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22 October 2007

...Ive been such a slack blogger of late..... there just arent enough hours in each day!
... it drives me nuts....I have so many things I want to do..should do...and have to do...and I achieve very little.
One of those things was a very important event yesterday...... my friend Donna.....had a birthday..... now Donna if you read this with your cuppa tomorrow...please know I thought about you on Monday...and I thought of you 29 times yesterday...I reminded myself constantly I needed to phone or email you....and then I wake up on Wednesday...DOH!!
SO ............ I hope you had a super duper day.... and were spolit rotten by Ronnie and the kids... love you...xx

Just a quick post today....to add in some piccies from a recent trip away I had.....which was very cool!
Two weeks ago (omgosh that time has flown..) Belinda and I took a trip to Mildura to scrap and stay overnight with Allie.... it was just perfect...a total recharge of my batteries....and I laughed so much... seriously...it was a hoot!
I even managed to complete a few layouts..... including this fun game we had....where we all began a layout and passed it on to each other to each add out little touches too.... so this first one is mine.... it began as three photos and a red background....it did the lap past Allie and then Belinda and back to me to add the title and journaling...
This was Allies layout...

...and Belindas...
I loved how each of us added our own touches... and our layouts in the end reflect a little bit of each of us....
Thats is for me today... M x
Ohh....and good luck to all the girls with an entry in the Scrapboxx DT comp ... I cant wait to find out who the newest team member will be....


  1. Oh WOW Mardi! I LOVE your LO's that the three of you did together... I think it is a fantastic idea - wish we were closer to do this together too. xx Janelle

  2. Oohhh I LOVE our layouts!
    Can we go again this weekend...can we, can we???
    I had such a ball...can't wait until next time.

  3. Love the lo's Mardi!
    Great idea BTW!!!
    Good to see ya had a fantab. time.
    Great shots of the kid's too.
    & as usual perfect lo's...
    Have a great week

  4. Mardi all 3 layouts look fabulous! You guys must have had so much fun together!

    Enjoy the rest of your week!

    Sheree xx

  5. Gorgeous layouts there hun!!

    Hope you're keeping well. Just touching base!

    Love n Hugz

  6. Hey Mardi,

    I read about your girly day on Belinda's blog - I LOVE the idea of you all swapping the layouts around and contributing a bit to each one!! And they all look sensational!

    Megan xx

    PS We are WAY overdue for morning tea :-)

  7. What an AWESOME idea! I love it!


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