ta da!

30 August 2007

....a layout!.... just because !
....Mitch has been really keen on camping lately...and most weekends he and mate will pack up and camp overnight somewhere.....its wonderful living in the Riverland to have all these beautiful camp spots right at our doorstep..... and I remember Brent doing this at the same age.....its a bit of freedom...but still safe fun. It has been an interesting learning experience for him too .... like taking food...but no cutlery....and having to spread his bread with his crusty looking fishing knife....eeeeew!

..we are supposed to be in for some horrible weather today...... 30 degrees with gusting winds.... sounds like fun...bit hard to imagine at the moment though....its calm and a beautiful sunny day so far....

I'm loving Idol !!..... I have a few favorites that I really hope do well in the wild card comp... and I really really hope Brianna gets through tonight...I love her quirkiness.

and as a closing thought.....Yep!!...I really hate it......overtime that is.... and I should have listened to my intuition... that gut feeling I had!!
So next time the moon is doing something weird....and I have a nasty gut feeling....when the phone rings and I'm asked to do overtime.....it will be a resounding NO!

Have a great day....M x


  1. Oh no... sounds like your overtime turned into a bit of a nightmare! Hope your next shift is better!

    I'm loving Idol too at the moment - can't wait to see who gets through on the wildcard show... I'll be tuning in again tonight!

    Hope the weather hasn't been too aweful down there today ... it's glorious spring weather here on the Gold Coast! I'll try to send a little down your way...

    Take care!
    Sheree xx

  2. Yeah I'm glad Briana got in. She's interesting. :) And I like that Regina Spektor (sp?).

    30 degrees? Wow. We had a beautiful 21 degree sunny day. I'm LOVING this early spring weather!

  3. Awesome LO as always Mardi.

    I have been watching idol too! And started watching the 'so you think you can dance' last night.
    Gosh the addictions lol.

    Have a gorgeous day and weekend!

  4. LOve the layout Mardi. I've not been watching idol so I'm not up on who's who.

  5. Anonymous12:58 pm

    Love your LO on Mitch and his camping. I love how you have done your journalling. The weather wasn't too bad down in Adelaide. Very windy and then it rained full on about 10pm. Such weird weather.
    First day of SPRING tomorrow!!!
    Gotta love the blood red luna eclipse though. I hope work wasn't too bad for you. I have heard that the emergency rooms have more casualties on a full moon...strange!

  6. Oh I love your 'just because' LO- they are often the best 'just because'- LOL!!!
    Have a great day!