ok....attempt three...

7 August 2007

...Ive started and stopped this post so many times today.... but I promise to finish it this time..

...do you remember the challenge I put out there last week?
....the challenge to do a layout using only the scraps on your desk?
Well believe it or not???.....I recieved some layouts.....

I am THRILLED that I inspired some girls to create... AND to create from scraps whats more.... so I wanted to share some on my blog (just to prove Im not kidding...lol) ... but more to the point...to show how jolly GOOD scraps can look.... this first gorgeous layout was from the lovely Lea .... and is so beautiful... I adore the design... and that beautiful photo...

...this next one is 'bad girl' Jennie..... who is actually so sweet IRL....and her layout is just gorgeous!!
...and this fabulous layout by the lovely Shona ... another gorgeous layout... what a cutie!!

...and to think these were all created from the scraps on their desks.... so cool!!!

Now I promised a RAK for one of the lovely girls who took the challenge.... and so out came the trusty slips of paper and the salad bowl... and we have a RAK winner.... (below)

(Congratulations Jennie..... would you mind emailing me an addy so I can get a RAK off in the mail to you.... and thanks so much to all the other girls who took the challenge also...)

So ...I had another go this week...another layout from scraps....actually mainly those yucky alphas...I just cant come at the colour.... but they have been in my stash for ages.... it was time to use them at least once...lol (and yes...poor photo too sorry)

... thanks again to everyone who took my challange..... both here on my Blog...and as last weeks Scrapboxx challenge... scraps can be fun!!

Mardi x


  1. These layouts are so gorgeous! See Mardi - you are an inspiration!!! :D

    PS - Lea... what a surprise to open up Mardi's blog and see a photo of you and Bella! lol

  2. Love these Los Mardi it really is satisfying to scrap with scraps, ive done one but havent finished it just yet.

    Hope you have an awesome rest of your week

  3. Well if anyone can get people off their backsides and into gear it's you Mardi!

    These all look fabulous - thanks to the girls also for letting you share them with us :-)

    Megan xx

  4. Anonymous8:42 pm

    well Mardi, you definately inspire me. unfortunately i had just cleaned up my scrap desk and didnt have much to work with at all. so i used the whole negative space thing-of course inspired by you Mardi.and i do love a challenge! Lea

  5. How awesome that you inspired so many people to scrap with their scraps Mardi!! There's some gorgeous layouts there - congrats Jennie on your win!

    Sheree xx

  6. Anonymous10:20 pm

    Thanks for the inspiration Mardi. I really needed it as I'm in a swap and need to get my A into G :)
    Thanks again, Jennie