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5 October 2007

...I realised I haven't shared any of my Kim Archer support team layouts for a while ...these layouts were from the recent 'Hey Dad workshop'...held for Fathers Day.
Check out the classes here!
I love that Kim always comes up with super duper ideas.... always a new twist...and a new way of journaling information.... and thanks to Kim...I now have two more fab layouts in my collection.

...and Yeah....I know this one was meant for Dad...and was meant to be "My Dad calls me....blah blah" ...but in our house.... Ian only calls the kids by their real names..... its me who uses every other name under the sun.....I have given my kids more names than they can count...and depending on my mood or their never know which one will come out next.
...this one is Mitchell ..... or Mitty Moo... or Mit...Moo-man....Moom... Mooma- Looma...Mittles...Mitchy...Mitchy moo....

ohh...and the others have names too

Brent.....or Henry... Henrietta.. Henny.. Saurus... Brentasaurus...Snork....Snorky... and my usual Hen

Briony... Bub...bubbles...bubble...bubba's...Bri'sy.....Bri'sy Wisey

....oh...and yes ...there are more.... they all have more.... like I depends what I feel like rhyming them with on the day.... and I can imagine that right about now...if they read this...they will be shaking their heads muttering under their breath...wondering just why is it...that their own Mother could embarrass them this much.

Have a good weekend..


  1. PMSL Mardi... LOVE your pet names for the kids... and I thought my mum was the only wacky one out there!
    Love your layouts too, as always super inspiring!!!

    Have a good weekend sweetie!

    Love n Hugz

  2. LOL Mardi - you are SO funny!! And a great Mum too... LOVE your LO's they are gorgeous - isn't it just SO much fun making one of Kim's LO's... Take care and chat super soon x Janelle

  3. Anonymous8:32 am

    Snap! I do that kind of thing too - CJ, Keevey, Keevikins, Poppy, Pop; O, Owen begowin, O-ee; Roie, Sheeny, Sheeny bikini; Raidy, Baby, Raidy Baby ... and then all of the honeybuns, sweethearts, darlings, sausages etc ... Matt does it too ... I must do a layout as well!
    Love yours.

  4. Awesome layouts Mardi.
    I tend call my kids a dozen names too. I really don't know why i put so much effort into naming them! lol

  5. LOL! Too funny Mardi! I'm a little like that myself - but mainly with Madison for some reason.... Love the layouts - they look fantastic - great colour combos! Have a great Sunday!

    Sheree xx

  6. lol - I love all their names!
    We call Tassy heaps of things including some of briony's names - bub, bubble, bubba, Baby. One time when I called her "bubba" she said "why did you call me Bother". poor lil thing!
    And my parents never called us anything other than our real names!

  7. PMSL @ the pet names! Zahlee has Zahlee bali bum, zahlee may-no her middle name isn't may, miss moo & Jorja has already accumulated mini moo cheeky bum & nasty girl & have ya noticed that everytime ur angry/disappointed with them u call them by their full names?
    Those lo's are looking pretty damn good.
    N e ways nuff raving on have a great weekend

  8. Anonymous3:47 pm

    Fabulous layouts as always Mardi. Thanks for sharing more of your wonderful creations with us.

    I can totally relate to having annoying hair. I too am in serious need of a hair cut but keep spending my $$$ on other things like school holiday entertainment for

    A few years back I cut my fringe one week end and I did a terrible job. It was way too short and I was very embarrassed going to work the following Monday morning. Never again so be warned!!!

    Love from Susan (smiles1965) at Scrapboxx

  9. Lovely layouts Mardi. I thought I was the only one that gave my kids so many nicknames lol.

  10. WOW LOVE your latest LO's Mardi...

  11. Anonymous11:56 am

    Love the pet names Mardi. And hey! after all the embarressing times out kids give us it's only fair we get some kinda payback :P