Celebrity look alike

3 September 2007

Thanks Court... I pinched this idea from your blog....Ive often seen these and thought they would be fun....so I had a shot. Funnily it rejected my first photo saying there was no matches...lol
I have to say....I think its a complete load of hooodyha.... I'm quite sure it randomly selects celebrity photos...I don't think there is much variation between my look alikes and anyones else's....but I can tick it off my list of 'things to do when bored'.

M x


  1. Anonymous10:45 am

    well I can see a resemblance to Vanessa...who the heck is she anyway LMAO! Or am I really daggy for not knowing :D

  2. Oh you big spunk! Mardi you look better than those made up pampered stars - you have REAL beauty!

    How is your cleaning going?!

    Megan xx

  3. Anonymous10:19 am

    Oh wow you do look like Vanessa!! Love Las Vegas and now when I watch it I will think of you!