finally...she updates...

5 September 2007

and its going to be dot point....I can feel it....

* The weather has been beautiful... sitting around the 20 - 30 degree mark for the last couple of weeks..... perfect for living...but unfortunately its not what we need.... we are DESPERATE for rain.... and the situation is now dire. We are in the grips of a terrible drought...with very poor rainfalls through winter leaving us on water restrictions.... no garden watering is allowable...and the poor block owners are struggling to keep vines and trees alive. The other devastating result of the drought is that Lake Bonney is to be blocked off...this will apparently save water ...due to the amount of evaporation which comes of the lake each imagine our town....perched on the shores of the Lake .... a large lake......which will soon begin to recede and dry up... I guess it wont look all that good...and it will stink as the fish rot in the sun..... but this is a drought....and perhaps this is the only option.
Its terribly hard to know what is right and what is wrong...there is obviously a large group opposing the blocking off...and then on the other hand there is some others who believe this may even be a positive for the future of the a cleansing...I honestly have no idea...and its out of my hands Im just going to focus my thoughts on wishing it would this would be the ultimate solution.

* Mr grumpy has been in a much better mood lately... and its nice. We haven't argued for at least a week....and he never fails to amuse me with stories from work.... and tonight he greet me with a gift.... I have to we are with severe water restrictions and he brings me home flowers..... so I think Ill be watering them with water caught in the shower in a bucket....because they are very nice....and they are a gift.* Briony has had her blood tests this week.... she has been feeling unwell for a little while now... and has had various tests done..all negative so far thank goodness....... so lets hope the bglood tests come back clear as well.
We also had the Orthodontist check up again today.... she now has a bright green 'chain' along her top teeth...and is back on the jelly and soup for a couple of days..... they are so painful after they are adjusted...and tonight she has taken two Nurofen and put herself to bed early.

*Mitch..... well whats happening with Mitch.....his driving is coming along well.... and is coming up to his third driving lesson... he is however a painful 16 year old at the moment.....his room is a bomb site....he needs constant reminding to wash his hair....brush his teeth...put on clean clothes.... and is also just beginning to push his boundaries a little in regard to going out...and socialising....I hate these years...the 16.5 - 18.5 year olds..... they are hard work.

* Me...well I have had a crappy week...Ive felt unwell.... and actually took a couple of shifts off work.... probably viral I think....freezing cold...ear ache... stomach get the picture....I also discovered a lump under my arm.... and along with the fact Id had a sore boob for a long time....I decided to get it checked out..... so off to the Doctor.... then off for a Mammo and Ultrasound.... I get the results tomorrow...but Im pretty sure it was ok....although the Radiologist has recommended at least bi-annual ultrasounds due to the fibrous changes and density.... Ive been blessed with my Mums lumpy boobs...thanks Mum....I know you read this... so...the point of blogging this you ask?..... just to remind everyone to check those boobs....because I'm sure I'm not the only one who puts their fingers in their ears and yells "me not not listening"

* oh and.... look what the cat dragged in (or as Briony said...what the cat coughed up) layout is back from the Scrapbook Creations colour competition...and I don't like it nearly as much as when I sent it away...its typical of me...I go off my layouts very quickly... usually within this normal?...does everyone do this? Well thats it from me tonight.... Im a very boring blogger of apologies...
Mardi x


  1. Hoping that both yours and Briony's results come back all clear... I'm sure everything will be fine!

    I think we're all crossing our fingers for rain at the moment! We've been lucky enough to get some over the past couple of weeks but it's just not falling in the catchment areas! So frustrating! At least the grass will look green for a little while.....

    Oh yeah....I love your layout!

    Sheree xx

  2. Hi Mardi,
    It is a reality check to read your blog and hear you guys desperate for rain when in the West I think we are hanging out for sunshine, we have had very wet feet this winter which is great for our farmers and grape growers as we need the vino!!! But I know the middle of our state has seen hardly anything and are now declared in a drought. The rain clouds these days are so patchy. Hope you and Briony are feeling better soon and that it is nothing serious. Take care

  3. mardi i love lurking your blog and i admire your committment to it. even when you are busy, tired or unwell you still make time to record and reflect on your life which i think is GREAT because sometimes days, weeks and months pass by so quickly. I LOVE the lo-I am a pink girl. It's beautiful and a special picture too abd the perfect title. ps thanks for boob check reminder VERY important!

  4. hiya Mardi
    charmaine here...yep the water problem is bad isnt it....we are down to i think 13% of our allocation...we just put the block over to drip...i wish it would rain here fora week lives on the lake front too so he will be geting smelt out from the lake too im guessing.....
    Leigh has a sore mouth too, his bands are now white on the top and black on the bottom:)

    Hope all your results are ontheir way back with good news.....and yep imone of those ones like you who has her fingers in her ears saying me not listening either LOL

    Keep your chin up Mardi
    love Charxx

  5. I love this layout Mardi. And you've used one of my favourite PPs, which I've never been able to find! lol

    I hope you're feeling better soon - it sucks to be sick! Hope your test results come back OK too.

  6. Mardi I hope your results come back soon, and they are all okay. Finding any lump is always a bit frightening, but all being well this will just be one of those lumps you can blame your mum for! Sorry you've had a crap week...there are so many viruses doing the rounds, and I guess you come into contact with more of them than most of us considering your job.

    Here's to good health :-)

    Megan xx

  7. Hoping tests come back all clear for you Mardi - and for Briony as well. Hope your feeling heaps better and have shaken the viral bug.
    Gorgeous work on your colour comp layout!!! Must admit I was a bit the same when I got mine back the other day - loved it when I first did it, but now? Eh, it's ok LOL.
    Take care and goodluck
    Julie H xx

  8. Always love checking in here Mardi and seeing what you have been up to! Love the layout!!
    Thinking of you and Briony and hoping those results come back clear:)

  9. Anonymous11:13 am

    Oh wow I love your colour creation LO Mardi. It's so pink...yummy!! LOL. And yes I go off my LO's pretty quickly too PMSLOL. I don't know why that is. Just wierd I guess ;)
    The lake looks just beautiful in that photo Mardi. It is so sad that it's going to be blocked off :(
    Will it re-open once the drought has broken do you know?
    I watered my garden with a bucket the other day as my plants are shrivelling up :(
    Did you know that Rove has a bucket in his shower to catch the excess and uses it on his garden to!! I think I will do that to. There are 4 of us having showers now.
    Take care
    Tammy X

  10. Anonymous11:16 am

    Oh I forgot to say about the tests you and Brionny have had. I hope they are all clear.
    I know I had a lump kinda under my arm but I had a virus and it turned out to be a lymph node that was fighting infection and it went away after a couple of weeks
    Take care
    Tammy X

  11. Thinking of you today and wondering how your tests came back. Hope you're OK. Hugs

  12. hoping you and briony results are all A'OK....

    bring on the rain...we have resorted to planting fake grass out the back (well when we get around to it...I will share pics when it

  13. hiya mardi thanks for popping by my blog....i know what you mean about catching up....we should plan another one for us girls hey???

    Leigh is the same age as Briony....aug 93....week about difference if i remember rightly:)

  14. Anonymous7:39 pm

    Hi Mardi

    I understand how upset you must feel with the water restrictions coming into play there. Here in Sydney we have had them for over 2 years now and I still wish that things were better off.

    While we do get rain sometimes it is not enough to break the long drought we have had here. I worry about how much water the dams will have available long term.

    Good news your being spoilt with a gift of flowers. See he really does love you even if he is Mr Grumpy sometimes.

    Wishing all the best to Briony re her sore teeth. I remember all too well how much pain braces are and how annoying it is at the time they have to get adjusted and made tighter.

    I ended up having braces twice. I was NOT impressed I can tell you. The first time they only got left on my teeth for a year and once removed my teeth began to move out of place so they had to be put back on again a second time.

    I hated those Orthodontist check ups. Tell Briony to hang in there, it's all worth it in the end.

    I hope you begin to feel a lot better soon. Good on you for getting to the Dr and having some tests ASAP. I pray all your test results are clear and there's no serious problem.

    Very pretty pink layout here. I love your creations and yes sometimes I do go off my layouts once they are finished. There are some however which I still love and never get tired of looking

    Bye for now, take care sweetie.
    Love from Susan (smiles1965) at Scrapboxx.

  15. Anonymous3:38 pm

    Hope everyone becomes 100% happy and well, and I wish you didn't have lumpy boobs! I love the LO, but can identify, I often dislike them only a little while later, and even remodel them sometimes. That freaks me out about Lake Bonney. I can understand how wierd it would be. Take care. x