..I hate overtime!!

28 August 2007

I realise I should be grateful...the extra money never goes astray... but I...((( LONG))) for my days off....and the thought of going back into work tonight....turns my stomach! ..... but we are building a house.... and I do like to spend money....so its nice to have a little bargaining power next time I'm extravagant with my expenditure....Ill be able to say..."Well!!...I did work overtime you know!"

Its also Scrapboxx newsletter time again... and I have a couple of contributions.... firstly my Shop Canvas for Maria..... I had a little play around with some scrunched and layered flowers... and the beautiful scalloped paper by 'creative imaginations'.... and this was the result.
...and 'you may look cute....' with some very classy shots of Miss B.... taken in Tassie (nice beanie bub)... this layout was to demonstrate the use of 'paint on layouts'..... hence the stamped alpha title... I'm not a huge lover of stamps I decided.... I cant line them up very well... actually I suck at it!
Well thats it for now.....better get ready for work... Mardi x

oh...and Mum ...if you read this....I HATE that potato peeler....I have just peeled my thumb again.....for the seventeenth billlion time.... actually its hardly a thumb at all anymore....more like a whittled stick!

oh...and did I mention I was waiting on blow flies?.....well I'm over them now..... they are out in force and I'm already tired of spraying them before they drop in my food.


  1. they look great Mardi...and yep OVertime is a good excuse to spend up..hehehehhehe

    as for stamping straight...YOU need a stamp a ma jig...lines up your stamps...so you stamp where you want/perfectly everytime...
    (sorry had to get that in..hehehehe) but your LO still looks great ME THINKS!

  2. Ieeeeew!!!! A whittled stick! Stop it, I'm getting visuals!

    Gorgeous layouts! I love your Mardi Canvas. And I love your stamped title all not-lined-up. I thought that was how it's supposed to look! Don't be telling us otherwise. :)

  3. Anonymous8:53 pm

    Oh I understand not wanting to go back .... I am longing for the old days before going back to full time - what was I thinking Mardi? ...... Oh yes the money :o)

    I love seeing your 'stuff' in the Boxx newsletter - love pressing my face against the laptop screen to see the details in your artwork.

    My night is complete now as you have given me a complete and delicious image of blowflies and pieces of thumb in your dinner .... love the updates Mardi as much as I love your 'stuff'!


  4. Anonymous11:33 pm

    I think your stamping looks great!
    Can't blame you hating a potatoe peeler I hate them too, I normaly get the kids to peel the spuds LOL (not really)
    Thanks for the comments on my blog. Its great being an aunt to twins (and they're only 2 days old)

  5. WOW, that canvas one is just perfect! Love the colours and the cut out clock thingy.

  6. Well for someone who supposedly 'sucks' at stamping you make it look pretty fabulous! Totally love your canvas too - looks awesome!

    Bandage up that thumb Mardi and arm yourself with a fly swat! LOL If they've started already it's gonna be a loooong summer!

    Take care
    Sheree xx

  7. Anonymous3:56 pm

    Love the flowers on both layout & canvas, Mardi. Might lift them for applique on my next sewing project. Hope you don't mind.

  8. Anonymous12:56 pm

    Love your BOXX LO Mardi PMSLOL!! And your stamping looks fabulous! As for blow flies...well we haven't had many down here but the mossies are eating us alive!