...thankyou Roz

25 October 2007

...for this link... (see right hand link list .... BWO)
I was guilty of apologising... of feeling bad....of feeling like I wasnt holding up my end of a bargain...but really...I never made a bargain!

. .... and then I read this...and its so TRUE!!
No longer will I feel the same way about my damn blog.... there will be no more apologies....
and I feel good!!


  1. So cool hey Mardi :) Yay!!

  2. Anonymous10:09 pm

    Love the post Mardi - love it!

  3. Its so true Mardi..........I am so glad I added it to mine too.

    Cherie xx

  4. Anonymous8:51 am

    Oh that's great!
    BTW I think I should start CWO (commenting without obligation) - I have read your last couple of comments but because commenting usually doubles the length of time it takes to do my round, I often don't - and then I'm apologising when I do.
    Know that I frequent your blog regularly Mardi and I love reading about your days and seeing your LOs. (BTW - would love to have scrapped with you guys and the swap bit is a top idea!).