5 August 2007

...and Im not sure why Im even blogging...Im so NOT in the

s just quickly before I head out in to the garden to pull out some weeds.... here are a couple of shares...

... my keyring.... although everytime Ian or the boys drive my car they remove is apparently NOT cool !

...and this oldie I found as I was sorting through files....Im not sure I ever shared this either.... it was a layout for Scrapjacked quite some time. Im off into the garden...Happy Sunday everyone...

Mardi x


  1. How cute is that keyring Mardi! Lovely layout too.... Hope you've got nice weather down there for your gardening afternoon!

    Sheree xx

  2. Love the keyring - how could they think it is not cool..........LOL

    Happy gardening

    Take care

  3. Oh, pulling the weeds this weekend are we Mardi? No wonder you blogged even though you didn't want to!

    How rude of Ian and the kids to remove your keyring....don't they know it increases the value of the car when you've got it on the keys??!

    Beautiful layouts it when you share :-)

    Megan xx

  4. Anonymous12:12 am

    I spent all week end out in our garden (digging up weeds, pruning and putting rubbish into bags). It was way way way overdue cause I have been very lazy lately in the area of gardening.

    Unfortunately this meant I was too tired to make a layout for the weekly challenge of yours on Scrapboxx. I am so sorry that I didn't get organised better. By the time I remembered it was Sunday night 11pm and a little too late by then.

    I am going to go through my many scraps and make a layout tomorrow. It's a great challenge Mardi, thanks for the motivation. Heaven knows I have 100 scraps I could easily

    Have a wonderful week and keep smiling. Love from Susan (smiles1965) at Scrapboxx

  5. Anonymous12:14 am

    PS: Your key ring looks fantastic, very nicely made. Your so clever.

    From Susan (smiles1965) again xxoo

  6. Anonymous10:58 am

    Well Mardi I think your keyring is VERY cool!!!

    GORGEOUS layout too...hope you had fun in your garden!!


  7. Anonymous6:14 pm

    Oh I remember this one Mardi, one of my fav lo's of yours - the crossword and concentration on Briony's face and the way you pulled it all together did it for me. Nice to see it again.

  8. Anonymous9:36 pm

    Even when your not in the mood its still interesting Mardi :o)

    Glad to have you back its good to sit and catch up with wht you have been up to and your artwork.

    There is a very needy garden here when you finish your weeds.