..... and I finally joined the lines around the map...we had completed the full circle. We had travelled the circumference of Tassie...and had seen a little taste of it....there is sooooooooo much more to see we honestly only really touched on it.....I already cant wait to go back!

Day Fifteen

We spent the morning with Papa and Betty...we took a lovely long walk around Wynyard.... browsed through the shops...then Papa shouted us to the most scrumptious lunch at the Hotel.... before we walked back to their place for our goodbyes. I found it so difficult to say goodbye...I (in my usual style) cried for the next three hours.... well almost until we got back on the Spirit of Tasmania to return home. It was another smooth voyage home..... this time we watched two movies ('Becoming Jane' and 'the illusionist')..and got some sleep....

Day Sixteen

We arrived in Melbourne at 7am..... and sadly realised we were back on the Mainland...and no longer in Tassie....

..we also sadly realised we had that ugly 8 hour road trip in front of us...

It was a relief when we finally arrived home....believe me!!

...we also sadly realised we were....

... tired

... sick to death of crappy food (Bettys cooking was so delicious...and a few of our meals out were also delicious...but the rest was fast and nasty!)

... feeling slightly heavier than when we left (bummer)

....feeling delighted that the house was clean and tidy and the lawns were mowed

..... feeling super duper excited to see Brent and Alex again

.... feeling overwhelmed by the 93 emails in my inbox

.... feeling devastated at the 93 loads of washing in the bags we unpacked

..... feeling peeved off that we are back to work in Monday

..... and feeling incredibly lucky to have just had such a wonderful holiday!!

Mardi xx (and if you actually read all this Id be amazed...lol)


  1. Hey...your back...yipeeee!!! lol
    Sounds like you had a fabulous holiday...the pictures are fabulous.
    Can't wait to hear all about it over a cuppa. Text me when your settled and we will get together or have a chat on the phone.

  2. Hi Mardi! Welcome back! Sounds like you've had a fantastic holiday and you've got some stunning photos to prove it - it always seems to fly by so fast doesn't it? We've all missed you while you were gone!

    Sheree xx

  3. I read it ALL Mardi...and I felt like I was there. You made me teary (again) when I read about you saying farewell to your Papa...he looks fantastic for 93!!

    I am pleased you got to go to Cadbury's, but am glad it was you and not me!! I've worked so hard at losing some weight, that a trip to that place would send me right back to where I started!

    I am so pleased you are back. As nice as morning tea is with Yvette and Kim, something was certainly missing :-)

    Megan xx

  4. Hi Mardi,
    Loved reading about your Tassie Trip and only wish we could have been with you all. Ron was especially excited about the Cadbury Factory!!!! The photos are beautiful. I will think of you and Ian in the morning when I too are getting up to go to work after hols :-(
    Luv Donna xxxxxx

  5. Anonymous6:41 pm

    glad to here youve had a great trip, and youre all back safely home.
    Ive been to Tassie twice, and you have made me want to go again- soon :)
    I hope you can ease yourself back into work quietly without any dramas

  6. Anonymous7:07 pm

    sounds like you had a great time in Tassy. I was there about 20 years ago but would now love to go back(Hopefully real soon). Love to see some more photos. Glad your back safe and sound.

  7. Anonymous7:17 pm

    Welcome home Mardi. I did miss you.
    I haven't read through your whole post yet (got kids to bath) but I had a quick scan of your photo's and they are AMAZING!!! You are going to have a ball scrapping your holiday Mardi!
    Take care sweets
    Tammy X X

  8. Anonymous7:35 pm

    Sounds like a fabulous holiday! Tassie is so lovely. Has your CJ made it home yet?

  9. coming out of blog lurkdom to say *sigh* how homesick I am now!! although i was in tassie a few weeks ago LOL..We are from George Town but escaped quite a few years ago now!!! still miss those white frosts though!!!

  10. Anonymous7:49 pm

    Hi sweetie

    So so so glad you have had a fantastic holiday. I knew you would enjoy Tassie as it's such a beautiful, peaceful, relaxing place.

    Hubby and I went there for out honeymoon in 1996 and I've always wanted to go back again. We didn't stay long enough last time and I know there's heaps more places I want to see.

    I love all your photos, thanks heaps for sharing. They are fabulous and some will look so great scrapped into layouts.

    Good luck getting back into your normal routine. Have a great week.

    We have missed you heaps at Scrapboxx. So glad your home again safe and sound xxoo

    Love from Susan (smiles1965) at Scrapboxx.

  11. This is a fantastic post Mardi! You went to so many places that I didnt go to. I think I will have to visit Tassie again! I know youre not thrilled with your photos, but these ones looks really good! btw I wasnt too keen on Queenstown either.

    Papa looks SO good at 93! He could pass for the son of a 93 year old!

    Did you get me anything at the Cadburys factory???

  12. read it all...
    and wow...i want a holiday....

    glad you are back safe and sound....

  13. Ah, your post brought back so many memories from when I was there 15 years ago. It sounds like you had a much needed rest. Welcome home.

  14. wow, i read all your post mardi and it sounds like you really did have a good time.
    Sorry it was so cold for you here, we have been having a real cold few weeks lately,
    I live like 8 minutes from where the spirit docks. lol!
    So glad you got to see your pa, it must have been so hard to say goodbye.
    looking forward to hearing more about it. :-)


  15. Anonymous8:29 am

    wow, what a trip! Love the pics, you're gonna have a lot to scrap! Glad you had a nice time AND came home to a clean house ;o)
    Roz xx

  16. oh wow Mardi, how divine does your holiday look! Glad you had an awesome time!!

  17. Welcome back, gorgeous!!!!

    SO glad to hear you had a super-holiday!!! Sounds like you had a ball and your photos are just beautiful!!!

    I can't get over how amazing your Papa looks for 93!!! Incredible!

    Can't wait to see some of those photos scrapped ;o)

    Take care!
    ali :) xoxoxo

  18. Sounds like a wonderful trip Mardi! But it made me realise that if I plan a trip to Tassie, not to go in winter! LOL!

  19. Anonymous3:45 pm

    Welcome Back! I've missed you :-)

    Your trip sounds fantastic and it looks as though the kids had a ball in the snow. Can't wait to see the layouts now!

    We must catch up LOL, at this rate it will be Christmas before we can organise ourselves


  20. Anonymous10:15 am

    Well it looks like I am amazing, because I did read all of this, LOL. Sounds like a FAB holiday - I would SOOOO love to go there ...! Loved the photos too. Will email to catch up properly soon.

  21. Anonymous12:58 pm

    Wow Mardi, it looks so gorgeous, and I can see you are having a wonderful time by all your gorgeous photos.

    Carole xx

  22. Looks fabulous Mardi!
    Cant wait to see the snow pics scrapped! Good to hear you had a wonderful time :)

  23. Looks like you had an awesome but cold time, glad you enjoyed yourselves and got some of that loving family time too, hope your house wasnt a bomb when you got back

  24. your holiday sounds like you had heaps of fun! i did read it all :) have a great weekend! Tatum xx